Domino *Single :(

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mom needs a new camera again i decided i like the flavor of camera :(


Domino *Single :(

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this was another case of not realy looking for a dog but well we saw these puppies online checking out the breeders site we got otis from, an we thought he was the cutiest puppy and just had 2 have him seeing he was related to otis :)

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*Runs up to you and hugs you tight and kisses you romanticly* Please dont ever leave me again my love! I cant live without you ♥Suki

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2/24/2012 10:49:56 AM

2/11/2012 5:25:46 PM


*Looks around teary eyed and howls* were did u go my love!?

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2/7/2012 6:58:16 AM

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Hello everyone! A quick c/p from us all! I know, I know. C/p's are SO impersonal. But it's all we can offer right now seeing as we just have TOO much to say, SO little time to say it and SO many people to say it to! We're going to try and keep it as short as possible, though. Our Christmas was PERFECT. The family went out and spent time with their family and when they came back they gave us our presents to open. We got some neat toys, new beds and yummy treats! New Years was a bit rough. Momma's dad found out that she has a new boyfriend and he got all upset and left Dec 31 and didn't return until the evening of Jan 1. Momma didn't get to spend New Year's with her boyfriend, though. Which is something she really wanted to do. But it's okay. She got to spend all of Jan 1 with him which is just as good! Now, everyone is doing good. Jester is SO big. Flicka has healed up beautifully. And YoYo, Momma's new turtle, is doing fantastic. Momma's working on getting a new pet. She doesn't know what yet. Only time will tell! We're going to be making renovations on this account. So we'd all REALLY appreciate it if you all replied to this blog on Onyx's profile. Just leave the name of the dog you're replying to in the subject box. Pretty please and thank you!! We love you all. We miss you all. And can't WAIT to get back into the swing of things here on DC. ****EMERGENCY**** I'm reaching out to all of my friends cuz my 9-year old cousin's dog, Juicy (217672), was hit by a car a few days ago and requires surgery. Her pelvis was broken in three places due to the accident. What happened was my cousin's mother sent Juicy (217672) out to the front for a bathroom break and forgot to let her back in. She went to run some errands and when she returned, Juicy was laying down in front of the curb in front of their house on a pile of leaves. Someone hit her, put her to the side of the road and kept going. My cousin's mother takes full responsibility for forgetting to bring Juicy back inside and she admits it was an irresponsible move. However, the surgery expenses are over $4700 and my cousin's mother is incapable of paying for it all. If she can't pay for it, she will have to get Juicy euthanized. I'm reaching out to whoever is willing to make a donation to help pay for Juicy's surgery. If any of you can, please visit to make a donation. Even if it is just $1, everything counts! This is urgent seeing as Juicy's life is on the line. Or if you can't afford anything, please visit the site and send your best wishes, it'll help calm my little cousin's nerves. She's a wreck and would love to have some support from her DC friends. Thank you!! Love, The East Patchogue Gang(Lobo)♥ .

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1/19/2012 10:02:14 AM

Hi Dom

Were r u love? *Whimpers* I love ur new pictures love ur moms so lucky to have so many dogs to keep almost all of my family were fosters... ~Suki

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1/6/2012 7:25:57 AM

Dom my love

Oh Domino! *Suki hugs Domino tight* I missed u so much please don't leave me again *Suki let's go and hands Domino a present he opens it inside is a photo of them together on the beach* ♥Suki

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12/31/2011 2:04:16 PM

Darling Domino!

*The ride starts Suki raises one paw but the other is im Dominos* weeeee! *the ride goes up high and flips she looks over at Domino* ♥Suki

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12/20/2011 12:40:02 PM

Domino my love

Sure! *Dom and Suki buy wrist bands that let them ride unlimited rides Suki runs over to the line soon it's there turn they get a seat together Suki holds Dominos paw* ready baby? ♥Suki

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12/16/2011 9:11:08 AM

D♥mino l♥ve

Cool *Suki holds Dominos paw they get into the car and drive there they get out and walk through the gate* look Dom! *Suki points to a big roller coster called the ring of fire* wow! ♥Suki

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12/13/2011 7:23:50 AM

Domino love

*Sukis eyes light up* wow! Babe u look soooo handsome! *Smiles and walks up to Domino* ready to go? ♥Suki

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12/12/2011 1:41:42 PM

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