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Dachshund, Miniature | MALE | 11 YEARS OLD | L.A., CA

CLUB DOG MEMBER SINCE: August 18, 2009


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How We Met?

Well in the middle of the night our other dachshund was starting to have babies so we put her in our space closet and stuck with her, thanks to my grandma she saved some of or puppies lives while others were OK. then it was tulio who was born who caught my eye, he was different colors then regular dachshun he was white with black spots a blackish face with some brown. We became best friends and we kept all the puppies close and together while a ton of good neighbors we invited to our house to celebrate. We have done tons of things together. And the bad ending of the story: He was older and very grown up. he was living a pretty good life an his mom and dad watched over him carefully. It started when he must of jumped out our window screen just to see me (he's done that before except he never got ran over) i was at my friends in her bathroom and then her and i started to hear whimpering noises. we ran outside and that's when my family and some other neighbors were surrounding him on the road i knew something terribly happened i saw him and i was Bursting out tears crying to death and my brothers were practically crying too. he had injury's and was seriously ran over he was still breathing but then it ended i pet his head and wish i could at least do something to save him.. it was too late the last look in his dark brown eyes.... We know have his ashes locked up in a special box and i will keep that box until i die and me and him can meet again. I Love you Tulio. Always will XOXO We have walked many steps and i hope we may walk many more. R.i.p Tulio (in a better place now) <3

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