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my owners have set up my doggy pool, so glad!



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after our last dog Mia died we decided to get another dog, my dad knew someone who bred labs, and we went there and Maggie was the very first of the puppies to run up to us. luckily she was a girl!

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Hi Maggie

thanks so much for running by with the congrats on my DOTD win. I was very surprised to see myself inthe window this morning. Sunday

Come visit me, Bindi, Eddison, Ladybug, Mandy, Molly, Sunday, Wynter

4/9/2012 5:47:28 AM

Oh cool! I remember Tiger! She blogs my cat Tiger Shady! what brand of dog food do you eat?? Moose

Come visit me, ♦♥Moose♥♦

4/7/2012 11:21:47 AM

hi my name is Red Lady but you can call me Red :) im a red pitty and recently joined dogchannel and was looking for some friends, would you like to be one? From Red

Come visit me, ♥ Gucci Loves Freckles! ♥, Evo, Mickey, Red & Moxxi, Suki, Synster, Tazzy & Buffy (motto)

4/1/2012 2:38:11 PM

Hi Maggie!

Hi Maggie! Thank you for pawing me my first vote here on DC! Jazzy just explained how the site works to me and I'm so excited for having new friends! Oooh, momma says that blue thing you're in in a picture is called a pool, but whatever it is, it looks FUN to chew on!!! Chewed you a vote--gotta go and do my puppy stuff! ♥ ~Suki

Come visit me, .•*´¨`*•. Suki.•*´¨`*•, Angel Shasta Sep. 5, 2002 to Oct 19, 2009 † Thank you for DOTD! ♥, Doggie Photo Place *Closed temporarily*, Jazzy

3/26/2012 4:52:41 PM

Hi Maggie! Thanks for liking my avitar

Hey everypawdy! Hows it been? Today we have been having BEAUTIFUL weather! Its very hot now but earlier it was in the low 70s NOW its in the low 90s! Omd! So since it was a lovely day I was hoping maybe we could go swimming and a nice walk BUT MOM had DIFFERENT ideas...Humpf. She said today was a good day to do "Yard work"...:( I wasnt to happy about that but, she said if I was good she would take me to Ellens and get me a ice cream cone yummy. I said that was ok. We are taking a break now mom keeps her promises because we just got back from...can you guess? Ellens! Yipppeee! I got a 8oz vannela ice cream cone! The pictures will be uploaded soon. And afterwards we walked to the feed store that was nextdoor. I met a very nice couple that lost their golden last year to cancer..:( I liked them they new were to scratch me bol. Well mom talked with them for a while I spotted and smelled a TON of different animals! I looked to my right and saw a kitty cat and my behind me were chicks and BUNNIES! Omd thats when I got really exited! I finnaly got my chitter chatter to stop talking and pulled momma over to the bunnies. I sniffed and sniffed untill my nose was really tired! Mom would let me chase them around though, wonder why? Well I better go pawing a vote Love, Honey Dew P.S Lola Belle says hey and please pray for Bellas 177931 throught that it gets better soon.

Come visit me, Honey Dew

3/24/2012 1:47:03 PM

Hi Maggie!

Hi girly! Pawsome avitar your really talented. Pawing a vote Love, Honey Dew

Come visit me, Honey Dew

3/23/2012 11:02:01 AM

Hey Maggs!

Hows it going? Voted Love, Honey Dew

Come visit me, Honey Dew

3/18/2012 7:56:13 PM

Hi Maggie!

Hi its me Honey! I think we were furiends and I just havent been by in a while. Hows it been? Voted Love, Honey Dew

Come visit me, Honey Dew

3/12/2012 11:08:06 AM

? I'm confused? is it something about me, or is your mom just busy?

Come visit me, Butler, Missi Mae, Ruby Rose

3/8/2012 4:05:31 PM

Hello Maggie!

My name is Missi Mae! Would you like to be furrends? We used to have a doggie named Maggie. She was a Beagle/Chow mix. Here's a vote for you!

Come visit me, Butler, Missi Mae, Ruby Rose

3/5/2012 4:43:10 PM

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