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FAITH MAZZOCHI In Loving Memory Of My "Precious Faithie" 10/27/2000 - 09/07/2012 Dear Mommie, I want to thank you for giving me and my sister Hope a furever home on 12/14/2000. I pretty much knew that you were going to be my new Mommie when I climbed onto your lap and gave you a hug and kiss that first day I met you. I was even more grateful when you asked to take Hope with me. I remember when we were growing up that you never thought we would learn our names or walk on a leash, but, WE DID. Or how we would wonder off into the woods and you would have to call for a search party to come find us. We heard you calling for us but we were investigating our surroundings. We learned real quick to come when you called our names! I will always remember how much you gave us. From our annual Birthday/Halloween costume parties for us and our friends. We had toys galore, so many that we had to share with our friends. You even went so far as to give us an inground heated pool to help with our arthritis, (well, mainly Hope because I didn't like to get wet). But all we really needed was you Love, and, we got that and soooo much more. Not just from you but from everyone who knew us. I will always remember how you tried to comfort me after Hope died. She was such a big part of my life and I was lost without her. I was never really the same since she left me. When I almost died on January 7th 2012 from a mass in my intestines, you said goodbye to me before my surgery. I knew that I had to come back for you because you weren't ready to lose me yet, I wasn't ready to leave you, and Hope was not ready for me to be with her either. But now it is time for me to say Goodbye, because my frail body can no longer hold on anymore. I will miss you so very very much Mommie, and yes, I will also miss Hopie TOO, my new sister for the last 4 months. Don't be sad when you think of us because we are not there. We want you to laugh and smile because you had us in your life. And besides, we think that Hopie TOO is going to keep you very busy! We will always LOVE YOU. Love always, your Faithie girl P.S. Dear Mommie, I have found Hope and we are so happy that we are together again. We are free of pain, and playing again like we have never been apart for these last three years. Dear Faith, I am so glad that you and Hope are together again. I do miss the both of you so very much. When I look up at the sky at night I will think of fond memories of you both. I will always keep you both tucked away in my heart forever. Faith & Hope, You Will Always Be Loved By Your Mommie and Hopie TOO.


Faith † Remembering my Sissy †

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A client came into my office with 4 puppies. He said he would give me one. I thought about it for a while and decided I needed 2 so they could keep each other company.

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Hello Faith!

Congrats on being Dog of the Day. You are very pretty.

Come visit me, Keeley, Shooter

3/2/2007 5:23:35 AM

Welcome to the dog channel

Hi Faith, congrats on dog of the day. All the girls here voted for such a pretty girl, love your markings. Take care and have a great weekend. Come visit some of the girls here, they love new friends. Welcome puppy kisses.

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3/2/2007 3:11:12 AM

Congratulations on Dog of the Day!!

Welcome to the Dog Channel pretty girl!! What a great photo of you, not only pretty but you have brains as well with your Good Citizen designation. I hate baths also so I guess no matter what breed we are pretty much in agreement on that one!! Congratulations kisses ♥♥

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3/2/2007 2:41:21 AM

Hi Faith

Welcome to club dog. Congrats on dog of the day.tell Mom to put your birthday in the pet motto section, so we can wish you a happy birthday when it comes. Visit us ~♥ babyhonda ~♥ Had to leave you a vote, you are just so cute !

Come visit me, Angel BabyhondaThank-you all for the special Day !, Gunner & Candy, Jake DOTD 6-12-09 Thank-you all !, Mutley ~ Best birthday present Thank-you all !

3/2/2007 2:18:27 AM

Hey Faith

You are a cutie pie. We Totally sent you a vote. Howler back Copper.

Come visit me, Chief..A-Team Landscaper..get down and dirty, Copper A Team Doggie Wrestling Referee, Eddy, Family Photos, Justice( Baby J), Penelope

3/1/2007 9:16:08 PM

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