sammy bogart crawford costenaro

Shih Tzu | MALE | 3 YEARS OLD | Lemont, IL

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sammy bogart crawford costenaro

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ON NEW YEARS EVE......MOMMA WENT AND FOUND ME....I WAS ON EBAY...I WAS TOO MUCH$$$ SO MY MOMMA JUST PUT MY PICTURE ON THE FRONT OF HER PHONE CAUSE I WAS SOOO CUTE....SO SHE FOUND A LITTLE GIRL AND CALLED ABOUT HER NOT KNOWING THE WOMAN WAS ASSOCIATED WITH ME. SHE THE BREEDER SAID THE LESS EXPENSIVE PUP WAS JUST SOLD BUT SHE HAD ONE MORE THAT SHE WANTED TO GET RID OF THAT DAY AND WAS WILLING TO MATCH THE PRICE OF THE GIRL...IT WAS A MALE....WHICH MOM WANTED THE BREEDER THEN TEXTED ME OVER TO MY soon to be was same picture of me the 1st one mommy wanted......WE WERE MEANT TO BE.....MOM GOT A RIDE IN THE SNOW STORM SHE WENT DOWN FROM $800.00 2 400.00 dollars..... what a story.....thats how We knew it was love at first sight from my momma Daisy couldnt believe the deal she got....and i was the dog she wanted 1 st.......a holiday miricle.....we live with moms daddy my poppa who mom got against his wishes....the landlord also said we couldnt have any momma is also sich with a terminal illness...aplastic anemia and degenerative disc.n bone disorder its a slow n very painful disorder she was diagnosed too late for a bone marrow transplant....the doctors always said an amimal would help her depression....she had 8BLOOD TRANSFUSSIONS AND WAS GIVING UP......WHEN I CAME INTO HER LIFE LAUGHTER LOVE AND HER DEPRESSION HAS BEEN ALMOST LIFTED AND HER HEALTH HAS GOTTEN MUCH BETTER SHE FIGHTS HARD FOR LIFE BECAUSE I NEED HER.....HER DAD AND CARETAKER COULDNT BELIEVE SHE WENT OUT AND GOT ME BUT IT WAS LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT FOR HIM TOO.......OUR HOUSE THAT I RULE HAS BECOME A HAPPY HOME.......MY FAMILY FOUND OUT THAT LAUGHTER IS THE BEST MEDICINE........IT IS OUR YEAR ANNIVERSARY.....AND THEY WANT TO FIND ANOTHER SHIHTZU TO BREED ME WITH

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sammy bogart crawford costenaro

sammy bogart crawford costenaro just created a new homepage.


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