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Crackers(IN memory of)

Mixed Breed | MALE | 13 YEARS OLD | Kitchener CANADA!, ON

CLUB DOG MEMBER SINCE: October 29, 2007


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Crackers(IN memory of)

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How We Met?

on my trip to the Philippines in 2002 I was welcomed with a small lonly puppy. On the street I stayed at there was a taxi stop and I meet lot of people there.Everyone new I LOVED animals and they bought me hamsters, pet mice, birds and fish. I never new this trip to to Philippines would be one of my most memorable trips in my life. One morning I woke up to the exciment of children yelling my name. When I went downstaris I found out someone had brought me a PUPPY! It was my friend from the taxi stop! I had alway wanted a dog but I could never get one because our backyard wasent right for a dog. I had a HUGE stuffed dog and it's name was crackers. I was very young at the time so I said to myself if I ever had a dog I would name him Crackers...so I did.Everyday I would go to the pet store near the place I was staying at and buy Crackers treats, food, leash, collar, bowl and anything he needed. I took care of him for 2 weeks untill I had my flight back to CANADA! I really wanted to take him with me but I know I could'nt. Befor I left my friends said they would take care of him untill I came back. I would try to stay in touch with them and I allways asked about my dog but I could'nt understand tagalog only my mom could but no one told me about him. Fianlly this year(2007) I found out he died of abuse and malnutrients. When I left him he was still a small puppy and I never got a chance to see any pictures of him or what he looked like. We would both go around Minila(captial city) are look at the beautiful scriany. I loved him a lot and he is in my heart and my memories forever. when I stayed there i only took 1 picture of him and I recenty found it so I took another picture of the picture. He was loved for and cared for and I think about him everyday.....

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