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sparky is a 2-years-old Dachshund, Standard. He has had his very own web page on Club Dog for 2 years, 25 months and 773 days.

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Tiffany ~*♥*~  Bandit,  Our sweetest Cousin Love You `†` Angel Pongo`†` { 07/16/1998 - 07/23/14} Keeping Auntie Vickie, Cousins in Our Prayers ~*~ VOTE Daily ~Grant 264816~ JULY DOTM ~*~ Congratulations King Kodiak ~Winning DOTM June~
Tiny (Forever in my heart)

Tiny (Forever in my heart) is a 20-years-old Bergamasco Sheepdog. She has had her very own web page on Club Dog for 7 years, 90 months and 2743 days.

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