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Thanks for the birthday wishes for my mom. Sorry I haven't been barking with everyone recently. Cessna, Chance, Bandit Daisy and Hootie all came to visit and we had a great time together!


Sawyer loves Bella Boo Boxer!

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Our family moved just over two years ago and Sawyer was for sale in a local pet store. Every time I went there to make a purchase I would see him and fell in love with him. Over the next three weeks my daughters and I begged but my Husband stood firm on his 'No', until New years Eve. I hid Sawyer under my jacket and carried him in. He stuck out his head and my girls squealed. The entire family adores him.

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Hi Sawyer & Libby

Thank you for barking by and congratulating us on our 3 year DC anniversary. Sorry it took us so long to bark back with a thank you. Mom got a new job that is keeping her really busy and she had to go to Atlanta for training. Before mom left for Atlanta though, the paper towel bandit struck again. Mom had left a baked potato wrapped in a paper towel sitting on the counter while she waited for the rest of her food to heat up in the microwave. She left the kitchen to go do a couple of things. When she heard the microwave ding, she got her food out & started looking for the baked potato. It wasn’t anywhere to be found on the counter. That’s when mom realized that it must have been stolen because of the paper towel. Sure enough, mom found the baked potato laying in the middle of the hallway & the paper towel had completely disappeared. No one had even tried to eat the baked potato as we don’t steal food, only paper. HeHe Mom is laying the blame on Money as being the paper towel thief. BBS. MisFits

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5/20/2012 11:28:17 AM

Hi Sausage

Will you please come over when you and Lulu get a chance. I really miss you and it has been forever since you came over. Love and lots of golden kisses, Cessna

Come visit me, CESSNA and Chance... OFFLINE grieving

5/19/2012 6:11:10 PM

Hey Sausage..

I hope you're all having a great time celebrating! I bet your Momma is baking up a storm..Sniff Sniff..Mmmmm. You know we're expecting storms, so I could come help you taste test..hehee. I have happy pills for the storms..they make me dream of flying hamburgers and milk shake fountains..hehe. Have a great day! GIANT Man Hugs..Zoosie with a mellow Caboosie

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5/19/2012 4:05:03 PM

HI Sausage

Leaving you lots of hugs and kisses. Ummm m your house always smells so good. OOps I forgot to give Lulu her cheeseburgers. I can trust you to give them to her can't I? Leaving you 1 dozen cheese burgers. Mommy cooked and you know when she cooks I always get plenty of raw, burnt, melted ............ well you know. Love Cessna

Come visit me, CESSNA and Chance... OFFLINE grieving

5/18/2012 7:31:45 PM

♥ My Sweet Sausage ♥

* ♥Roses are red Plumbago is blue ♥ ♥ Your are my Sausage And I am your Boo ♥ BSFB muahs and muzzle nuzzles I love you! ♥ Your Bella Boo ♥

Come visit me, Bella in the sunshine ¤

5/18/2012 5:43:09 PM


The Great Moth Hunter! Glad to hear you're protecting your Momma and your sweet sister! What would they do without you..Oh wait I around the house screaming..hehe. What do they taste like? I've never had one. When they get in our house..Joker is on the prowl..he jumps through the air..and somehow always manages to get them. He loves it! Mom got her book yesterday..Yeah..yummy food recipes! She's hoping to start it this weekend. She has to e-mail your Mom, so I'll let her tell your Mom all about it. But hopefully soon you'll be able to smell all the wonderful dishes Moms gonna whip up for mean us..hehe. You know I'll always bring you some. GIANT Man Hugs..Zoosie with a lazy Caboosie

Come visit me, ♥ Angel XENA ♥ 3/28/05 - 8/12/14 OFFLINE, ♥ Angel ZEUS ♥ (11/6/04 - 9/9/13) ♥ Welcoming my sweet sister Xena♥, Angel Gentle Ben - ♥ Welcoming My Little Sister Xena ♥ OFFLINE, Samantha ♥ RIP My Lovable Big Sister Xena ♥ OFFLINE

5/17/2012 5:22:10 PM

.·:*¨¨*:·.*My Sweet Smooshy*. ·:*¨¨*:·.

Hugs and kisses and all my love! BSFB muah's and muzzles nussles! You are my soul puppy! I love you ♥ ♥ Your Bella Boo ♥

Come visit me, Bella in the sunshine ¤

5/17/2012 9:33:51 AM


Mr. Sausage, I'm so sorry to hear that you were so ill! An obstruction sounds awful. Did they ever find out what caused it? I'm so sorry that you couldn't eat. That does sound miserable because I know your mommy makes you guys delicious, yummy things. I'll have to tell my mom about the oatmeal. That sounds like a good idea, although I can see where only 1 tablespoon would not be a Thanksgiving feast. planted your cute smooshy face on her lap saying, “Feed me...I'm a sick but hungry pup...” You poor fella. I bet that was extraordinarily difficult for you mom to not give in to feeding you more. You being back to butt wiggling is the best news! Thank goodness! Those obstructions can be serious business. I'm glad you didn't have to have surgery. Butt wiggling is a great measure of health! My mom uses that and my wag-o-meter to check for my health. BOL! Oh man, you momma was going through tough stuff with you sick and a young, 14 year old having to have heart surgery and then not making it. That was making my mom tear up just hearing about it. Young ones are supposed to be the picture of health and only pass away when they are much, much older. It sounds like she really went through a lot. You're mom's sister and niece are so fortunate to have your mommy in their life to be comforting during such a sad time. That is awfully rough stuff. Hey you didn't owe us several barks or even one bark. Mom keeps wanting to make DC a daily thing but what ends up happening is that I'm the only one barking and that's just at anything that moves outside. And I can bark a lot and very loudly. But that does get my DC replies done. Mom still gets tired or sick easily and hasn't been able to type for me, regularly. Sheesh. But the good news remains that she shares a good nap with me during those times. Often I can get her to pet my chest for a long, long time. I remind her that it's good for her and will help her feel well. BOL! It is difficult to keep up with barks. Life happens. And any bark from us does not require a reply, we promise. And us of all people, understand what could keep a person off DC for days or months or even much longer. It took us a long time to reply to your bark. It always seems like we'll get to bark right back and then we don't (migraines, fatigue, needing to rest all the time, having chronic very sore throats, but also just life). Mom's trying to go in order as well. Although it's still a bit out of order. Oh my... I think it would be helpful to my mom to go down to one DC profile too. How is your mommy doing? Is she recuperating from those difficult sadness-es? I hope she is at a point where you don't feel bad getting her to move over in your bed so you can get some room. Humans.... They need to design gigantic, wall to wall beds but I'm not sure if that would be roomy enough. Oh that will be lovely to see a picture of Rusty. Every time I'm sniffing low to the ground (which is often), we think of your Beagle. Is Rusty yo

Come visit me, Angel Thelma, Benjamin

5/17/2012 7:56:57 AM

Hi Sausage

You can come to my house stinky anytime. Love you Cessna

Come visit me, CESSNA and Chance... OFFLINE grieving

5/16/2012 5:11:21 PM

♥ My Sweet Smooshy ♥

Kisses and hugs and all my love! BSFB muah's and endless muzzle nuzzles! I LOVE YOU! ♥ Your Bella Boo ♥

Come visit me, Bella in the sunshine ¤

5/16/2012 10:35:56 AM

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