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My furless brother Pat went fishing May 29, 2009 and heard a dog barking non-stop so went to check it out. What he found was shocking...It was me! I was tied to a tree, all tangled up in its leash and weeds at the rivers edge. So of course Pat helped me and went looking to see if anyone was out in a boat or something although they knew the answer was going to be no. So he took me to a friends house and called Momma at work. Momma took one look at me and started crying. It was obvious that I was left there for a reason....I would never be going back home. I was so skinny and you could see my back bone sticking up and the back all sunken in by his hips. After I ate 4 bowls full of food, I kind of filled in a little back there. Momma said to Pat "We are keeping him", "Put the dog in the car, we are heading to the vets." Once at the vets momma asked if they would scan me to see if I was chipped. The vet techs said that they were sure there wouldn't be one because it was obvious I was not wanted. Well that started momma crying again and asked what we could do. The vet came out and said if I wanted, he would run blood and stool tests, give me shots and check me over... just in case they decided to keep me (like that wouldn't happen...how could they resist me!) Of course Momma said yes! All test came back negative, no worms, Lyme or heart worms. The Vet clipped my nails, checked me over, weighed me (32 lbs) and said I was about 5 1/2 months old...almost 6 months old. He said I was born around the end of December so Pat choose December 30th as my birthday. The Vet said I look like Black Lab and Springer Spaniel mix. Momma says..."I am sure is a cutie!" Now the next step was convincing Vic (dad) to let us keep me.....and that took about 2 minutes once I climbed in his lap and gave him a big ole kiss!!! Cailey isn't too sure what she thinks of me. She is not used to being around other dogs but I am sure we'll become buddies in time. So that is my story! I am the luckiest pup ever to have such a fantastic family to live with....I now have a furever home.

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