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we sadly lost mazey mae at 4:30am on march 10th :( .....before she passed she had been drinking a lot of water and had a urine infection but when she stopped eating and laid around not wanting to get up we took her into the vet to get looked at, sadly the morning after the vets is when she passed away.... we did find out she had diabetes an passed away from that :( ....i love you my sweet angel


† Angel Mazey Mae ~♥~I Love You Chewy~♥~ ~†~ R.I.P  june 20th, 2006-march 10th, 2015~†~  ..last new pix added

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well mazey says i need to say more on how i got her so hear it is....Ok so this is why i was getting a puppy, my dog was just given away and my grandpa promised me he would buy me a pup and my mom said ya ok we can do that so my sister was helping out to well one day i was sleeping and my sister comes and wakes me up and while i was half asleep she told me we were getting puppies and i just got outta bed got dressed and we were on are way to get mazey mae..once their she was the only female left and my mom said i could only get a female well lucky for me i picked her she was the runt of the litter well we had to hurry up pay $75 for her load up molly mae and my new pup mazey mae and go and pick up maverick moose whats realy funny is mazey mae is just one day older then maverick moose!!

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P.S Thank you so much for the venison, you're too sweet!

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5/25/2012 10:24:37 AM

My lovely Mazey Mae♥

Let's take a walk to the Licks & Wags Doggie Buffet, shall we? I love walks. And food of all kinds. Whenever I hear the words "treat" or "Hungry?" I tilt my head at mom. Right now I am on her lap while she is typing for me! Do you like to go outside? Your Hungry Little Man, ♥Goog

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5/25/2012 10:13:14 AM

My lovely Mazey,

What a gorgeous new profile pic! It's so wonderful, I love it! Thank you! It's ok you couldn't make it on dc for awhile. I thought of you every day! This morning I was being very barkey. I ran up the stairs chasing one of the cats. Mom has also been busy with school, you know how that is. Leaving you a vote and a rawhide bone stuffed with cheese, your favorite. I didn't know you knew so many tricks! I only know "sit" and I stand up on my hind legs and beg. Mom calls that "Be Cute". I'm glad you think I don't talk to much..BOL! We'll go get some takeout treats from the Licks & Wags Doggie Buffet down the street. I'll see you then! Your Little Man, ♥Goog

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5/25/2012 4:19:11 AM

5/17/2012 3:12:21 PM

Hi Mazey,

Oh my..what a pretty lady you are! I will be your boyfuriend, and I will stay by your side. I have to say I really like your photos, you are very eye catching. Mom will try to upload more photos of me. I am NOT photogenic because I often try to bark at and attack the camera- That's me, small but mighty! Once when mom and the family went on vacation the people in the RV next to us heard me barking and thought I was a big dog. Sorry for jabbering on so.. What do you say we go to the Doggie Snack Bar and grab some treats? I'm ready when you are! Here's a vote! Your little man, Goog

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5/15/2012 2:31:37 PM

4/25/2012 6:55:10 AM

Vote 861!

Quick little c/p. No personal due to all that we have to get done. Gonna touch up on the basics. Sad news; Two more of Momma's pets have left her. Kevin, Momma's Guinea Pig, was attacked by Momma's new dog Promise. He was still alive but Momma brought him to the vet to be put down. She felt it was the most humane thing to do. Vet said there was a SLIM chance he may survive on antibiotics and painkillers, but Momma didn't want to get her hopes up. Same thing happened with her bunny, Jester. She got her hopes up and brought Jester home with antibiotics. But Jester passed away only 2 days later. So Momma didn't want to go through the same thing and she asked the vet to put him down. Flicka, Momma's Corn Snake, has also passed away. The reason being is unknown. So now all Momma has is us 3 dogs. She has a hamster, but her hamster is going to be living in her grandma's house. She doesn't want to bring him home and have the Mal de Ojo rub off on him. Momma's having her grandma make and bless a Mal de Ojo bracelet for her so she can start wearing it. Hopefully it'll get rid of Momma's bad luck. Momma had to break up with her bf. She doesn't really like to explain it much, but it has to do with him and other girls. Don't worry, he did not cheat on Momma. There's no way he could on his deployment down in Cuba; He's with a bunch of guys! But yes, her relationship has come to an end. Momma's got a job at a doggie daycare and she LOVES it. Turns out, two of her cousins worked there before SHE did! Small world. At work, there are times when there's 35 dogs there. She loves it, though. Easter was great. Momma spent it in Brooklyn with her Grandma and little cousin; Her little cousin turned 10 on Easter Sunday. How sweet is that? I believe that is all there is to tell! Bark soon! Love, Onyx♥ & Domino♥ .

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4/11/2012 3:38:22 PM

8==8 Hello Mazey Mae! 8==8

Long time no bark! How are you doing? I sure have missed all my DC furiends. It's been real busy around here but everyone is well.....almost everyone. Mom's sweet hamster, Oliver recently had a tragic death due to a careless incident involving one of our cats. Oliver was very dear to us and mom feels so bad about what happened. Thank you again to all the pawesome pups who went over to smallanimalchannel and voted for him back in August for COTD. Oliver won COTM in March and we thought it was strange that after being on SAC for over two years, he died the same month he was COTM. Mom and her brother each got a gerbil, Tortellini & Fettucini (affectionately nicknamed the lil noodle heads). They are so cute and fun. If you'd like to see them you can check out their web pages on smallanimalchannel. Torty's on page #231924 and Fettu's on #231274. Has spring arrived at your place yet? The other day we got our first real rainfall. We still have tons of snow though and it will take several heavy downpours to melt all of it. The roads are no good for skijoring anymore so we've been going for walks instead. Speaking of skijoring, mom has been working on a skijor video of different clips people have taken of us to share with our friends. Mom's never made movies before so she's just getting to know the programs. Do you have a particular favorite? We are looking very forward to finishing it so you can see. Mom's just been too busy lately to work on it. Right now we are at our lodge at Lake Clark. We've been here since last Friday. Mom's cousins from Norway came to Alaska for a visit and they are here too. They can speak English but they're always talking to each other in Norwegian. It's driving mom crazy because she has no idea what they're saying. She has decided she HAS to learn Norwegian. hehe. We're going back home tomorrow. We had an absolutely amazing time here at our lodge (playing in the mountains with snowmachines, snowboarding, and ice-fishing) but it will feel good to be back home. We hope you and your family had a wonderful Easter. May God's blessings be with you this spring and always. Pawing a vote. Lots of big warm furry hugs......Yukon P.S. Today's my birthday! I'm 8 years young. hehe. I brought a slice of my bday cake for you! And on my page there are lots of pics from my pawrty :)

Come visit me, ., .., In Loving Memory of Indigo, Peaka & Yukon

4/11/2012 12:42:04 AM

Hi Mazey!

I hope the weather has gotten warmer in WI now, and that it isn't cold anymore! Our temperatures have been in the 60's now for about 10-14 days, and I like the warmer weather because the cold really bothers me since I am so small. I hope this won't make you mad, but I think that your brother, Goose, has a funny and unusual name! How did your Mommy come up with his name? My brother got his name Pongo from my human sister, who liked the 101 Dalmations. Well, have a nice afternoon and evening, a great weekend and Easter (hope the Easter Bunny brings you lots of treats), and I am pawing you a vote! Lots of Love, Hope

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4/6/2012 2:57:23 PM

Hi Mazey Mae

Too funny about you taking up the whole bed. I have my own bedroom with my crate and a queen size bed. bol!! My sister Angel Squint would sleep on the bed, but now sometimes I'll sprawl out on it. Have a great week. Leaving you a vote. Kisses, Shotgun

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4/3/2012 6:13:10 PM

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