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he is actually my brother's dog. when my brother was in the hospital we got scrappy for him.

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We just roped your bone! Thanks & please come back & VOTE ALABAMA GANG #43042 DOTM IN AUGUST

Come visit me, Alabama Gang, Guardian Angels/This month honoring Little Buddy!

8/1/2009 8:23:02 PM

Good Morning!

Hi Scrappy and Buster! So sorry to be so late on thank yous for Quark's DOTD, but we haven't even been able to get on DC, both because of the channel problems and out net going out. Do hope it stays up now! Thanks again-- we surely do appreciate your friendship!

Come visit me, Angel Ginger #74386 Thank you all DOTD 8/22/14!, ANGEL LUCKY #74526 and mom says I ain't nothing but a hound dog!, Angel Quark #79059 DOTD 5/8/13 Thank You all!, TROOPER

8/1/2009 6:25:20 AM

.·:*¨¨*Vote Wasabi 94633 Wednesday*¨¨*:·.

I was in a cage at the flea market when my mommy's daughter was looking for a Christmas gift for her. She brought me home on Christmas Eve. To every ones dismay, I was very ill. On Christmas Day 2003 we were postponing the family celebration to quickly get me to an emergency Vet for I seemed to be fading fast. The Vet saved my life and we celebrated my homecoming and the holidays together. Please give me a dotd vote on 7/29, Wednesday, 94633, I will show you my tricks. I love to jump and toss a beach ball back to you while doing a flip. Also please notice my lovely avatar! Thanks furry friends, Wasi! ~94633~ Happy Birthday ♥ Dear Abby 34143

Come visit me, *Audrina Star* Were Voting for Angel Heather #30655 ***DOTM September*** Congratulations ***King Kane*** Winning DOTM August, *Gracie* Were Voting for Angel Heather #30655 ***DOTM September*** Congratulations ***King Kane*** Winning DOTM August

7/28/2009 11:59:37 PM

Hi Scrappy and Scootie

Thanks so much for stopping by on my big day!! I had a blast, playing frisbee and eating goodies! :D Stop by again sometime, we would love to visit! Hugs~Eddie

Come visit me, Eddie ♥, Sonny ♥

7/27/2009 4:05:41 PM

Thanks for my surprise DOTD! It was a surprise, I thought I couldnt win it till later on this year! Thanks for the birhtday wishes too. While I am here thanking you I would like to ask for a prayer for a very good furend. Shamus of 3n'1 ID#64321 He has crossed the bridge today, they will be offline for a few days so please hold blogs. Thanks for my DOTD, while I remember, my brother Rooti 56964 is running for DOTM in August, dont forget him. For those of you that know I am not saying you forgot, this is a c/p blog! Hehe! Thanks so much! Raz

Come visit me, Raz ♥ 61257 ♥, Rooti ♥ In Loving Memory ♥

7/20/2009 3:26:21 PM

Angel Samantha and Angel Buddy

First off, we'd like to give a great big thank you to those who first helped us get 150 votes. We were extremely happy for that. Next, we want to thank those that helped us reach the 200 mark 1 day before our big day!! That was nervewracking and it was also really exciting! We also would like to thank those who dropped by to give us a vote on our big day. It is SO exciting to know that we have so many friends that want us to win DOTD just as much as we do. We love everyone here on DC and we are SO happy to know that you guys care for us. And finally, we want to thank those who came by and gave us a congratulatory vote. Thank you, all in all. Love, Angel Samantha and Angel Buddy. Ps. Left you a very big thank you vote.

Come visit me, ♣ PROMISE ¥, † THE ANGELS †, ♦ ONYX and DOMINO ♥, Photo Edits. *Please see motto & education!*, View Domino's Pictures Here!, View Gotti's Pictures Here!

7/15/2009 1:57:34 PM


You are soo cute! Thank you for helping me get my dotd badge. I waited a long time for it. I celebrated with treats and dancing with mom, Greta and Amos. I also played with my kitty sisters, Missy and Boots. I sent you a thank you vote. BBS, Lily

Come visit me, Bobbie, Greta, Lily

7/14/2009 4:50:56 PM


Thank you for coming by and congratulating Ringo on his win! I appreacite it! Thanks also for saying he is adorable! Your dogs sure are too! Votes for Both!

Come visit me, Bear & Luke, Ringo & Rover

7/11/2009 7:01:24 PM

Hi .... Scrappy

Nice too meet you Scrappy, Happy 4th of July weekend, how was your 4th ??? I got all caught up with the 4th! I dressed up as a fireman and I was a hit! People came by and asked mom if they could take pictures of me. I even said yes for my mom! BOL! What did you dress up like? I just love fireworks I don't know what it is about them! I just go CRAZY! At night It wasn't even dark because of all the fireworks but the sky was super pretty! I will make sure to stay on top of my blogs so hopefully this shouldn't happen again. Scrappy, come over to my page running for dotm paw me a vote, BBS! Woof woof! ~Shadow~

Come visit me, Shadow & Duke<3

7/6/2009 8:52:33 PM


Sorry about this c/p but I hope you'll understand after reading it. Thank you so much for coming by on my special day. I have had the most wonderful DOTD day. I woke up with my Dad home. He's in the military and has been gone for weeks. He can only stay 4 days then he's off again and we don't know when he'll get home again. His total time away from the family will be over 6 months. So I was so proud to be the dog of the day. He's in the picture with me. He also took Mom out to the movies and they went shopping. So thank you my friends for supporting me for DOTD and hopefully DOTM Hugs, Kung Fu Shih Tzu Stormy~~~~~Please vote everyday this month so I can be the July DOTM

Come visit me, ~ Sam~, ~Stormy~ Good Bye DC. We'll Miss You- Happy Fall, ~Summer*Breeze Luvs Chipper~, Angel Ozzy, Annie, Apollo~Luvs~Shelby~, Mademoiselle Bijou~Happy Halloween 2016, Princessa Roslyn Gypsy Girl

7/2/2009 10:44:50 PM

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