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Neighbors had a Golden Retriever across the street when I moved into the neighborhood.I had Sheltie's up to that point,never thinking of having or managing a larger breed. I am hooked on Golden's now:) YOU CAN CALL US ...GOLDEN TRIO; SNOW BUDDIES; SANTA PAWS; BEACH BUMS and BENNY & THE JETS...JUST DON'T CALL US LATE FOR DINNER..HEE HEE!

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Hi Buddies

That's to bad. Dads laptop has verizon. He has 5 GB. and has never used more than half even when Mom uses it when we are camping. Speaking of camping we are going to try to camp & fish on the 7th. One of these times we have to hit good weather. Suppose to be in the 70's now so maybe Mom will set up our pool. She is almost caught up on cleaning up the gardens. Rain slowed her down. What else could she possibly have to do. Rusty is getting anxious. He swam every day last year. Left silent votes for your angels & 1 for you 3. Have a great weekend. Good luck with your GBs

Come visit me, Brandi -, Dani, Rusty & Ruger, Sammy-

5/31/2012 10:35:28 AM

Hi Sweet Friends!

Our GB's have been used up, so we are at the lodge restaurant. Power is is almost gone on the laptop...quick blog!! We will go to Telus on Monday, Mommy's next appt day in Ottawa. Hopefully we can get a good price for more GB's. We were swimming again yesterday and had a pawsome time. It has turned cool, so no swims for a bit. In the 60's..what a difference! We won't be answering blogs till next week. Will just vote DOTM for Chewie in June and the Modern Dog Contest for Boomer and Lorna Doone. Hope you have a wonderful weekend! Hugs and love from Beach Bums Brie,Tyler,Bentley and Auntie Sandy

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5/31/2012 10:24:33 AM

Tyler, Brie and Bentley

I don't have much time tonight for blogging! Don't ya just love those Doggie Movies? I do! If ya stay tuned, all month long, I will be telling you about Doggie Movies during my run for DOTM! I sure hope ya all vote for me because winning would just mean the world to me. PuppyDog Kisses and Tail Wags, Chewie Cairn Cuddles, Maya

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5/30/2012 8:16:43 PM

howdy gang

so good to hear from you. we loved the smilebox. yep mom is having withdrawals. she is having a hard time without either her man or Maks. we were glad Philip won too. so glad you are all settled in there. it looks really great at your new home!! oh yep that was mom's cake. i even had a tiny bit of the icing. How are you tonight? We had another hot one here. we did get out and about though. so we went to the church field and that was so nice. And we went to the dollar store too. I love it there. I have a special friend there that always makes sure mom gets me a toy. She just got a new min pin pup. We got some fried chicken at popeyes while we were out. well mom forgot that chicken has started upsetting my tummy now a days too. so I got a huge bowl of it. skinless of course. But it didn’t take long till I was really sick. It was a bad one today. mom gave me meds, but she had to spend a large portion of the afternoon sitting with me. mom and oma have decide I cant have any kind of meat except my turkey at night. Not fair. But I guess I would rather do without than be as sick as I was today. mom has a few things to do tomorrow, but she does hope to have more computer time. we will see. We didn’t get any rain today at all. But we did get some last night. I sure hope we get it tomorrow or mom says she will really have to water. I have some chicken for you tonight. And of course a vote too. Wishing you a wonderful night and a terrific tomorrow. love, hugs, prayers, puppy slobbers and magical yorkie kisses, Rufus, momma Kay and Baby Louie


5/30/2012 8:06:45 PM

Day 30 of our DOTM Run Fun Dog Facts Dogs can smell about 1,000 times better than humans. While humans have 5 million smell-detecting cells, dogs have more than 220 million. The part of the brain that interprets smell is also four times larger in dogs than in human Thanks so much for the love, support and votes. Don't forget the dogs that are running for DOTD, they sure would appreciate your votes. Also if you have time our friends on the other channels also have there furbabies running for there May of the month badges BOTM-Trillian 186056 COTM-Mike 161232 HOTM-Texas 209066(Maggie is his dog sis on DC) HOTM-Shadowfax 49806 THEY WOULD ALSO APPRECIATE IF YOU CAN RUN OVER WITH A VOTE FOR THEM WE JUST REALIZED THAT WE DON'T HAVE IN HERE THAT WE ARE LEAVING YOU A VOTE ALSO DAILY!!!!!!!!!

Come visit me, ., .., ..., ...., ....., ///, /////, Tennessee Pride

5/30/2012 4:20:08 PM


Hi Brie, Tyler, & Bentley, here is a vote. Thank you so much guys! We appreciated your prayers. Glad you like my pictures, I do right back at you 3!! Hehe! Hope you had a wonderful Memorial Day and hope you are having a nice week :) All is well here. Mom's Gma, the one in the hospital, made it out and home safely!! So thankful. Mom and her brother both have been sick, but got through that too. We are once again back on track, ready to go. How have you been? Did you have a nice weekend? Love you so much! Thank you all for helping me reach 4000 votes, it means a lot. Met lots of new and amazing friends :) Thanks to my Shiloh buddy, Takoda, for leaving that vote milestone too! SB

Come visit me, SashaBelle

5/30/2012 2:57:30 PM

Picking up your avatar now and leaving a vote. Good luck!

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5/30/2012 1:26:36 AM

I've been really busy working on a hotm campaign for Shadowfax. Sorry I haven't stopped by in awhile! I thought you might have a nice avatar for the summer contest and I see that I'm right! Leaving a vote for you. I hope you're getting all settled in!

Come visit me, Adored 4, Ember, Melian (In Loving Memory), Tiny (Forever in my heart)

5/30/2012 1:26:33 AM

Hi Beach Bums & Auntie Sandy

I had a wonderful first Memorial Day. I ran with the big dogs. We had 2 acres of fenced yard. It was fun but I was so tired that I slept all night. Mommy was sure happy about that. It sounds like your day was a fun one. I bet you like swimming where there isn't any of those gator things. We loved your smilebox. You all looked so happy. We like those smiling faces. Benny sure can jump. He looked like he was flying. We wish you could come visit for a day also. You could teach me lots of things. I mean Golden things not little dog things. I hope your all having sweet dreams tonight. Enjoy tomorrow. Golden Kisses, Khaleesi and Auntie Cyndi

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5/29/2012 11:04:43 PM

Hi Beach Bums and Auntie Sandy,.

So nice to hear back from you so soon. Just like old times. Did you have fun swimming today? Oh my that was a dumb question. Is Mom ok I see she's having tests ran? Just stopping by to say hello. My day is going great. Had our therapy visits this morning there was a new resident at one of the homes she's blind and the first blind person I've met.Seemed like I know she needed by by her side longer than anyone else this morning. She was smiling the whole time she was runnung her fingers thru my fur.Just made our day seeing how happy she was!After we got home Mom finally started spring cleaning at this rate she'll be done by fall and can start all over again.Then she went out to have her nails done and we have plans to meet my friend Roxie and her Mom for a long evening walk. Well better run have other blogs to answer. Have a nice evening, Husky Hugs, Bella and Auntie Sue

Come visit me, * Bella* Thank You for DOTD and I accept the honor in memory of Meika and Rufus RIP My Friends

5/29/2012 5:56:05 PM

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