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thanks everyone for birthday wishes. Me and my angel siblings are having a grand celebration here at rainbow bridge. pittie kisses


Angel Bolt #222757

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some neighbors dogs had puppies they kept one gave the rest away. No one wanted Bolt. They were going to take him to the pound and have him put to sleep. So sucker that I am came to the rescue.

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Hi Bo

Good job on leaving those nasty dogs alone. I probably would have been scared and hid behind Mom's legs. We have been pretty lucky on our walks. We've had dogs run up to us, but most of the time they are pretty nice. Mom always makes sure to protect me though. Good Mom. bol!! Leaving you a vote. Kisses, Shotgun

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2/28/2012 6:22:57 PM

Hi Bolt!

Wow, that's great you behaved so well for your mom! Hope you had a nice day :) Muffin had a therapy visit, and after that got to go play with a Yorkie friend, Sam. Well, about Brandon getting into things while no one is home, mom says if it keeps happening that she'll just muzzle him while everyone is gone. He can still drink (and even bark) through it, but he can't chew or bite...and won't have to be kept in a crate. There's a snow storm coming today, around 6 inches total! Hopefully we can get some nice snow pics before it melts :) Left a vote, *hugs* Muffin, Brandon and Peanut

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2/28/2012 6:05:17 PM

Hi Bo

You were such a good boy to ignore those naughty doggies.I bet your mommy was so proud of you ! I went for a walk, it was pretty chilly out, but I really wanted to walk and see my friends. It was fun. Tomorrow there's a big winter storm coming so I'll be inside where it's warm and cozy. Have a fun rest of the day. Tail Wags, Fiona

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2/28/2012 1:43:23 PM

Hey Bo....

I think it is wonderful that Moma has found you have such a great even disposition. There is always that fear that with other dogs....especially the barking, snapping little buggers there could be a dog fight. Good for you Bolt!! Very proud & happy you passed that test with flying colors! Sorry we were amongst the missing as they say for the last couple of days but Daddy has been ill. We took him to the doctor on Friday where he was told he has sinusitis and a sinus infection. He got 2 meds there. He wasn't much better by Monday so Moma marched him back & now it has gone into asthmatic bronchitis and he has 3 more meds. He had a chest x-ray also to see how bad it is but we haven't heard anything yet. Moma tried talking to a friend on the phone today but couldn't because then she starts coughing. Her eyes/nose is running & she is coughing but she is in the better shape although her ribs hurt from all the coughing. Daddy is feeling better today because one of his meds is Prednisone. Our weather is close to 60 warm & sunny. Moma says its a darn shame they both feel so down because outside its really nice. I have been trying to take care of them both but I am just one lone dog. So much to do and so little time. I am being a good girl though and trying to snuggle with first one and then the other. It's a hard job but someone has to do it.....hugs LilyPup

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2/28/2012 11:35:27 AM

Hi ya Bo

Oh just let the other ones look at ya funny. They don't know that you're a "great hunter of the laser light". I too am a "great hunter of the laser light". That thing drives me COOCOO!!! You sure were a good boy for momma when you didn't get mad at those snarling pups. Good Boy Bo! Riley would have been a good boy too, ME....not so much! I would have fought back. I think it's a CHI THING! Gotta watch out those CHIS!!!! heehee Have a great day big guy, and keep an eye out for the LASER LIGHT THINGY!!! BOL!! Woofs Chipper the GREAT LASER LIGHT HUNTER TOO!!

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2/28/2012 4:17:04 AM

Good Night!

Hope you had a great Monday! It was 72 degrees and just beautiful! Sweet Dreams! Love ya!

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2/27/2012 10:33:55 PM

Hey there, Bolt!

Thank you for stopping by my page today. You were a really good boy! GOOD FOR YOU!! We are so proud of you, too! You are learning so well and listening to your Mom. More dogs could take a lesson from you! That isn't fun when it rains and we don't get our walks. But I guess we need rain some times. Those days are boring though, because Mom does some work in the house. Speaking of rain, we are supposed to get some tomorrow and Wednesday. Thursday is supposed to be nice so we hope to go to the park. And then again on Sunday. I love going to the park!! It was a nice day here today. It was in the mid 60's and sunny. Just perfect!! Mom had to go into town so I got a ride! YAY!! Then she decided to go get some potting soil, so that was another ride! YAY!! Twice in one day! WOOHOO!! After that, I helped Mom outside by watching her. I was good and didn't even need to be told today to stay by her and not go in the woods! I do not want her talking about the leash! BOL! She told me that she was so proud of me today. I like that! Mom planted two new Rose Bushes and about 30 Onion Bulbs. She also got the right size cap for the top of the new Bird Feeder pole that she made out of some galvanized pipe, put it on, painted it, repainted the pole and put it back in the auger thing that holds it. We were outside until dark. It felt so good to be outside! We might get some rain tomorrow and on Wednesday, so it was a good day to get out there. Now it is time to play with the kitties. Hope you had a great day! BBS. Left you each a vote and lots of sweet Golden Kisses...

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2/27/2012 6:30:36 PM

Hi Bolt

Thanks for stopping in. Let me know if you get one mommy would not let us chats any thing. Vote my friend stop in any time.

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2/27/2012 12:05:40 PM

Hi Bolt!

We're back on DC!! Sorry it's been so long :( At first with our laptop crashing...then we've just been so busy lately that nothing online has gotten done. Tomorrow since we don't get on DC Mondays usually, we'll try to be on with another c/p just to get on. Well, for our update, Brandon has been getting into a lot of trouble lately. He's knocked over the garbage 2 or 3 more times, so mom always has to make sure it's not within Golden Retriever reach when everyone is gone. Then when he can't get to the garbage, he's been looking for and chewing up any boxes he can find. He managed to get a box of bottle caps (the candy) off the counter and ate the whole thing!! Since he found that candy comes in boxes, he's also ripped up a kleenex box and a few others. Mom already tried giving him more food/exercise, but he just isn't stopping. Anyone have other suggestions? Mom really doesn't want to have to keep him in a crate while we're gone but he just isn't stopping. Hopeully you've had a nice week. We missed you! *hugs* Muffin, Brandon and Peanut

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2/26/2012 5:19:59 PM

Hi Bolt

We haven't had any more snow since that one where we took pictures and it only lasted for that 1 day! BUMMER!! We went to Grandma's and Aunt Mindi's yesterday and Maya met Aunt Mindi, her cat Tuffy, her son (our cousin) Jeremy and his 2 year old daughter, Autumn, for the first time! She was really good and she stayed REAL close to Mommy all day! Now I was a different story! I was everywhere! The maintenance man came to fix the shower, me and Autumn had to check it out! The just me! I had to get on Grandma's bed and look out the window! I stood up at the window and looked out. I checked out the cat toys and stole Autumn's toys. I had to go out several times cause I wanted to smell around (I did pee a couple of times , too). Then the really funny thing I did eas decide to run into Grandma's room, turn, run back into the livingroom around a little table with a BUNCH of breakable stuff sitting on it, turning on a dime (Quarter horses eat your hearts out), and back into the bedroom increasing my speed as much as I could EVERY time I ran the course. I was practicing in case Mommy ever wants to teach me agility courses! Mommy thought I was crazy and Daddy said I was a Butt-head! Mommy was horrified cause she just knew Grandma's nice glass display was going to be shattered and pieces for a mosaic at any time. Daddy kept telling Mommy to do something about me. He said where was the training we paid a fortune for because I wasn't listening. In a little bit I stopped and Jeremy stopped laughing! When we left Maya trotted down the steps pretty as you please. I, on the otherhand, wanted to make sure Daddy made it down the steps so I pulled and he kept trying to make sure I didn't trip Mommy who was in front of us. At the bottom of the stairs, I pulled left, I pulled right, I tried to go forward, Daddy kept reminding me I was supposedly a 2 course graduate! Mommy offered to trade dogs and DADDY TRADED!! he told Mommy "here, make him do the stuff we paid a fortune for"!, and he took Maya and they went to the car. Mommy fought with me trying to make me focus, sit, heel walk nicely and not act like an idiot to the amusement of no less than 3 carloads of people that pulled in to the parking lot! At last, we made it to the car. I was exhausted, Mommy was aggravated, Daddy was not happy with either me OR Mommy (he mumbled something about wasting money and not taking me anywhere anymore) and I slept most of the way home in Mommy's lap while Maya sat in the back seat! What a full day that was! Well I better stop babbling and barking your ears off cause Some of us are tailless breeds, but I don't know any earless ones and you will look funny without your ears!! BOL! Left a vote, Puppy Kisses and Tail Wags, Chewie So I don't get barked at and accused of being a Butt-head again, Maya send Cairn Cuddles and her love!!

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2/24/2012 11:26:39 AM

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