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Angel Prince of Barkness & Angel Booker

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Both Prince and Booker are rescue dogs. Prince was left on his own in Idaho when his owners divorced. I learned of him through a friend who asked if I would take him. He couldn't stand to see him with no food or shelter. Booker had been severly abused. It took a few months before he was healthy enough for adoption. I'm so glad I waited, he became my best friend for 9 years. Prince and Booker are a lot alike. Prince wears Booker's collar:) These animals are trusting and loving after such abuse at the hands of humans. They are both big sweeties! July 16, 2010 Prince crossed over the rainbow bridge. I miss him and look to all the angel dogs to take care of him. Thank you my friends, for your kind words and prayers. You are an amazing group of dogs & people. Love to all, Mom Joey Thank you to everyone who supported Prince, and Angel Booker for DOTD, and to team DOTD. Special thanks to Melian's Mom for my very cool avatar. Huge thanks goes to Oscar & Luka's Mom for the wonderful painting of the Angel Crew. You can see a pic at the bottom of our page. ***Please go over to HC and leave a vote for Pixie Dust #101958 Her owner left this earth in May 2011 and Pixie dust crossed the Rainbow Bridge in Feb 2012. Joanna was bedridden for some years, however none of us on HC had any idea she was so ill. She was always positive and you could tell she was smiling when you read her blog. She was a supporter of the animal rescue web site. something she and I shared:)

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