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Miss you all! Sorry Mom has been so busy. We've had some exciting travels; I'll bark at Mom to share pics....


VIXEN  *Miss You DC Friends!*

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Mom & Dad had a 2 year old Pittie mix named Blitzen already, and for the last year or so they were contemplating the idea of finding him a little sister. Finally the time was right to make the commitment & Mom went on to look for a little girl Pittie Pup. She thought she found one at a shelter 40 minutes away, but when she got there the pup she saw advertised was too small for her age to be a good sister to Blitzen, he's an 80 lb toughie! So Mom asked to see some other puppies that might be Pitties. I came running right up to the front of my cage when I saw her come up! I was really excited, trying to get her to play with me! I could tell right away Mom really liked me & wanted to take me home, but first she asked my caretaker a lot of ?'s about me & waved her hand in front of me to make sure I would pay attention so I'd be trainable. Mom saw that I'm an aloof little clown. The shelter said I came in as a stray and I'm about 4 months old. Mom thinks I may be a bit younger- we'll find out at my first vet appt. I'm most likely a mix of APBT and a taller breed like a doberman Mom & Dad say; because I have long gangly legs for a Pittie! Mom took me home and Dad fell in love with me too.....and I even convinced Blitzen that little sisters are a good thing! Now I have to work on those cats....

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Hi Vixen

I am confused, YES AGAIN! I know it happens a lot, doesn't it? This time its about humans and Movies. When they were here Saturday Aunt Karen and Uncle Bob and my Pawrents watched a movie called Case 39. It's a scary movie! They were talking about how great it is to get really jumpy and scared at a movie. Mommy said she loves to scare herself with movies. Are they nuts? Who WANTS to be scared? If she gets scared when she isn't watching a movie she doesn't think it's so much fun! What's the difference? She's still scared it just isn't by somebody like Johnny Depp or Hayden Christensen! BOL! I guarantee you if Daddy jumped out at her and chased her around with a kitchen knife or a chainsaw, she wouldn't think it was fun! and Daddy would be in a heap of trouble!! You realize that these humans pay money to be scared! They tell us to calm down and some of us get Thundershirts to wear in a storm so we WON'T be scared because being scared is a bad thing and not fun so they try to keep us from being scared. They will sleep with lights on, train some of us to be watch dogs, put in expensive alarm systems, travel in numbers, stay on the beaten path, all kinds of things to keep from being afraid of something whether it is being robbed, lost or just alone! Then they turn around and pay money ( a lot of it, I might add) to buy movie tickets or dvds and blurays or PPV on tv to watch something that scares the bejeebies out of them...where is the sense in that?! I am tellin ya, they are loving and sweet and I wouldn't trade them for all the chew sticks in anyplace but China, but they are a LITTLE unbalanced, okay nuts!! What do you think? Is it just me? Gotta go its quiet again and I can't see what they are up to. I tell ya it's a 24/7 job! Talk to ya later. PuppyDog Kisses and Tail Wags, Chewie Cairn Cuddles, Maya

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3/19/2012 8:06:29 PM

Sweet Vixen :-)

Your new pics are pawesome! 37 pounds?!?! you are just a couple of pounds away from me! Bol, Dad used to weigh me the same way, holding me while he stood on the bathroom scale and subtract his weight, then I started to get waaaay too squirrely to do it that way and they ordered me my own scale. I love to get on it :-) That's one of the ways I ask for a carrot. Hugs and a vote :-) ♥ Bella :-)

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3/19/2012 9:22:27 AM

Oh Vixen! How Funny!

On the coffeetable??!! Bahahaha I Love It! Speaking of loving it, I love your new profile picture. You look beautiful. Absolutely gorgeous!! On Tuesday Daddy has to take Mommy into the city for her doctors appointment. There is construction going on there. It's a good thing Daddy knows where the doctors office is. If not, they would have to leave for the appointment on Monday to make sure they were there on Tuesday! hehehe See Daddy is notorious for taking his famous "shortcuts" which quite often end up taking twice as long and every once in a while, he ends up somewhere he never intended to be! Of course he never admits to Mommy that he never meant to be where they are OR that he has no clue where they are. Now he doesn't ALWAYS get lost, sometimes he does just fine! When he DOES get lost, forget about asking for directions. The ONE time Mommy convinced him to stop and go into a convenience store at night to find out how to get where they were going,(just Mommy's luck) the guy spoke broken English and said he wasn't from there and didn't know where anything was!! So much for stopping for directions!! Mommy asks him about using the GPS system....Daddy says it's at home in the library in the desk!! Mommy says a lot of good the GPS does in the desk. Shouldn't they take it in the car when they go someplace? Daddy says he doesn't want someone to steal it!! Bah hahaha That is hilarious, a GPS for the car you leave at home so nobody steals it!!! BOL!! Anyway, Daddy won't be taking any "shortcuts" to the doctor's office so they should be okay with me at home. I will of course worry about them and so will Maya because they really need us to keep an eye on them like we have already established in previous blogs. The thing is, you have to let them off-leash once in a while so they can stretch their legs, ya know? If they don't come back in a reasonable length of time then we will have to rethink the little bit of freedom thing and revisit the ID Tag idea we discussed before!! Have a great day tomorrow and wish us luck on the "outing" on Tuesday. Pawrents! you gotta love 'em! PuppyDog Kisses and Tail Wags, Chewie Cairn Cuddles, Maya

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3/18/2012 8:22:49 PM

Vote 330!

Quick c/p! Then some personal blogging. Just wanna clean up our pages quickly! Lately the weather has been GREAT. The past week, only ONE day was below 60. In fact, today it's going to get up to 70! One of Onyx and Domino's puppies, Sahara, is being fostered by my grandma. Pretty exciting. She's been getting daily walks with Gotti, so they're becoming GREAT friends. I'm hoping Gotti's owner will adopt her. :D Will post pictures to Gotti and Lobo's profile after the blogs are done. I adopted a Yorkie. Her name is Promise. My friend has her here on DC on her own account. Her owner's surrendered her cuz they didn't want her anymore. I walked in, saw her and she reacted to me. Came right up to me. People at the shelter said she had just came in that morning and didn't approach anyone. So I adopted her on the spot. My bunny, Jester McChester passed away. :( She caught a respiratory infection and, despite the antibiotics the vet gave her, it destroyed her respiratory infection. Along with her my turtle, Yo-Yo passed away, too! Don't know WHAT'S going on. But, just yesterday morning Promise ran away at about 9am. And we didn't find her until 4pm! Then again this morning when I went to get the mail, she ran off again. I kicked off my sandals and chased her all around the corner and caught her. Silly Promise. Gotta keep a close eye on her from now on!! Kevin is still a whistling little feller. Hehehe. That's about all! Momma was always taught that sharing is caring! But maybe not illnesses like kennel cough. Heehee! You're such a smart girl! Look at you bringing the paper to Momma. :) Good to know that you got your big girl surgery done and you're well and kicking! Oh, that's neat! You and Blitzen can share b-day pawties, then! Momma wishes she can do that with us. But... She can't. BOL! Onyx's bday is in July. Lobo's is in September. And Promise's is in February. Pfft! So separate bday pawties all year long! Hahaha!! It's okay, though. Momma doesn't mind. :) Bark soon, pretty girl! Love, Gotti♥ .

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3/13/2012 11:08:24 AM

Hi Vixen

I am really getting the hang of this treadmill thing! The running is pretty fun , but you can't stop or slow down cause when youy do, you go backwards and it dumps you off in the floor! You run and run but you never get anywhere! Have you guys ever been on a tread mill? Well if you have you will know what I am talking about and if you haven't, prepare to be enlightened! It is like one of those checkout lanes in the store, but the opposite. In the checkout lane the thing they call a conveyor belt brings stuff forward towards the front. This treadmill keeps pushing you to the back which makes you walk, trot or run just to stay in the same place. Humans call this a workout. I agree with the "work" part because it isn't easy to keep running at the same speed without stopping or changing direction. That IS work! It is the "out" part I have a problem with. You run and run and you don't even get across the darn room much less outside! It must be another one of those dumb human sayings that make no sense. Humans say such silly things sometimes. We were watching tv one time and this guy was talking about having a cup of "joe". It looked like coffee to me and believe me, I know what coffee looks like because Mommy drinks a lot of it. Besides no guy named Joe would fit in a coffee cup! I will admit, that Humans seem to have become somewhat more intelligent in their sayings over the years. We don't hear anybody saying that something is the "bees knees" or the "cats meow". They do still say things like "Snug as a bug in a rug" or "happy as a lark" or even "happy as a clam" you see a pattern here? They are obsessed with animals! And honestly, have you ever seen a clam smile? I am going to have to do some research here on some of this stuff. I tell you, not only are our Mommys and Daddys great to have around to love us, they can really be kind of a challenge to figure out when you think about it. Very different from us who say what we mean. If a dog growls at you, I guarantee he isn't asking for a kiss! Well I'm gonna go in the library here and see if Mommy has any books that can shed some light on this.... and as soon as I learn to read, I'll check them out! PuppyDog kisses and Tail Wags, Chewie And also, Cairn Cuddles, Maya

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3/12/2012 8:27:47 PM

you are getting big fast! LOVE those videos of you and Blitzen! ~*~*~*~SORRY FOR THE C/P TONIGHT~*~*~*~ Mom is currently in the hospital right now with dad. He had an asthma attack last night and he went to ER. They had to admit him b/c they had him on oxygen and he still was having a hard time breathing. Today he is doing much better but still a slight wheeze in his chest. They found out today with bloodwork he was low on phosherous an magnesium...they gave him IV fluids of the stuff. The Chest x-rays were clear. Please keep your paws crossed b/c I really miss my mommy and daddy...We are being cared for by our human brother...luckly its Spring Break now and he will be home for a bit until he goes to Tennis and Band camp! have a great night and bark with you soon **BLUE**

Come visit me, **BLUE** & Texas Pit Crew

3/11/2012 8:34:15 PM

Hi Vixen!

Today we went to Petco so I could pick out my birthday present from Mommy and Daddy. When we got there my trainer I had for my classes came up to greet us and asked if she could borrow me and then she borrowed Maya, too and we helped her with the class. Isn't that cool? We were helping TEACH! I picked out a red and black spider squeaky toy,that is the "indestructibles" brand, hehe we'll see about that! Then Aaron, the trainer that is going to be giving tricks classes talked to Mommy and he is going to teach not only me but Maya too! and we are going to be in the class all by ourselves! We start on Sunday the 25th at Petco. First we are going to Yappy Hour then we have class after that! Yay! Maya is so excited to be going to school with me. All she ever got to do before was watch me and the others.She did that wiggle butt dance of hers all over the place! This afternoon I walked on the treadmill.Yes,you heard me right, a treadmill ! Aaron told Mommy that using a treadmill for me would probably work real good to help me get some of my energy out. He told Mommy how to teach me to walk on it and get past any fear of it. Maya needs to lose about 4 or 5 pounds so Mommy wants her to learn it too so she gets more exercise. I did much better than Maya cause she is kind of afraid of it more than me. I finally did pretty good and Mommy thinks we will learn to do it, especially me, and then I will be a work out guru! WooHoo! I gotta tell ya a funny on Daddy. Tonight he was in the kitchen helpin Mom after supper and he hears the news guy talkin about the Rams on tv so he goes scuttle buttin' in and sits down in his chair and is watchin the tv. Now Mom gets what she was doin done and says to Dad, "I thought you were starting the coffeepot" He says "I did" Mom looks at it and says "well crap, you did but the pot's not under the coffeemaker!" BOL!! Bah Hahaa He has the coffeemaker going without the pot. What a big overflow mess THAT would have been! Mommy runs over and got the problem fixed...Good thing she said somethin to him. At least THIS time it really WOULDN'T have been MY fault!! I think someday I'll write a book. Can you see me at a Barnes and Noble Book Pawing, wouldn't that be a hoot? Gotta go cause tonight, instead of Mommy (she hasn't fallen or anything all day) - like I was saying, tonight, instead of Mommy, I gotta keep my eye on Dad! PuppyDog Kisses and Tail Wags, Chewie And...Cairn Cuddles from Maya, too!

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3/10/2012 7:45:34 PM

Hi Vixen

I like to blog. The only problem is it takes so doggone much time. Mommy says I am a ham and like tyo write my stories and I should just write a book! BOL Can you see me at a Book Pawwing at Barnes and Noble? hehe Maya just nominated me for DOTM for June. I said it was okay, but I don'y have a clue what to do, so I am nervous. I guess I will do okay..... Mommy and Daddy took some of Mommy's jewelry she doesn't wear any more in to the resale shop in town today then went to the movies to see Act of Valor about the Navy Seals.When they were leaving the resale shop, they were in the parking lot at the car and Daddy opened the drivers door and got in. Mommy started around the back of the car to get in the riders side and she fell face first down on her hands and knees. She's sprawled out as another car drives by and the driver looks at her. She gets herself up and opens the door and the following conversation takes place. Mom: "Dont worry, I'm okay. I am not really hurt." Dad: "Where'd you go?" Mom: "Face first on the parking lot" Dad: "You fell?" Mom: "Yes" Dad: "I wondered where you'd gone. I looked up and you had disappeared so I thought maybe you went to talk to somebody" Bah hahahah BOL!!! Now REMEMBER, this all happened between him getting in and looking over to the other side, a matter of SECONDS!! She was no where to be seen anywhere in the parking lot she had just vanished! and he thought she went to talk to someone.....he actually saw her, looked at the door handle and opened the door, looked up and she was GONE! And it didn't occur to him something was WRONG!Mommy thought that was hilarious!!! It didn't occur to him that it was strange for her to just dissappear in a split second and to go look for her. He just sat there. Mommy's hands are scraped and sore and her knee is sore. The muscles in her arms kind of hurt from the jarring of breaking her fall on the concrete. Mommy wonders why she has started falling here lately. First in Target. Then in Petco. Now in the parking lot.She is going to get a reputation! She said the stores are gonna start holding the doors shut to keep her out when they see her coming! BOL! See why we ALWAYS try to go with them? They just can't be trusted to go out alone.They think its cause we just want to go for the fun of it. Really, its cause she's a disaster waiting to happen and he is oblivious to the world around him and doesn't have a clue!! hehe Humans. When they are first born, they have to be supervised and taken care of. Then they get older and THEY supervise and take care of little ones, then they get older and WE have to supervise and take care of them.....what a strange bunch of characters. That old poem that females used to like about a woman's work never being done should be like this instead: A human works from sun to sun But a Puppydog's work is never done!! BOL! Well I have to go tend to Mommy and keep an eye on her. PuppyDog Kisses, Tail Wags & Cairn Cuddles, Chewie & Maya

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3/9/2012 8:42:44 PM


mom used to not watch Idol because she was always so busy, now she isnt, hehe. mom just loves being able to see her man Steven Tyler. dont ask me why though, hehe. Mom and oma thought about us going to the library park today. but me and mom were just too tired. Mom says we will go tomorrow. very nice day here today. cool and sunny. Think it is going to be more of the same tomorrow. that is about all we have planned for tomorrow and the weekend. Do you have big weekend plans? Mom made Jack Daniels salmon for the folks tonight so I grabbed some of it for you. and mom made cheesy biscuits for her, feta, cheddar and parmesan cheese, yum. Hope you enjoy them too. wishing you a wonderful night and an awesome weekend. Love, hugs, prayers and magical yorkie kisses, Rufus and momma Kay


3/9/2012 7:38:45 PM

Hi Sweet Vixen :-)

I get weighed once a week at home :-) Mom and Dad bought a digital dog scale online so that they can keep track of my weight. At first I was afraid of the scale but they trained me to get on it with yummy babby carrots. Now when I want to ask for a carrot I go and get on my scale :-) I think I trained THEM! Bol! Hugs and a vote :-) ♥ Bella ps, it's best not to bark unless you have something important to say! oxox

Come visit me, Bella #178688 DC MEMBER SINCE May 20, 2010

3/9/2012 9:05:22 AM

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