Ally McBeal

Mixed Breed | FEMALE | 14 YEARS OLD | Salt Lake City, UT

CLUB DOG MEMBER SINCE: November 25, 2006


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Ally McBeal

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Ally, who was originally named Princess, was owned by my neighbor who was always away on business I assume, he wanted to teach her to be an outside dog so he would chain her up outside and leave her. Ally cried day and night, she was only 8 weeks old and finally I got so sick of hearing her cry and couldn't believe that he didn't play with her and let her in the house, so I went over to his house the next morning and played with her in his yard. I noticed that she had no food and no water and it was the middle of summer! I would bring her dog food from my house and fill up a bowl of water for her as often as I could. She had no dog house and the only shade she was the little bit that came from our broken fence that leaned over. After a while I started kidnapping her and taking her to my house to play with me and Tracker, I left the man notes and he would come over every few days to take her back. At one point she had been over at our house for over a week, so my mom had me walk over to his house and give him a letter "asking" if we could keep her from then on. He agreed and since then she has been my little baby. She has agression towards other dogs and people, but she has never, and would never harm me. She knows that I saved her, and she loves me too much

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Dog Channel Breed Warz Award Club Dog Honoree American Mutt-i-grees Club Dog Wag Warz Winner

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