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Am unable to leave any posts on pages today :( I left votes for the Alabama Gang & our DOTD winner but am sad I can't bark at them.



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I'm a Valentine gift for mom & dad to themselves this year (2012)! We drove 25 miles in a snowstorm to see the litter of 3 after we saw an ad in the paper. The lady that had them was a recent widow & could no longer afford to keep the pups or mommy dog so she was reluctantly giving all but the dad away. Very good doggie parents had already taught her to bark at strange noises.

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Hi Sammie

I need a favor, can you go to BroFur Buddy's Page on Thursday May 10th and give him a vote? He is trying to be DOTD on Friday May 11th which is also his "Gotcha' Day". He is planning a big celebration! Woofs, Coopie

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5/9/2012 5:46:28 PM

Hi Sammie,

Sorry for the c/p, but being that I was offline, I got a little behind, so this will catch me up (I hope!) I had a great time on vacation, with the exception of my allergies getting worse, but we found out yesterday that I am reacting to my plastic kennel! So dad went out and bought me a new metal one today, which I'm not sure I like, but I guess I will adjust. I really don't have a choice, I guess. The good news is that my ear infection is cleared up and the vet said they are the best they have ever looked. Our vacation took us to Blue Eye, MO and we hiked in the woods, but quit due to all the woodticks there. Mom & dad gave up counting how many they took off me and dad. Mom only had 2. How lucky was she?? Mom & dad took in a couple of shows, which they enjoyed. They found a nice park where we hiked (no ticks), nice paved walkways. After Blue Eye, we traveled to Aurora, IL to visit friends and to meet their 7 month old mixed breed dog, Penny. Penny is a handful, she kept body slamming me and all I did was growled back and slapped at her with my paws. We romped in their backyard and then inside chased each other around the dining room table. All in all, we got along. We spent 4 days there (we stayed in a hotel). Mom had asked for a 1st floor room, but ended up on 3rd floor, so they upgraded us to a suite, boy was that nice! I didn't mind going up 3 flights of stairs for my potty breaks with such a nice room. We have stayed there before and they have a manmade pond with a nice paved walking trail that is one mile, so mom & I walked it every day at least once and one day we did it 3 times. Vacations are fun, but it's always good to be home. Now it's back to normal, except dad's work schedule changed for this week and mom might have to work extra hours since she was gone, but it's as close to normal as it gets around here. I think that sums up my vacation. Thanks to all who dropped by to wish me a happy anniversary. I had completely forgotten about it so it was nice to be remembered. I'm glad you are my furfriends. It's been a really great 2 years! and am looking for many more great years on the DC! Have a great night. Leaving you a vote. Shepherd hugs, Contessa

Come visit me, CONTESSA-It's hard to say goodbye to all my friends-So until we meet again---

5/9/2012 5:11:00 PM

Hi Sammie :-)

Great to hear from you! I'm glad to hear that you are doing well :-) WOW, you are already 30 pounds?! How big does your Mom think you'll be? I'm full grown and 40 pounds. I bet we'd have a blast playin together :-) Hugs and a vote ♥ Bella Boo Boxer :-)

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5/7/2012 11:07:17 AM

Hi Sammie,

Nice to hear from you! Wow 30 pounds you're growing so fast and I bet you are full of energy and get sidetracled easy. That's just being a puppy. Mom didn't think I'd ever slow down. Hope you had a nice weekend. We gotta run Mom has to be up at 6:00am to get ready for work and still wanna answer afew more blogs. BBS, Husky Hugs, Bella

Come visit me, * Bella* Thank You for DOTD and I accept the honor in memory of Meika and Rufus RIP My Friends

5/6/2012 5:59:21 PM

Hey Sammie girl.

You sure look beautiful! Glad to hear you are growing well...I think your mommy said 30 pounds of high energy puppy love...or something like that...heh heh. Ya know, you don't have to sit on kitties. I've found that my little feline sis makes a great hot water bottle & I let her snuggle with me all the time now (look at some pictures on my page for an example..heh heh) And I was so proud of PRECIOUS KITTY aka PK, she was COTD this week. Pretty Cool. Take care Sweet Sammie

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5/6/2012 12:35:28 PM

Hi Well I struck again. Thursday while Mom was getting her aunt's dinner ready and after I ate, she put me outside to go potty. Well Mom thought everything was ok, I was just walking around in the back yard then I was back by the deck where the grass is and when she opened the door I would pop up my head. So she thought ok, I'm just sniffing around. Well Mom was on the phone with my aunt Candy from work and Mom opened the back door again and saw that I was still in the same spot, so she came outside and saw what I had did. Then I heard this yelling at me and these words that I can't say but I can abbreviate. WTF are you doing, WTF. Well Mom came down the steps, still yelling at me while on the phone saying WTF, and guess what I did. I was digging under the deck to CHINA. I dug a hole sooo deep that I could fit my body under the deck. Boy was she mad. She went and got the shovel and rake and kept saying "Where is all the dirt. There is not enough dirt to fill the hole back in. Then I was so dirty that she wouldn't let me back in the house. So she got the hose and sprayed my feet and belly off. My feet were black from all the dirt. So on Friday after my ultrasound (which by the way was all normal, no kidney or bladder stones or tumors), Mom stopped at one of the nursery places on the way home and bought 40 pounds of dirt to fill in the hole. After that was done she then had to get the grass seed and sprinkle that down too. Then Friday at 4pm Mom told her aunt that she was going to the bank and she would be home in 15 minutes. Well when she got home, the old lady ratted me out. Aunt Helen said that I was attacking her and wouldn't get off of her and I wouldn't stop barking. Mom didn't see me when she came home and she asked where I was, and her aunt said that she locked me up in Mom's bedroom. There I was laying so peacefully on the bed looking so innocent. Well aunt Helen had no scratches on her or bite marks. Aunt Helen said she was a little afraid of me but she thought it was funny too. She knows that I would never hurt her. Then about 2:30 in the morning today, Mom's TV was still on and I started growling and looking up at the ceiling. I have to say that I scared Mom a little. She couldn't figure out what I was barking and growling at. It was the ceiling light fixture. Mom couldn't get me to stop growling so she shut the TV off and that took care of it. I couldn't see it anymore. And right now I am testing my Mom's patients. I am barking and barking at her. She said it is the kind of bark that rattles inside her head!! Must be from all that empty space. Ha Ha!! She is now chasing me around the house with a fly swatter and I now know that she is serious so I had better be good for the rest of the day. Well that's all for now, afterall I have a whole new week to get into trouble again. Hopie Too.

Come visit me, ♥ Angel Hope is Forever Loved ♥, Charity Rose, Faith † Remembering my Sissy †, Faith Alexandria, Hopie Too !!

5/6/2012 9:50:44 AM

happy Cinco de Mayo

you are sure getting bigger. we have a new pup here and at 3 months old he already weighs 35 pounds. he is going to be a bit bigger than you i think. hey i understand after seeing him that you have to get rid of some of that energy. i sure wish he did before i came out there. I just don’t know what I am going to do with mom. I mean it isn’t even summer yet and she is having a hard time with the heat. I am going to try to keep her in more often, but I doubt that is going to work. And I know I am not going to sacrifice my walk time either. Just don’t worry about us if we aren’t here for a few days. Mom has been busy doing major fish tank stuff with her big tank. But she thinks it is ok for a bit now. we have been super hot, high 80s and in the 90s. we don’t like it at all. We do have a chance of 70s coming this week. Boy will that be nice. Mom says Baby Louie(our new pup family member) is doing well. he is fitting in just fine. well I may like to disagree with that. he chases me when I go out to potty. What is up with that?? he is a quick learner thank goodness though. yesterday and today I got nice walks at the church field. Mom says she is going to take her camera there and video tape it soon. I also went to the Dollar store and Sams yesterday. Now you know I loved that. so much fun. But boy did it make me one tired pup. I am hoping mom is going to rest tomorrow morning so maybe some cuddling will be in store. How have you been recently? anything exciting going on? Did you have a good Cinco de Mayo? Mom made grilled salsa chicken tonight. A ton of it. some mild, some medium and some with nothing. I got the nothing and it is so good. I brought you some of the grilled plain chicken breasts. Hope you enjoy them. wishing you an awesome night and a blessed tomorrow. love, hugs, prayers and magical yorkie kisses, Rufus, momma Kay and Baby Louie PS mom is going to try to make our third page Louie’s page very soon.


5/5/2012 7:45:58 PM

Ronnie The Rooster

Hi Everyone! Hope you doing fine!This morning Daddy got a phone call from a neighbor. He left and came back with a rooster! I didn't even know what a rooster was! Prissy did though and she wanted to eat him but Daddy & Mommy wouldn't let her near Ronnie. A neighbor found Ronnie in his back yard. He had been used to fight. His back spurs had been taken off! When they fight roosters their spurs are removed and sharp steel ones are put on so they can kill their opponent. So now there's a rooster in our home! Our Saturdays are exciting! I love to hear Ronnie go cock a doodle do! Have a great night! Love ya

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5/5/2012 7:41:02 PM

Hello EveryFur♥ Delilah and Maggie coming by with a copy and paste. We are very sorry that we haven't been on. We were able to get on, and see ourselves in the DOTD window! We would like to thank everyone so much for that. It was a huge surprise for us. Anyway, back to the reason we haven't been on. Our aunts testing went fine. She is very sure that she did a wonderful job. The reason we haven't been on is because our aunt got in a fight at school. A girl had been touching on her boyfriend, and the girl said some hurtful things to our aunt. She has been a little depressed because her boyfriend is wanting to take a break from their relationship. Our aunt doesn't know if she is in big trouble with her dad or not. We are hoping for the best, but she understands that she did something wrong. We are doing great, getting bigger and bigger day by day. Our mom was going to send out aunt some pictures of us to put up, but our mom dropped her phone in the toliet! Yup, you heard right, the toilet. Hehe. That was a pretty new phone too. We haven't had an accident in the house in almost a week and a half. Which is good for us because we don't get in trouble for it. We love our home so much! Our mom said that she is happy she got us both because we would be lonely if she hadn't. Anyway, we wanted to stop by and tell everyone that we might not be on for awhile, depending on what punishment our aunt gets. We will miss everyone bunches! Have a wonderful few days, and we will be back as soon as we can! ♥ Delilah & Maggie

Come visit me, Delilah & Maggie♥ ((Offline))

5/5/2012 2:55:18 PM

5/5/2012 11:57:42 AM

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