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Lotus Love

Mixed Breed | FEMALE | 7 YEARS OLD | LOmeta, TX

CLUB DOG MEMBER SINCE: December 7, 2010


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Lotus Love

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How We Met?

We were thinking of adding another dog to our pack. I was really wanting another dog in the smaller size range that was a lowshedder. I was casually looking- online, shelters, rescues, when I came across a "rescue" selling dogs for $50 on the side of the road. I noticed a little black dog- matted, covered in feces and urine and smelling awful. She had no hair on her ears and a bare spot on her back, tail and legs. I paid the "rescuers" their money and drove off with the sweetest 5 month old puppy ever. Lotus still doesn't have full hair on her ears or part of her back and the vet said that he can only guess at what may have caused the hair loss. She is the happiest dog ever. She was tough to house break- since she had obviously been living in her own feces and urine for a while. It makes me very angry that the people selling her and the other needy dogs call themselves a rescue. They give no shots, they don't spay or neuter- and barely feed or take care of the animals. When we asked why she smelled so awful- they said it was too hard to keep so many dogs clean. When at the vet the next day- we found out she had two ear infections- in each ear!

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