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Fester (My Inspiration)

Cocker Spaniel | MALE | 12 YEARS OLD | Toronto, ON

CLUB DOG MEMBER SINCE: August 21, 2009


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Fester (My Inspiration)

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How We Met?

I remember the day I got him everytime I look at him! My Husband is in the Navy, and I had just lost my brother who was very close and dear to me through a heart attack, I thought I would never live another day ...Eventually I developed depression...I am an avid painter, and I am also an art teacher! So once i lost my brother, my big insperation, I also lost insperation for my art, and my motivation to teach... But I tried my best to carry on with life...Although it was very tough, but I made it through a year of his loss when finally the docotrs told me if I didn't pep on up, that my depression would get worse... So My husband and I decided I did needed to make a change, I decided I was going to need a new companion... So my friend had told me that I should get a dog, I asked "Why not a cat?" And she had told me that I needed a buddy that I could take EVERYWHERE! So I decided to research some dog breeds, I had come across this little breed that fit me perfectly! When I saw the cocker spaniel, I knew it was the one! Origonally I was supposed to buy one from a breeder but my friend had told me about a cocker spaniel pup that had recently been put into a shelter just across town, So I drove on down, an saw him... Everyone saw him as a messed up dog with big ears and just as an outcast, but in my eyes he was my little wonder! I quickly signed up to get him, and when I did the front desk lady told me he wasn't good with people and tends to shy away, I didn't look at it as a fault, but an oppertunity! So I quickly called my husband up and sent him a picture via email and he said he couldnt wait to meet him. I was so excited! Well I socialized him at dogparks, because luckly he was just 6 months, so oppertunity was knocking! I put him in a doggie daycare, and I also brought him to family parties....And now he is my perfect little wonder...he loves everything...And I swear it's my brother sending me a message that he loves me everyday! That is the story about Fester (My Inspiration)...

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