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♥♥♥ On Thursday, I was following Nonnie as she was holding Misha walking up the stairs. I missed a step hit my neck on the stairs. Friday, Nonnie was holding me and rubbing my tummy. Nonnie then petted under my neck, I've had a mass under my neck for a couple of years, it grew larger (My Vet calls them Old Lady Warts). Nonnie felt my hair was clumped together, she started cleaning the area, found that the mass was open and oozing a liquid. I spent my Saturday Morning at the Vet (I'm home now) My D.V.M. Kimberly Singer gave me an injection of Lidocaine, she surgically removed the mass and found another mass on my right shoulder was also removed. The bigger mass under my neck, she did a Cutaneous Biopsy sent the Biopsy to Histopathology a Health Care Member will contact Nonnie 3-5 Business Days for the result. My Vet sent me home with medications Deramaxx 12 mg for pain and Clavamox 125 mg an antibiotic. No activities for 10 days and a return visit to the Vet to take out the stiches under my neck and right shoulder ♥♥♥ June 3rd, I'll be 10 (my senior years), Time for a long long long vacation . ♥♥♥


Tiffany ♥ Bandit  ~*♥*~ Lovingly, Dearest Angels ~~Alabama Gang~ `†`Angel Skipper`†` {5/14/2016} #43042 ~*♥*~ `†`Angel Kane`†` {7/1/2008-11/20/2015} #65299 ~*~Were Voting ~4~ BRANDI #276491 DOTM in May~*~ Congrats Queen Lokje, DOTM Top Dog ~4~ April

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Fate and Love, Tiffany was 5 months old, the Breeder drove to Las Vegas, NV from South Dakota; she was curled up in the back of his van ~ we choose her out of 15 other puppies. Tiffany is our heart. .♥. Lakota Shih-Tzu's. New Effington, SD ♥ Sire: Lakota Little Big Man.. ♥ Dam: Lakota Bubbling Brook

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Please vote every day in March for our dear Apples (27747). Apples was a guide dog who served his master in the most remarkable ways. He saved his life a number of times and always considered his daddy first. He also served the Veterans Administration as a Therapy Dog in their day care program. Apples was the Hero Contest Winner of 2007 on the DC and has been an AARD member since May 2002. Apples crossed the Rainbow Bridge on Valentine’s Day and life has not been the same without him. So please give Apples your support and vote every day so we can honor him as the Dog of the Month. Thank you for your support, your love and your votes. God Bless you. (Leaving A Thank You Vote-For Your Support)

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3/8/2008 3:12:18 PM

3/7/2008 8:35:37 PM

here's a vote!

Thank you SO much to all of you for your support and votes for DOTD!!! We REALLY appreciate it!!! It was nice meeting all of you, and it's nice knowing we have so many wonderful friends on DC! Lots of hugs and licks!!! ~Happy

Come visit me, Happy :-D, Lily

3/6/2008 8:20:09 PM


thankf you so much for visiting us! What a pretyt pu you! yes we would love to be online buds! hoep you had a pawsoemday! you new friends,AD,Snick,and M.J

Come visit me, ßuηηy*I ♥ MY JAKE!!* ENGAGED, ≅ [P] Penny [A] Amber [L] Leila ≅, *∗*[S]Starr [A]Artic [S]Sahara *∗*

3/6/2008 3:47:09 PM

3/5/2008 10:06:16 AM

Hi Tiffany, Bouje's vote here.

You are soo cute. Thank you for visiting Bouje's site! Thank you for the vote! Bouje'

Come visit me, Bouje', Furbie, Mitzie, Furbie, Bailey and Bouje'

3/4/2008 8:11:23 PM

you're a cutie

Matty just had to say "Woof" and give you a vote, he thinks your very nice looking, but maybe that's because you look alot like him!! Give me a woof sometime, Matty (Matthew Nathan)

Come visit me, Matthew Nathan, Molly, Pandorable

3/4/2008 3:38:11 PM

3/3/2008 9:11:49 PM

Hi Tiffany

My you look so cute. I left you my vote. want to be my friend...Jelani.

Come visit me, Daisey Mar, Jelani, Muggles, Pepper

3/3/2008 4:17:06 AM

Hi Tiffany

Awwwww you look sooooo cute!!!!!!

Come visit me, Lucky

3/3/2008 3:10:41 AM

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