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WOW~I can't believe I'm DOTD. Thank you all who voted for me. Mommy was so surprised, she hasn't really been in the loop with her emails & DC news. She didn't even vote for me. I'll let her off the hook tho. Thank you again!!!! I love all my friends :)



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10/19/2013 12:00:00 AM

Good Night!

We want to thank everyone for their prayers. Lady is not in any pain and Mommy & Daddy got her to eat some steak this morning & 3 chicken fingers tonight. Her breathing is still very bad and she's weak. But Mommy and Daddy are giving her medicine and there are alot of prayers being said for her.Thank you DC! We love you! Thursday Daddy and his brother went to the cemetery to put flowers on their Mommy's grave and found 2 puppies that had been abandoned. A dog and a girl they look like pit-bulls. Their so cute and sweet! May a wonderful night! Love ya!

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5/12/2012 8:33:06 PM

HI! Thanks for stopping by and wishing me congrats on DOTD. I have only been on DC for 8 days and have already won. WOW! My new Mommie told me that when Hope and Faith first went on DC they too won DOTD within the first week and Faith won DOTM within 4 weeks of joining DC. Mommie never even mentioned that there was this honored award. I still don't know how I won. I can't imagine how many votes it takes to even win such an honor and to keep it so quiet. Mom hasn't been on DC in about 4 days and almost didn't come on today but I was sitting near the computer this morning so that is where Mommie ate her breakfast. And suprise suprise. She almost spilled her OJ. Well Faith had her ultrasound on Friday and I had to stay at the office. But Mommie didn't put me in lock down, I got to run loose in the office. Well they were gone for such a long time that Mommie called her receptionist (Candy) to let me go outside. Well after aunt Candy left she called my Mommie and ratted me out. She told her that I chewed up the new laser therapy sign in the office and destroyed one of the squeaky toys. Mommie said that she should lock me up in my kennel but Candy had already left. She said she would turn around by Mommie said no that I will be ok. Boy was she ever wrong!! I pulled the 4 x 8 rug by the front door and turned it upside down. Then I chewed a nice big round hole in it. Now Mommie said that I have to be locked up everytime that she has to go out and do errands. She is not going to leave me at home either for long periods of time. She will bring me back to the office and put me in LOCK DOWN!! Well to get back to Faith, everything went well. Nothing growing in her abdomen and the vet that did the ultrasound said she looks great compared to 3 and 1/2 months ago. Now it will be my turn next Friday for an ultrasound. I have been on antibiotics for over 2 weeks and I still have blood strands of urine coming out of me. So Mommie wants to make sure that there are no stones or masses in my bladder. I know that I won't be as well behaved as Faith was. Speaking of Faith, I just might be making some progress. We both drank out of the same water bowl yesterday at the same time. But then just a few minutes I got to close to her and kept nudging her and she snapped and yapped at me. So I take 1 step forward and 3 backwards. Well gotta go now. I have many more furry friend to thank for making me DOTD. Hopie Too

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4/29/2012 9:02:21 AM

4/25/2012 8:01:40 PM

HELLO THERE, I never knew what it was like to have soooo many friends. My mommie brought me home yesterday because she didn't want to have to back to the office to let me out because we are having a really bad rain storm. She closed all the gates in the yard and can let me out the door when I get up. I ran across the pool cover and bounced all over it. Then I jumped over the brick wall around the pool and ran all over such a big back yard. It's like I have my own race track. I have encountered my first squeaky toys this week too. I went crazy when I heard that noise. I also attacked the dyson vacuum cleaner and almost ripped it out of mommie's hand. She had to put me in another room so she could finish. Faith is leaving me alone and if I get too close she growls and tries to snap at me. I just hit the floor because I know she is the boss. But I want to stop by and say thank you to everyone who wrote to me. I am truly living a good life now. All I want is to be next to someone that will pet me and give me hugs and kisses. Thank you all. Hopie Too.

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4/22/2012 1:56:30 PM

Hi Bindi Lee & Bambino

Barking by after neglecting you. Our life is so hectic here at times and then I get behind on my blogs. I'm sorry I haven't barked at you in a while. We had a very mild winter, but still took our "warm" winter vacation to South Carolina. Our temps in Wisconsin were somewhat close to South Carolina's temps on a few of the days we were gone, but there we had the ocean. No ocean here to enjoy, but I don't like water anyway. As the waves came in, I was trying to run out. I have a few pictures posted on my page if you want to drop by to check them out. While we were on vacation, my allergies started to flare and they have been flaring ever since. Now I am reacting to the food I am eating, so mom is trying to switch me to a less popular food until I get under control. I'm itchy and have red patches on my skin, plus my ears are gunked up. I even had yeast infection for a bit, but that's cleared up now. Now after having our bout with such warm weather in March, we have been having much cooler temps (sure now that I'm back home). Freeze warnings are in the forecast for the next couple of nights and there is frost on the car windows this morning. Very strange weather here and then all the tornadoes that seemed to strike so early this year. Hope all is going well with you. Leaving you a vote and wishing you a Blessed Easter. Shepherd hugs, Contessa

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4/6/2012 6:23:37 AM

4/3/2012 8:34:09 AM

Sorry for the c/p but I have a lot of blogs to catch up on. thanks for stopping by. Im doing MUCH better! I had a reaction to the stitches on the inside layer but I got it taken care of. I have been taking my meds really good. For the last week mom has been taking me to work with her. I have fun running around the yard at the clinic. The kennel personel take me out several times a day and also play with me a lot. Im such a good boy for mom. Thanks so much for the care you have shown me!!! **BLUE**

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1/22/2012 12:50:32 PM


Thanks for your vote! I hope I grow up to be as good lookn as you!

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1/5/2012 4:55:08 PM

DOTD 12/15 :•: Angel Moo 20452 :•: THURS

. You are who you hang with! My name is Angel Mustafa (aka Moo) on 2/8/10 my home became the Highest Courts of Heaven. My mommy saved me when I was 2 months old, I belonged to a friend of a friend, they weren't taking care of me properly. Mommy offered to baby sit, a few days became my whole life, minus those 2 months without mommy! I became a full fledged member of my family and celebrated my birthday on Valentines Day, mommy is my heart! People would pull over in their cars just too give compliments!! My favorite hobbies sleeping, traveling to Charleston, SC, laying in the sunshine, playing in the snow and stretching more than any furling anyone has ever met, it was an obsession..(bol)!! "A-Team Librarian" on DC, I'm running as Angel Moo in the dotd spotlight Thursday! Please come over to my page on December 15th, the best that's my baby brother's Jaxxy's 3rd Birthday! I would give you my paw, but I don't give paw, I "hold hands" ... Angel Kisses ~Angel Moo 20452~ . Happy Birthday to: Takota 12316 •°Angel Felix 21635 •° Dakota Blu 157332 •° Jaxxy 173668 •° Sadie 205208 . ``Reach for an angel high on a star; sends you Christmas wherever you are. Bringing you laughter and faith so supreme, touching your heart with a beautiful dream. Peace and goodwill in each loving home, part of the wonder God sends to you. Bless you, my dear ones this holy season may God's richest blessings, forever be tine. Glad tidings across the miles along with faith to make each day worthwhile. God's Christmas angels, precious and dear, for a Merry Christmas lasting through a New Year.``~Garnett Ann Schultz~ . :•: VoTe DaiLy •° In December :•: DOTM: Hunter 179220 HOTM: Quincy 157076 COTM: Charlotte 196844 BOTM: Roscoe 151531 . TEAM DOTD NEWS :•: THURSDAY :•: 12/15/11

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12/14/2011 11:46:37 PM

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