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Wishing all our friends a very Happy Thanksgiving. Can't wait for the turkey.


♥Angel Shotgun♥ Please vote Toofy #241442 November DOTM!

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Daddy brought me home from a flea market. I was so cute he had to have me.

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HI Shotgun and Auntie Debbie

Boy Shotgun you sure do look good. I'm glad to hear you have healed up and gotten rid of the donut and the cone. Hope mommy and daddy are still spoiling you as much. We wanted to come by, and I'm sorry we haven't been by sooner, to thank you for honoring our Angels Casino and Rosie with votes on my and Bandit's page. It was so nice to see our friends. It has been a hard month on mommy and gma and we all really appreciate your visit. Do you have big plans for the weekend? It is raining here again and only 66. Love,prayers and golden hugs, Cessna

Come visit me, CESSNA and Chance... OFFLINE grieving

5/23/2012 2:12:25 PM

Hey everyone! Sorry I haven't been on in awhile. Mommy started up an Online Animal Newspaper called The Animal Tribune! She's been busy hiring reporters and general helpers for the Newpaper, along with getting everything ready because it's first paper come out this Sunday! It will be posted on www.animaltribune.weebly.com on Sunday, check it out! I even got to write a dog food review for it! Mommies looking for photo submissions along with stories, poems, drawings, and entries for pet of the week! Mommy has gotten NONE so far so she was wondering if you all could help her out a bit? I got a new bunny toy! Mommy got Oliver about a week ago, and he's so spunky! Unfortinitly he DOESN'T LIKE DOGS! Can you believe that? I've been trying to be really nice to him (with only the occasional bark) but he just poofs up and hisses at me. :( I'm realy hoping he'll warm up to me soon! Mommys friend is doing better now, she got some meds to help with the migrains so, hopefully that will help! Leaving you a vote!

Come visit me, Pete

5/22/2012 2:13:39 PM


My paw is a lot better now. Mom still does not know what it was, but I am walking fine now. Mom just kept some ice on it every now and then and I am able to walk, run and enjoy my walks! Thank you for your thoughts and prayers =) It really means a lot knowing all my doggie friends are here for me!! I hope you have a great day and bark at you later! Hugs, ♦Carmel

Come visit me, † * Barney * †, ♦ Petey ♦ New Pictures =), ♦ R.I.P. Carmel ♦ March 26, 2003~February 13, 2013, ♥ ~ Candi ~ ♥ We Miss You, Carmel!! =,,(, ♠ Dewey ♠, * Maxi ♥'s Kane * New Pictures =)

5/22/2012 10:17:40 AM

Hi Shotgun, here's a paw on that bone of yours. How are you doing, out now and running around again! Hope so! Well, it's raining again. Of course they did say most of this week it would. Geezz! usually they are wrong, the weather men that is! But no, this time they have been right 2 days in a row! But I do get to go down to the barn with mom and we go inside the indoor arena and play in there for some run time! BOL! I'm not a runner! I just walk around and check things out! Harley.

Come visit me, Harley, Well furfriends, it's official, Sheba and I are now a couple. We started dating and it's great! I'm in love! Thanks Angel Shotgun, for vote #19400!

5/22/2012 7:33:24 AM

Hi Shotgun :-)

Thank you so much for the 2 year DC anniversary wishes, Mom and I just love Dog Channel! We got your update from Kay and we are so glad to hear that you are cone/collar free and doing so well! We've been saying lots of prayers for you and glad they were answered. Hugs and a vote ♥ Bella Boo Boxer :-)

Come visit me, The TROLL is still stalking me, stealing my photos & using them to pretend to be me & harass DC members. If you see a rude/strange/weird comment-it's the troll and not me. If you click on any photo of me & it does not bring you to my page #178688 it's not me. Bella DC MEMBER SINCE May 20, 2010

5/21/2012 4:13:00 PM

So sweet of you to come by

Thx from Hope & Oreo for coming to our page to congratulate us on our 5th anniversary. Mom didn't even realize it until we got all these blogs saying congrats. Silly, mom, she forgets a lot of special events...bol. We are so glad too that you are recovering so nicely after your operation. You are still a very handsome boy! Oreo & Hope

Come visit me, A2M BaileyHIAsd HIBd FM MBCH-gold CGC, Hardy High Hopes CGC, Oreo Cookey HSsd CD RE AJP OAP ODs STDd FMX TFPIII lI, Oreo's Sheep Farm

5/21/2012 7:53:25 AM

hi shotgun

thank you for stopping by our page,and leaving a vote. we are leaving you one on all your pages. we had a very nice weekend.we enjoyed the weather. it was beautiful outside. how was your weekend?

Come visit me, abigail, bella, maggie-mae R.I.P. You are missed, Morgan Mackenzie's R.I.P. You are missed

5/21/2012 4:41:24 AM

.*. Angels Watching Over You .*.

. If you planted hope today in any hopeless heart. If someone's burden was lighted because you did your part. If you caused a laugh that chased some tears away. If tonight your name is named when someone kneels to pray. Then your day has been well spent. Angel Hugs* Angel Love* `Lil Sissy Angel Taylonnie

Come visit me, ~*♥*~ Our Sweet Baby Girl `LiL Sissy `†` QUEEN ANGEL TAYLONNIE`†` {10/10/08~9/5/11} ~*♥*~VOTE DOTM, November, COUSIN TOOFY #241442, Misha ~Little Bear~ VoTe DoTm, November, Cousin Toofy #241442, Tiffany ♥ Bandit ~ VoTe DoTm, November~ Cousin Toofy #241442

5/21/2012 2:35:33 AM

Hi Shotgun!

Just came by to see how you are doing. Is the CONE off? I hope so. Left you a vote and a big juicy cheeseburger that my Dad cooked on the grill. Have a good evening! RR hugs to you! Ella the Ridgeback

Come visit me, Angel Ella, Keshia

5/20/2012 8:02:13 PM

Hi Shotgun, Thank you for sharing the pictures. You are such a brave boy and we are so happy that you don't need the cone or donut anymore! You must be feeling great about that! I bet you're feeling so much better too- no more pain. You look very happy! Thank you for the anniversary wishes. We are so happy to have become furiends with you. DC is a wonderful place! Here is a vote. Love, Snickers & Max

Come visit me, ., Snickers & Max *Remembering Angel Goldie*

5/20/2012 8:00:09 PM

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