Mickey; In Loving Memory 2/8/08

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My owner just created a new home page for me.

Mickey; In Loving Memory 2/8/08

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My mommy-person saw a photo of me online at the local shelter. I was only 2 and I already had three homes. No one was interested in adopting me... the truth is I had been adopted once already from the shelter & was returned after 4 months.

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10/29/2008 10:20:43 AM

I miss you so much!

I love you, Mickster! I hope you are at peace. I will never forget all of the ways in which you learned to trust... Love,Your forever mommy-person

Come visit me, Mickey; In Loving Memory 2/8/08, Zippy; RT Club Activity Manager, Zoe

9/20/2008 5:07:05 PM

Say hi to Lucy

My mom's first JRT is on your side of the rainbow. Could you give her a kiss. She'll like you I can tell. You're really cute. Bet you always have lots of fun.

Come visit me, Abi, Al, Otis, Sadie

3/31/2008 8:00:19 PM

*•_•* . . Vote ZOE 38015 Monday . . *•_•*

*•_•* . . Vote ZOE 38015 Monday . . *•_•* Hey what's up everyone?? My name is Zoe, 38015. (PLEASE Dotd vote for me on Monday, 2/11.) I am a 5yo beautiful Mixed Breed girl from Victoria, TX. My people rescued me from a shelter and have given me the best home and family, furry and non-furry alike. I am very good at retrieving toys and chasing cats!! And I am really scared of balloons! I love beggin' strips and I personally think one can never eat too much!! My fur pak gave me a surprise party on the dog channel for my last birthday, they are the best! Please remember me Monday .. ZOZO!! Happy Birthday to Neicka 4781, Coco 4379, and Jack 33595. And please remember to smile . . *•_•* . . See more T3F2News@28598. Hugs and a vote, Rozy Nozy and The Crew.

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2/10/2008 10:34:03 PM


Mickey can you please send a message to all the RT members that i wish them a Happy New Years.thanks -Balloo

Come visit me, Balloo Baby, Snickers, Teenie has one her angels with her

12/30/2007 5:50:54 PM


You are absolutely adorable. I don't know how anyone could have put you in a shelter in the first place nor why anyone would return you. I just say it is their loss. Thank you so much for coming by. Have a great evening. Love, Abby

Come visit me, Abby...In Loving Memory 7/29/1996-3/15/2014, Beau...In Loving Memory, Holli ( IN LOVING MEMORY), Maggie (IN LOVING MEMORY), Tess (In Loving Memory), Tucker (In Loving Memory)

12/27/2007 3:14:47 PM

vote christmas day!

•:*¨¨*:•. TT3 NEWS CHRISTMAS DAY .•:*¨¨*:•. MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! PLEASE VOTE RAINBOW BRIDGE MEMORIAL PAGE #2, 39865, DOTD, Tuesday, 12-25-07 !!!! THIS PAGE IS IN HONOR OF A VERY SPECIAL BOY THAT BROUGHT JOY TO US ALL - RICO SUAVE - 5284. This is the second page of our D.C. Rainbow Bridge Memorial Page Series. Our featured dogs have achieved the most remarkable things. They have left a paw print on our hearts that will never leave us. We have been blessed with their love and their cheer and we will meet them again one day, of that we can be sure. Thank you everyone for all the comments and prayers and poems. Thank you and GOD BLESS YOU ALL. Merry Christmas from the BRIDGE!!! Please DOTD VOTE for us Tuesday, 12-25-07!! Happy Birthday hugs go out to Mr. Jingles 28039, Laci 15417, and Heidi 37896!! Hugs and a vote, SECRET, naked volunteer for the daily news.. ALSO!>>>>from secret and sugar and sprinkles<<<< please help vote everyday for the rest of the month for our sweet sweet friend ABBY 34143~ who is running for dog of the month by voting for her everyday this month! .. hugs and many kisses~~~ your Louisiana krewe.. XOXOXOXOXO MERRY CHRISTMAS AND HAPPY HOLIDAYS FROM US GIRLS IN THE SOUTH!

Come visit me, Baby Dog~~always in our hearts, Marni Moo, Secret~, Sprinkles~always in our hearts, Star~~ always in our hearts, Sugar~

12/25/2007 8:41:20 AM


the list of names are on the RT Club Profile

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12/1/2007 4:04:17 PM

First Duty

Announce to the members about zippy and you becoming Activity Manager and Messenger. And tell them there are still some position on the RT Council.Thanks.-Balloo

Come visit me, Balloo Baby, Snickers, Teenie has one her angels with her

11/30/2007 4:02:08 PM


Congrats you are The RT Club Messenger. You're job will be sending messages to all the members about news thats going on in the club and around DC.

Come visit me, Balloo Baby, Snickers, Teenie has one her angels with her

11/29/2007 7:42:35 PM

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