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Hello, I feel bad that I keep telling everyone I'm coming back and then never do. So this is it. DC was always such a fun loving place to come to in the beginning and I will forever be grateful for the friends I made here and how nice everyone was. But the time has come for us to officially say good bye, I have started college and in the back of my mind I always had hopes that I would indeed return to DC and just pick up where I left off with our friendships, but alas times have changed. Many of our friends (dogs) have passed away along with Chip and its so hard for me to see his face even now, a year and a week later, and at this point my chances of being able to keep Zoey for much longer are not looking good. My mother refuses to help me with her, and I am at the point where I need to move out of my house and I will not be able to take her with me when I do so. It's going to be so hard for me when the time comes.. but I know she deserves better than what I can give her right now. As I mentioned, I've started college and I'm only a week in and very overwhelmed. I barely sleep because I'm just so busy. And that just solidifies to me, that Zoey and I will not be returning to DC. Ever. But to all of our friends still on DC, I really truly sincerely do hope that your futures are amazing and healthy and happy and that everything works out in each and every one of your lives. I won't forget how every one of you was there for me and Zoey and Chip for years. Thank you so much, and good bye friends <3 Sabrina P.S. I am friends with some of you, but if anyone else would like to friend me on Facebook. PLEASE do so, and let me know who your dogs are :) Sabrina Aase


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I walked in to Petco and saw her sitting with the adoption lady. Walked up to her and fell in love with the crazy mutt on the floor. Came back the next day and adopted her, November 2nd 2008. She was adopted from S.P.O.T (Saving Pets One at a Time) We were told she was a lab mixed with austrailian shepherd but I don't believe that. Lab for sure, and maybe some aussie. but there has to be others too. ♦ DOTD: 1.18.10 & 1.20.11 & 7.11.13 DOTM: November.2010 ♦ ♥ I love my wonderful Yukon, since November 6th 2010 ♥ Thank you for all my votes, *** 1,000 from myself *** 2,000 from Gidget and Lily *** 3,000 from Julie, Daisy, & Diamond *** 4,000 from Brie and Tyler *** 5,000 & 6,000 from Yukon *** 7,000 from Angel Samson *** 8,000 from Audrina & Mia *** 9,000 from Shadow *** 10,000 from Moose *** 11,000 from Brie, Tyler, & Bentley *** 12,000 from Moose *** 13,000 from Ruby *** 14,000 from Angel Molly ***

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Counter surfing huh, it will be the death of you as my mom use to say. So mom is thinking of moving? How is the weather, we have had sunny & hot over the memorial day weekend but now is getting cold & rainy but will warm up by the weekend. Mom & dad put the garden in on Monday, other than that nothing going on here, boring. The grass needs to be cut but it is raining so thats out, mom will have to find something to do in the house until it stops raining. Mom is trying to declutter the house, she did go thru magazine & threw some out. Have to go thru dads, wonder if he will miss any if mom throws them out,hmm. Have a great day, left a vote, Scooby PS Of course Amanda came back, she is screwed up and clingy. But all in all Emily should of told Jack how she felt & Jack needs to grow a pair and tell Amanda how he feels about Emily. Emily will go find her mother whom she thought was dead all these yrs. Are they going to kill off Victoria or bring her back to life later in the show, hide her until the last minute and she testifies against her husband but they need to weave the plot.

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5/31/2012 8:02:19 PM

Hi Zoey!

Running by with a vote. Trying to catch up on DC! Hope you're having a nice day. Yesterday and today we've had some internet problems. Yesterday it was too slow and messed up, and today for awhile it was completely down. Of course it's back up now and is running a bit better than it was earlier, so we told mom to help us get on DC now! *hugs* Muffin, Brandon, and Peanut

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5/31/2012 4:03:00 PM

Good Evening, Zoey n' Chip!

Whew! WHAT a busy month May has been for us. I'm planning on blogging much more this June, but I wanted to start off early and let you all know how we have been doing today! First off, I have a LOT of new photos so come by soon and check them out :) Secondly, I have some bad news. Mom had to sell our cows, Annie (the calf) and Claire (the mother), because it was all too much work and commitment. We have so many animals.. over 100 chickens, a duck, a goose, a steer (Claire's twin brother, whom we're keeping), two alpacas, two cats, a budgie and we dogs. So instead of wasting a perfectly good milking cow (Claire) and a possibly good future milking cow (Annie), we sold them to a dairy farm down the road. Mom's dad, whom she still lives with, is friends with the farmers so we know that the two went to a very good home. Mom of course misses them both (especially little Annie) VERY much, but we had passed our limit on how many pets we can have. Another exciting thing is that we got 66 chicks on Tuesday!! All but five are going to be for meat, so they aren't pets that will hold the family down. For those who know the breeds of chickens, we got Jersey Giants, Dark Cornish and Brown Leghorn. YET another thing that has us on our toes, is that we have a hen that has been brooding a clutch of eggs. Well the first baby hatched either Tuesday night or Wednesday morning (we found the chick on Wed. morning)! Mom and I have been keeping a close eye on the other eggs. This afternoon, another chick was trying to hatch. And while you're not supposed to intervene, Mom helped #2 get out of the shell because it was taking so very long. Turns out, it might have a deformed leg (hard to tell right now, but she's pretty sure) so Mom wonders if it would have been capable of breaking through the shell by itself. Now we've got a #3 peeping in it's shell. I love helping Mom take care of chicks! Well this blog is getting SUPER long, so I'll have to get going now. Anyway, I'm ecstatic to be back on DC, and maybe I'll be blogging every day now? We'll see! Pawing a vote for you .. have a wonderful night dear friend :) Border Collie Kisses, Ruby Tuesday Rose ♥ xoxo

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5/31/2012 3:33:48 PM

Hey Zoey

Wow! What a busy last few days we have had. This last weekend moms second oldest brother came out with his family, he and his wife have two little girls. Lulu and I had a great time with the little grils. The oldest, who is 2, loved playing fetch with us and petting us. She can say both our names, only she says mine with a P. So now mom calls me Poby becasue she thinks it sounds cute. They came on the 25th and left on the 29th. We all had a super fun time. We sold the two female goats on May 20th, mom says she thinks they got a good home. Now mom just has Gideon, the buck, and Holly, the doe. Holly will be having her kids withen the next two weeks or so. Mom cant wait and said if Holly has a girl she may keep it. She would have to get another buck though. I guess we will wait and see. I suppose it doesn't really sound like we were busy but trust me it was a lot busier then it sounds. I hope you all are having a great week! Schnauzer Hugs & Cockapoo Kiss, Tobbers & Luly

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5/30/2012 7:57:24 PM

Hi Zoey

I'm having a pretty nice day. The weather is a little cooler today, so Mom took me for a walk after dinner. I had such a nice time. There were so many cool smells. Then after we got back home it was snack time. wahoo!! I hope you are having a good day. Leaving you a vote. Kisses, Shotgun

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5/30/2012 6:37:19 PM

Hi Zoey....

So glad that your Moma is much better. Grammy, Moma and Daddy all three have had bronchitis/pneumonia so we know abt the sick thing and it taking time to completely go away. You get so frazzled being sick for so long. Guess what I did today?? Oh I am so clever and proud of myself. They were working on the bird bath...leveling it up & fixing it up. I was outside w/them but had wandered off into another part of the yard. I came back in a while w/something in my mouth. Moma says what is that? to Daddy....she came over to me and with so much pride in my little body I dropped at her feet a mole I had caught!! Look at what I have Moma!! Anyway it seems that Rico tried for ever so long to get one but never did and now I have one to my credit!! But it seems that they are nasty and so this one went into the woods but how about that?? LilyPup the Mighty Huntress!!! hugs LilyPup

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5/30/2012 4:26:56 PM


Hi Zoey, here is a vote. Hope you had a wonderful Memorial Day and hope you are having a nice week :) All is well here. Mom's Gma, the one in the hospital, made it out and home safely!! So thankful. Mom and her brother both have been sick, but got through that too. We are once again back on track, ready to go. How have you been? Did you have a nice weekend? Love you so much! Thank you all for helping me reach 4000 votes, it means a lot. Met lots of new and amazing friends :) Thanks to my Shiloh buddy, Takoda, for leaving that vote milestone too! SB

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5/30/2012 3:09:45 PM

Hi! Mom is at the office and briefly on their computers letting everyone know cable company cannot come and repair internet until Thursday! We love you all but cannot blog much until the internet is up and running again! Thought it would be repaired today but no such luck! Puppy Kisses!

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5/29/2012 9:40:31 AM


Oh my goodness, there is a lion in your pictures! So sorry to hear that your mom was sick for 4 WEEKS! Oh my dog...that's a long time. And she only stayed home for 2 or 3 days. It just doesn't sound fun in any way. And then your kitty was recovering from a fight? So scary and sad. It gives my mom the heebee jeebies when us furry ones are sick. I think it's because we're so cute and all, that we deserve to feel fabulous everyday. I can pretty much agree with that. I hope your mom and the kitty are feeling better. Please tell your mom that we totally understand not being able to blog. Half the time we can't blog because of that everyday, run of the mill life stuff and from being tired, etc. let alone being sick for 4 weeks! Ugh. You are so fortunate that it made your mom feel like baking : ) That donut thing sounds wonderful. I concur about the puppy chow. It should be called boring old, ruin your night human chow. I think it's because of this thing, chocolate. From what I can tell, dogs can't have it. Which makes me think, why even come up with chocolate in the first place if dogs can't eat it. And I don't know about you, but it smells awfully good which makes another reason why it should have never been invented or discovered. BOL! I'm glad we got that figured out. We should run for office. A dog run government...the way it should be. Your Buddy, Benji

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5/28/2012 10:27:43 PM

Hi Sissy Zoey...

Vote 13,499! Missed it by one. Happy Memorial Day!! Glad Mom remembered the ending of Fringe. Next season is going to be the last, and hope they answer alot more questions that we have. Mom is sad that it's ending, but hope they end it with bang. Glad your Mom watches all the USA and cable show that my Mom watches. She can't wait for Burn Notice. OMG! CM finale was so good, and we don't mind that Prentess is leaving. Mom is just happy that Derrik Morgan is still on there. Hope you guys had a great Memorial Day weekend. Mom and I were away at a friends house for the weekend and had lots of fun. We just got home late this afternoon, and are just catching up...Have a great night....Shiloh Snuggles...Love and Shiloh Snuggles...Bro Tako

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5/28/2012 6:10:26 PM

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