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Pembroke Welsh Corgi | MALE | 9 YEARS OLD | Cary, IL

CLUB DOG MEMBER SINCE: January 27, 2007


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Barkley Adams

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My daughter and I were taking Gisella to see Santa at Petsmart. At that time we were very, very sad because we had just lost our other Corgi - Stash and seeing Santa was one of his favorite things to do. This woman and her daughter approached us and started to pet Gisella. We told her about our Stash and she proceeded to tell us that her Corgi had just given birth the week before - a litter of 6! Fate!! I thought ok this is too good to be true so I asked some questions:- are any of them boys? (Gisella doesnt get along with females) - yes, all 6 are boys she said! WOW! Next question, you probably live pretty far from us - right? Turns out she is 5 minutes from our house. UH OH!! Finally, I thought she would tell me they were going to be out of price range - but NO - they were perfectly affordable!!! It was fate!! We came home and told my husband and he was all for getting just one puppy, he too believed it was fate. We started going one, twice a week watching them grow and progress. At one of the last visits, my husband joined us and one of the other puppies captured his heart - along came Barkley! They are the best. We fell in love with the puppies parents that were both on site as well as their other dog - an adorable, crazy MinPin. We couldnt ask for better human parents either - this family had the same love of dogs and the same principles in raising dogs. All around we knew it was fate. I believe Stash was watching out for us.

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