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Joshua the 1st.

Italian Greyhound | MALE | 8 YEARS OLD | Saratoga Springs, NY



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Joshua the 1st.

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How We Met?

Well my dog nixon (miss he sooo much)had recently broken up with his girlfriend bailey and was soooo lonely so me and my father decided to rescue a dog friend for him to play with and for three weeks we search the first two week I cried because I thought he would never have a friend but at the end of the thrid week we went to Pet Smart and my father kept eyeing this one very very very scared dog (josh) and asked if we could see him the second they opened the gate he rocket into the assitents arms soooo very happy to be out of the cage and she set him down he did a happy dance and bolted right for me and my father and was licking my face and then he .....peed all over my pants now that I had owned him for 3 years I personally can that his Happy Pee.When we took him home he stayed right with my dad and never played with me nothing he only played with my dad he slept with my dad and would not eat if dad was not in the room so one night I told my dad I wanted to sleep with josh so dad said lets try the first night he jumped out of my bed and went into my dads room so the next night he shut the door got upset and would cry but what made him feel better was I got out of my bed in the middle of the night and comforted him and sang him a lullaby and ever since then he follows me EVERYWHERE psst(even the bathroom)he sleeps with won;t eat without me and he only obeys my commands.hehe I love him sooo much and he loves me back my grandma and dad say that he is so upset when I am not around but when I am there he is the happiest little thing and my sister used to bring her dog over to play with josh and josh would have fun but when I was there josh got very very very protective of me and would not let my sisters dog near me.And that is how me and joshua meet and became the bestest of friends.Who says dogs can't be womans best friend , too.

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