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WOW, Thank You! What a sweet SURPRISE to see my handsome TIGER win his 6th Dog of the Day Badge on 6/13! :::::::::::::::::::::::::::: Here's a vote #9679 in the Name & Honor of Tiger. :::::::::::::::::::::::::::: Hugs, MOM~LILLIAN


TIGER KNIGHT #15052 (Loving Memory) ♥8/13/1994 - 6/1/2004♥

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We were at a non-animal auction when some lady came and asked the auctioneer to announce this beautiful papered purebred Pekingese was up for anyone who wanted him for FREE. My wife (Lillian) said she wanted him so we were lucky to be first in line. We had several people say that if we decided we didn't want him then to let them know. He was a very well manored dog. ________ 1) DOTD 3/13/2008 ________ 2) DOTD 4/26/2011 ________ 3) DOTD 6/03/2013 ________ 4) DOTD 6/12/2014 _______ 5) DOTD 6/13/2015 ________ 6) DOTD 6/13/2016

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Hey Ron- you visited Leo but you need to visit Kinsey too! (we are BOTH Pekes, THE BEST!!!) We even voted for you AGAIN!

Come visit me, Angel Dillon #31036 - DOTD 6/3/09, Kinsey #5226 - DOTD 10/10/08

2/15/2007 7:17:45 AM

Beautiful Peke!

Hi Tiger Mom & Dad- Pekes are a special breed! I lost one at 14 yrs old but now have two. Come visit us.

Come visit me, Angel Dillon #31036 - DOTD 6/3/09, Kinsey #5226 - DOTD 10/10/08

2/14/2007 7:25:19 AM

Sweet Boy

So glad your Mom put up your web site so we could learn about you. To your Mom its never easy losing a pet, lost my 16 year old dachshund day after christmas, I still miss her, but know she is free to run and play like Tiger at the Rainbow Bridge. He was a beautiful boy, and in a loving home all those years, can't imagine why those people gave him up, but it was their lose. Puppy kisses to you Tiger in heaven from all the girls here.

Come visit me, Angel Schnitzel (Welcome Sassy Sister), ANGEL SASSY 3/29/04-8/12/10 Angel Sis Baby, Esmarelda TJ #1307 A-Team Benevolance Girl, LEIA, #1639 A-Team Benevolance Girl, Mandi, #51442 Lil'Red, Red Sonja (9/30/96-11/09/07) #15100 Guardian Angel - My Daddy's Home! 1-21-16, Snuggle & Precious & Diablo #35850, TASHA LOVING MEMORY-ONI MY ONE TRUE LOVE

2/13/2007 3:27:33 PM

Hi Tiger and Tiger Mom

I just want to welcome you to the dog channel. It is a great website. Tiger I bet you are up ther in doggie heaven watching down over mom and dad. And when the time is just right you will be with mom and dad again. But till them I shore that life is great up in heaven and that you miss your mom and dad. As I shore that mom and dad miss you. But I'am shore that you are in there heart. I know that mom has lost her lab before she found me but she talks to me about him and has his picture up at the house. I feel that I know him by her talking about him. Mom and dad are great people. Well got to go now. will bark at you again Your new friend Maxwell PS I gave you a vote you a dear little guy

Come visit me, Maxwell

2/13/2007 9:52:12 AM

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