Besito wishing you a Happy Fall!!

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Besito wishing you a Happy Fall!!

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D.A.E.E.R.S. I was shopping for a dog, and on the internet when I came across her bio and picture. She was a rescued dog. Jayne McCullough was a state dog rescuer and decided to take possession of Besito. When Jayne hurt her knee she knew it would no longer be fair to Besito,(with all her energy) for her to keep her. After searching for the perfect person to take her baby that she had for the past 3 years, we found each other. It has been one of the biggest blessings of both both mine and Jayne's life.After all Besito was like a family member to Jayne and she wanted the best for her. Besito means the world to me. She has brightened the lives of not only me, but th rest of my family as well.

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Nip Nip

Hi Besito, just checking on you and mama. Spring is in the air along with a wind that could blow us to your house! the pond is covered with geese and ducks. Maybe you can help us get them. We run to the pond and they swim to the farthest side -- so we run all the way around and guess what they do -- YUP, they just swim back where they started! Two hours of running from one side of the pond to the other makes for very tired banana beaks. BOL Mama loves us that way too. Hope the wind dries up the water holes. hehehe Well mom hopes it does. Doesn't bother us at all. Lilacs, Forsythia, Pussy Willows, and Service Berries are getting BIG buds now. Daffodils, Iris, Crocus, and Tulips are all showing! YIPPEE Looks like all the new strawberries wintered well too! WE are all so excited for Spring to rule! Mom did have a slight pang of dread though when Dad and Grmp came home with 200 pounds of seed potatoes! Why plant them when we can just eat the seed tators? Men!, what were they thinking? LOL Have a great day. hugs & prayers ~~ Luke n Dutch

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3/11/2009 8:38:03 AM


Hello friends! I am a laid-back dog that loves attention! I love to go for walks and hunt wild animals in my yard. Most people would never guess my mother was a full bred beagle. I vote daily for the dogs running for DOTD & DOTM and for my friends in BIS. If I was to earn the DOTM badge, it would truly be an honor since I will be celebrating my 11th birthday this May. I feel very blessed to be in such good health. Thanks to all my friends and I hope to meet many new ones throughout this month. Love always~Ginger

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3/10/2009 7:02:09 PM

Hi Besito

We hope you will be able to come to our party on sunday!. LOLA AND EINY.


3/9/2009 9:20:05 PM

~:*:~Sick Call Updates~:*:~

It was so sweet to hear from you. It has been so long and I don't remember all my friends from when I first joined. I remember some and you are one of them. I remember when it was Mattie (I think) that was attacked by a dog and Nikki almost got it. ~*~ I am doing good and mom is giving me a pain pill only once a day. I continue to go for my walks passing where I was attacked with no problems. Mom and Dad seems to think I am mentally and physically fine in that area where I was attacked with no hesitations. Mom and dad are glad about that. ~*~ Casey's kitty sister Nudy's 3476 drain tube quit draining and she is doing good. She goes to the vet on Sunday to have the dain tube removed. Her momma is still force feeding her baby food. ~*~ Mom likes her dial up high speed as things are running faster today. ~*~ Here's a vote for you. Hugs, CARLY

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3/7/2009 5:04:26 PM

2313 ~:*:~Hello Besito~:*:~

Well, it's been awhile since I came to see you. How is everyone feeling???? I miss hearing from you. Well, there's nothing new to report today. Dad took me for a few walks. He walked and I hobbled on three legs as my one front leg was hurting. Mom and dad thinks it's arthritis. Come check out my new profile photo mom just posted. Here's a vote for you. Hugs, CARLY

Come visit me, ♥CARLY KNIGHT #11000♥ Forever Sleep 9-15-1998 to 1-18-2013, WILBUR KNIGHT #260132 :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: VOTE RBB SCOOBY #176110 ~ JULY 2016 DOTM :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: 7/19/2016 Thankx Sheba #254588 for vote #8700

2/8/2009 7:53:44 PM

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2/4/2009 2:55:26 PM

Hello All

I'm back!!!!! love, your girl,Besito

Come visit me, Besito wishing you a Happy Fall!!, MM, Nikki

1/29/2009 11:50:25 PM

We are alive and gettting well

We've had quite a time of it over the last several months .. but things are looking better now. We miss our friends. Pam and Besito

Come visit me, Besito wishing you a Happy Fall!!, MM, Nikki

1/28/2009 6:38:55 AM


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12/28/2008 8:51:25 PM

nippin Christmas Blessings & Prayers

Besito, we continually lift your mama n Gram in our prayers. Taking advantage of a lull in activity to deliver our wish for you from our hearts: May you have a Christmas Full of many gifts-- The gifts of health and wealth of warmth, of peace of comfort and joy and of the love of family and friends May this be the best Christmas You have yet known And may you have many, many more! Merry Christmas ~~ Collie kids n mom

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12/18/2008 8:06:54 PM

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