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I'm overwhelmed by the love shown to me by the DC! Thank you for the DOTD honors. Mom & I were so surprised. A huge thank you for the prayers for grandma. She is still in the hospital. We are cautiously optimist that she can come home tomorrow. Another chest x-ray will be done to see if it has changed. So far, there has been no change, but that also means it hasn't gotten worse. She is not exhibiting any signs of a punctured lung, which is also a good thing. The best news is that her pacemaker is working properly and that surgery site is looking good. The pacemaker paced her last night for quite a bit of time, so it is doing what it is supposed to do. I apologize that I have not gotten to all of you to thank you personally for my DOTD award, but my personal secretary is pretty busy right now, but I will try to do a few each night. Love & Shepherd hugs, Contessa



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Previous dog died shortly after cancer diagnosis. Had a big hole in my heart, went to breeder and Contessa crawled in my lap and stayed there-she picked me.Thanks Muffin, Brandon, & Peanut for Vote #1000 and for vote 1200.Thanks Peaka for vote 1600.Thanks Alabama Gang for vote 1700.Thanks Shelby for vote 1800.Thanks Riley & Chipper for vote 1900.Thanks Carly Knight for vote 2000Thanks Keshia for vote 2100 and 2200Thanks Takoda for vote 2300Thanks Misha for vote 2400Thanks Shotgun for vote 2500Thanks Rufus, Momma Kay & Baby Louie for vote 2700. Thanks Bella Boo for vote 3000 Thanks Dakota for vote 3500. Thanks Flurry for vote 3600. Thanks to Dakota for vote #3700. Special thanks to my mom for vote #3800. Thanks Kane for vote #3900 & #5200.Thanks Scooby for vote $4500. Thanks Muffin, Brandon, & Peanut for vote #4700. Thanks to the following who left milestone votes during my DOTM run: Melian - #5800, #6000 , #6500, & #6600; Nacho-#5600 & #6300; Alabama Trio - #5900; Gail - #6100, Wilbur Knight #6200, Oompa Loompa #7500 and Rusty & Ruger #7600, Thank you Harley for vote #7800 and T.J. for vote #7900.

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Hi Contessa

You are so beautiful. Mine name is Bindi & I'm a 3 yr old gsd too. My dad is Bambino & he is a 5 yr old gsd. Stop by & visit. We hope you put more pictures up.

Come visit me, BAMBINO, BINDI LEE, MAX (IN MEMORY OF 3/19/05), MORGAN (IN MEMORY OF 12/2/08) DOTD 4/3/12

5/20/2010 2:35:58 PM

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