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I AM SORRY THAT MOMMY & I HAVE NOT BEEN ON THE DC MUCH LATELY. MOMMY HAS BEEN WATCHING ZACHARY & NATALIE KAY ABOUT 3 DAYS A WEEK, & MOMMY HASN'T BEEN FEELING WELL SINCE LAST MONTH. HER R.A. HAS BEEN CAUSING HER SOME PAIN. SHE WOKE UP AT 3AM ON WEDNESDAY MORNING IN EXTREME PAIN & THE PAIN HASN'T LESSENED SINCE THEN. SHE WAS IN SO MUCH PAIN THAT SHE WAS NAUSEATED & VOMITING. MOMMY SAYS THAT SHE DOESN'T KNOW IF HER PD IS MAKING THE PAIN WORSE OR NOT, BUT EVEN HER PAIN PILLS DO NOT TAKE THE PAIN AWAY. WE HOPE THAT SHE WILL SOON FEEL WELL ENOUGH TO VISIT HERE, THE CC, & OTHER SITES. _____________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ OTHER WAYS TO CONTACT US: Mommy & I want to thank you for being our Dog Channel friend(s) and we hope that we will be able to stay friends when the DC closes. Presently, we are on Dogster idividually, and on Furry Families as Vkidwell, Pongo & SC (Stephens City Girls), & Daisy (our cat from the CC). Mommy has an account on FB as Vickie Anderson Kidwell and belongs to the DC page on there, and Mommy’s personal email is viclyn914@yahoo.com. Gaby has an account on FB as Gabriella Michelle "Gaby" Kidwell. Mommy might also sign us up on Your Pet, Petster, or another dog site later, but right now we understand that there is no longer a definite date that the DC will remove our pages. We definitely want to keep in touch with all of our DC friends! Love, Hope _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________I HOPE THAT ALL MY FRIENDS WILL BEAR WITH ME UNTIL MOMMY IS FEELING BETTER! THANK YOU FOR YOUR PATIENCE. LOVE, HOPE

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I wanted another Shih Tzu, had tried to get a rescue dog with no luck, and saw an ad in the paper advertising for her breeder. After hearing she was the only pup in her Mother's litter and her color and markings, and Sire's color and Mother's Marking, I knew she was meant for me because it was identical to Pongo's parents and birth. PLEASE KEEP THE DOG ANGELS IN YOUR HEARTS AND PRAYERS! GOD, Please heal our sick friends and those we have lost, comfort their families, & give them strength - Amen. PLEASE PRAY FOR PONGO . . . She is part of the SC GIRLS, along with GABY and ARIAL and ANGEL. DOTD IN 2010 AND JUNE 2, 2013

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