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Buster *Forever in our hearts* 10-12-91 ~ 4-7-10

Mixed Breed | MALE | 23 YEARS OLD | falmouth, MA

CLUB DOG MEMBER SINCE: December 13, 2009


God Bless everyone who never forgot about us. It means so much, after months of not communicating we still crossed your minds.Thank you all for the DOTD all the way back in November too. It means so so much to us. I came online today, because i had checked email to see that our angel Tobey, had won DOTD four days ago, which was the day after his birthday. & we just had to come on, and say a big thank you. I will be adding new pictures of Jazz & Felix tonight (along with Freedom on SAC & the Bettas on FC) We will make an effort to be online for often now. We will all have to get used to this new layout too, which is one reason we had stopped coming on. But we will do our best to become updated on everything thats new with all of you. The new things with our family isnt a lot to be honest. Jazz has gotten a Urinary Tract Infection recently, but she is on meds on. I still cant believe shes turning 10 in a couple of days. I still think shes still our little 3 year old troublemaker. She didnt outgrow the "getting into things" stage. For me, i have been having a tough summer, and I'm going into my sophomore year of school. Another big update is that we may bring another dog into our household. A labrador named Max, whos owners cant care him anymore, and will need to put him in the pound if we dont take him in. Im very concerned it wont work, considering Felix is not a fan of other male dogs. We will sure keep you updated. Lots & Lots of love, Jazz & Felix, Buster & Tobey & momma


Buster *Forever in our hearts* 10-12-91 ~ 4-7-10

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We got Buster from the MSPCA.

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