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Nova Blue

Collie (rough) | FEMALE | 7 YEARS OLD | Stover, MO

CLUB DOG MEMBER SINCE: October 10, 2009


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Nova Blue

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I have dreamed of owning a collie since I was a little girl. Lassie sold me. I knew someday I would have one. My dad had passed away March 8th of 2009, just a week before his 76th birthday. the loss was almost more than I could bare. With my class dog reaching 14, Doc retired her from the training business, so I needed a new training partner. My husband and I searched the internet for just the right puppy because we knew that our budget was slim, so she had to be exactly what I wanted. Blue Merle was hard to come by, and she had to be younger than 12 weeks, and had to be a SHE. (I like pink) When I discovered her on the internet just 3 hours away from where I live, I nearly came out of my skin with anxiety! She was born on my dads birthday! What a wonderful gift she is in my life. She is the single most important dog I've ever had! She lives on 16 acres of countryside, frequently visits 3 area nursing homes, and is the light of my life! However, it would of been nice if they disclosed all the hidden secrets about Lassie!! For instance, as Lassie lay at the foot of Timmy's bed, they didn't bother to mention SHE WAS EATING IT!!!

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