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We're am back from my long DC break and ready to play with our friends! Mom has been busy with the circus and school and between all the other websites she goes on she barely had time to visit DC. Well, DC is a higher priority now 'cause we want to spend as much time with my friends as possible. With tender licks & pawhugs, Goog & Niko


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I was purchased from a breeder and fit in IMMEDIATELY!

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Hi! My name is Keshia. Nice to meet you. I left you a vote.

Come visit me, Keshia

11/25/2011 5:50:36 PM

We live in a nice house in the suburbs. We have a backyard to run in and a pool we swim in. We used to have chickens but the neighbors dog killed one, our grandma's dog killed the second, Hunter killed the third, and the last one ran away. Our owner was very sad. She actually got Hunter when the second one got killed.

Come visit me, Angel Hunter, Angel Romeo, Angel Sandy, Cali, Ruby

11/24/2011 10:31:32 AM

LOL, I don't go through the trash any more but Hunter is a trouble maker, he'll go through the trash, get himself some meat and grab some paper. He'll eat the meat and let ruby shred the paper so she gets blamed. Then he'll also eat whatever is on the counters. -Romeo

Come visit me, Angel Hunter, Angel Romeo, Angel Sandy, Cali, Ruby

11/24/2011 7:58:48 AM

Thank you!!!!! Have a beautiful Thanksgiving!!!!!

Come visit me, Angel Hunter, Angel Romeo, Angel Sandy, Cali, Ruby

11/24/2011 5:08:29 AM


Hey guys! It's Hunter here! Since December is just around the corner I thought I'd get the word out about my run. That's right, THIS DECEMBER, THIS POOCH RIGHT HERE IS RUNNING FOR KING OF DC! I'm gonna need every vote I can to win and those votes have to come from you pups! My owner and I really want this, like more than all the doggie bones in the world (of course that might be because she doesn't like bones but the point still stands!) I know it seems like a while away and your probably wondering why this moron is still typing but it's sooner than it seems! PLEASE VOTE FOR US EVERY DAY YOU CAN! We will be coming to our supporters with tips on taking care of your best bud with fur, especially in the chilly months, along with facts about water (which is alot cooler than you probably think) and owls because they are pretty awesome. We have some of my run's photos at the bottom of my page and I'd love it if you would check them out! It doesn't snow much here but if it does I'll make sure you hear about it! We are so excited about this! Just remember, I NEED YOUR VOTE EVERY SINGLE DAY IN DECEMBER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!- !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! we want ya'll all to know that we love you all and that if I win it would mean the world to my owner and I. We'll even post a picture of our victory celebration if we win, but if we lose you are goiing to see pictures of the worst creature that every roamed the earth..................... .......................... .......................... ................................(don't you love suspense?)..... THE CAT! So remember to cast your vote!!!

Come visit me, Angel Hunter, Angel Romeo, Angel Sandy, Cali, Ruby

11/23/2011 12:07:47 PM


Thank you for voting for mehhh :)

Come visit me, Bubbles

11/23/2011 8:51:19 AM


Hey Good Morning Goog i voted for u toooooooo:) I want u to have a GREAT THANKS GIVING ;) ps:have funnnnn lol!!!:);)

Come visit me, Bubbles

11/23/2011 8:45:29 AM

welcome to the dc goog

u r of course adorable and we wish u nothing but the best :)

Come visit me, Oompa Loompa

11/22/2011 5:04:01 PM

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6/2/2010 2:37:09 PM

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