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Hi Chance!

You're very cute. Here's a vote. Do you want to be friends? I hope so. Come see me sometime. Bark Back Later! ~Coconut~

Come visit me, Chewy, Coconut, Maggie, Max

4/20/2008 1:39:19 PM

hi chance

Do u play well with smaller dogs? I'm about 20 pounds & i'm a puggle. My mom, dad & I are moving out to Camden, NY within the month & I need some friends there. I have a sister (cat) and 2 brothers (guinea pigs) but they won't play with us if we do have a doggie play date. Just let me know!

Come visit me, Gizmo

2/18/2008 6:32:27 AM

Hi Chance

Hi I just voted for you. My name is Willow and I am a pretty new member. Please come visit and vote for me and my scrapbook. I also entered the Longest Tongue Contest pg 6 with a popsicle & Best Coat Contest pg 11, check it out, you can vote for me there too.If you ever need a vote for something or help with anything just let me know you can count on me. I hope we can be friends. Love Willow

Come visit me, Willow #42243

11/10/2007 1:43:19 PM


Hello, this is SCAR #5172, I am running for dog of the month in November. I'm starting to campaign now so I can reach as many dogs as I can. Mom said this is her last contest so I'd love to win for her. I'm asking you if you would make a note to yourself to remind you to vote for me every day in November. I know it's a lot to ask but it would mean so much. I do appreciate it! I will probably blog through the month here and there to remind people. Bark Bark

Come visit me, Sadie, SCAR & CHICO

10/26/2007 3:12:14 PM

Hi Chance

I am here to ask all the dogs on DC to have their mom's put their ID#'s beside their name under your photo. It makes it easier if others know your number so they can find you easily. I'm leaving you a vote, thanks so much. Your ID# is 396 in case you need to know.

Come visit me, Sadie, SCAR & CHICO

9/16/2007 6:32:09 AM

Hi Chance

Some of my friends told me about you so I thought I would stop by to say hello. They all say you look like me. Well come on by and see for yourself. I like making new friends. I see the Texas Trio is using your picture below on their page for 9/11. You sure look like a very patriotic pup. When you come to my page I have on the red, white and blue. So come on by and let's be friends. I left you a vote and lots of Eskie pawshakes. John Joseph♥

Come visit me, John Joseph †Missing Our Squinty†, Sadie♥In Memory of Angel Taylonnie

9/7/2007 9:11:48 AM

((( CHANCE )))

Hi Honey, we are three dogs on the dog channel that have their own pages plus a daily newspage .. we are decorating our page to honor 9/11 and wondered if we could use your cute picture carrying the flag below? Let us know!! Thanks so much!! HUGS! The Texas Trio Dogs

Come visit me, Angels Baby, CS & Franki, Kasi, Bella, Liddy, Meg, Josie, and Tinkerbell. (Trio Plus), Our Foster Dogs, Paws for Pawrayer, Rain Bow Bridge #5 - (JOY'S ♥ HEART), TEAM DOTD, TheTrio News, TRIO NEWS SPOTLIGHT - DC Friendships

9/6/2007 10:32:42 AM

You look just like JJ 23249

============== THURSDAY NEWS =============== HI, my name is Max, 34130. I am a 3 yo handsome Miniature Schnauzer from Plainfield, CT. I was rescued from a Pet Store into a loving wonderful home and family. They have been training me themselves to do lots of tricks!! My pet motto is: One bite for you the rest for me ~ Love your dog !! I'd love to have your dotd vote today!! Thanks!! Come read the News @ 28598. Hugs and our vote, Texas Trio.

Come visit me, Angels Baby, CS & Franki, Kasi, Bella, Liddy, Meg, Josie, and Tinkerbell. (Trio Plus), Our Foster Dogs, Paws for Pawrayer, Rain Bow Bridge #5 - (JOY'S ♥ HEART), TEAM DOTD, TheTrio News, TRIO NEWS SPOTLIGHT - DC Friendships

9/6/2007 10:31:03 AM

One of my best friends is an eskie too!

Hi Chance, my name is Junior and I'm a chow mix, I'm trying really hard to know everyone on dogchannel! I dropped by to say hello and ask if you wanted to be buddies. I really hope to hear from you sometime, just drop by my profile and talk a little about yourself. I left you a vote too! I'll be waiting for your blog,k, L8R. ~PAWS AND BARKS FROM UR NW BUDDY JUNIOR~

Come visit me, Junior (Away for now...)

7/25/2007 5:15:56 PM


Love the whitem fluffy, clean coat. You are also very patriotic! How lovely! Please visit our Help Page if you need, well, help. Here's a vote! (Could you please put your b-day/adoption day under the motto area? Thanks!)~Trigger and Lacy~

Come visit me, Angel Lacy(RIP- 6.12.09) and 'Ol Trigger Boy :), Nellie Boo- Thank-you Everyone for the prayers!

7/7/2007 4:47:51 PM

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