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Chihuahua | FEMALE | 19 YEARS OLD | wilmington, OH

CLUB DOG MEMBER SINCE: February 19, 2009


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Sophie was a Puppymill Mom for 5 years in an Amish Puppymill in Lancaster, PA. She was sold at a Dog Auction to a Backyard Breeder in Ohio. When she started aborting litters, they had no use for her & was set aside to be shot later that day. A lady on the "inside" went there that day to purchase Pug Puppies...she seen Sophie & asked if she could have her...they didn't understand why she wanted her, but agreed. She then notified me thru my friend who is a Dog Warden & asked if I wanted her, but she was really ill & needed medical attention immediately. I agreed to take her...I rushed her to my Vet...he said, that all her female organs had grown together ( he was guessing she had aprox. 10 litters because of the condition of her body)her white blood cell count was horrible, she had a blown cataracts in her left eye & an old scar on her right eye...and 80% of her teeth were either loose or missing. She had to have surgery & she had a 50/50 chance to live...I said, let's do it...she deserves for someone to take a chance on her. There was alot of praying going on at my house & I had family & friends praying too! She came thru with flying colors...a true miracle! My Vet was so moved by her...he said, She reminded me of why I became a vet in the first place. He charged me only 1/3 of the actual cost too...prayer is powerful!! I named her Sophie, because she had only been a number...her lil' paws had never touched grass before and she was terrified the first time, but she soon was rolling in it! Sophie is such an inspiration...a true survivor...she sits on anybody's lap that enters our house and she loves children!

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