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Dreycko the Dragon Slayer

German Shepherd | MALE | 12 YEARS OLD | Bristol, VT

CLUB DOG MEMBER SINCE: February 21, 2009


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Dreycko the Dragon Slayer

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How We Met?

My mom finally said I could have a dog. And all the other animals I own are rescues of some sort. So I thought, "why should my dog be any different?" I had recently fallen in love with the Keeshond breed, but still loved the German Shepards. My mom wasn't ready to have a siberian husky, which has always been my dream dog. So I looked in local animal shelters but none of the wonderful dogs were the right fit. So I started looking on line with my mom at rescue organizations. Finally we came across a litter of puppies in virginia. They were a litter of german shepard/ keeshond crosses. They were abandoned on christmas eve by a man who called the local aspca unit saying he would kill them if someone didn't come for them. The 7 puppies and there mother went to a foster home. They were extreamly malnourished and flea and worm infested. My mom, grandmother, brother and I drove 14 hours to pick him up. As soon as I saw him, I knew he was the dog for me. He's my soul, visible for everyone else to see.

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