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Mama wanted a chi sister for Lola. She applied to Chi rescue and when I was found they got in touch with Mama. Daddy did not know anything about me until Grandpa said something. Anyway they came and got me and a year later figured out i am a Tibbie. But my sister and I are very close!!! My birthday is the day I came HOME!!!!!

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We were so sorry to hear about your ordeal at the vet and sure hope you are feeling better soon. That sounds just awful. I don't have any prayer wheels to spin for you, but we are all saying lots of extra prayers that you aren't in pain and recover quickly. Take care my friend. Please get well soon. Love, Abby, Tess, and Beau too

Come visit me, Abby...In Loving Memory 7/29/1996-3/15/2014, Beau...In Loving Memory, Holli ( IN LOVING MEMORY), Maggie (IN LOVING MEMORY), Tess (In Loving Memory), Tucker (In Loving Memory)

11/7/2011 1:47:56 PM

Hello Kaytee Bell

We are keeping you in our Prayers for a speedy recovery. Hugs & a vote, Destiny & Elvira

Come visit me, Elvira, Jolene & Angel Destiny

11/7/2011 5:53:16 AM

I hope you are had a really nice weekend. I hope you're all better after your teeth pulling incident. Sounds icky! Yesterday I spent the day on the couch since it was raining and slushing all day. Ugh! I've been doing my usual stuff. Keeping the other dogs in line, sleeping when it's cold, going on my evening runs, etc. Always something to keep a dog busy. Thanks so much for the congrats for Acorn. She's a girl and the biggest diva around here! And that's saying something considering this is my home too. Last week mama and I and her friends were out driving Prince, the big Belgian, and suddenly in the field they saw a herd of animals. They weren't cattle, they were too big for deer, what were they? Mama got all excited and said they're ELK! We have never seen elk in our valley and here was a herd of about 30! Wow, what a sight! And just a couple of weeks ago we saw a huge coyote right there too. I wonder what we'll see next time. A mountain lion? Ooh, I hope so. Guess what! The featured video of the month here on DC is mine! It's my horror movie and I'm so glad you liked it. Were you really scared? Mama put the A4 in the outdoor aviary. Perfect jail, huh? Only when I "rescued" them they didnt' exactly rush out. So, we had to persuade them out with treats. hehe And, the tribute mama made for Joanna, the woman from HC who died, is also featured video of the month. Mama is really happy about that. She hopes more people watch and learn about how special Joanna was and is. So, what are you up to over there. Any snow? We haven't had much snow, just enough to make things cold and wet. Here's a vote for you and enjoy the new week! And if you get a chance, Tiny would love a vote from you too!

Come visit me, Adored 4, Ember, Melian (In Loving Memory), Tiny (Forever in my heart)

11/7/2011 12:32:21 AM

Big Hugs Kaytee Bell

I saw a blog you went to the Vet, and your eye and teeth are healing. I send you get well prayers. You are such a good dog. Here is a vote, Love, Henry

Come visit me, Henry McWagger (Wags)~GO SEAHAWKS!

11/6/2011 11:58:16 PM

Happy Sunday Everyone!! Some of you might not know today's famous duo personally, but we're sure most of you have at least heard of them. Super Mario Bros. 2, often abbreviated SMB2, is a platform game developed and published by Nintendo for the Nintendo Entertainment System as a sequel to the 1985 game Super Mario Bros. The game was also remade as part of the Super Mario All-Stars collection for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES), released on August 1, 1993 in North America. Mario is depicted as a short, pudgy, Italian-American plumber who lives in the Mushroom Kingdom. He repeatedly stops the turtle-like villain Bowser's numerous plans to kidnap Princess Peach and take over the kingdom. Mario's brother Luigi has a green color scheme instead of red, Luigi has since developed a personality and style of his own. As his role in the Mario series progressed, Luigi evolved into a physically distinct character, taller and thinner than his brother. Although as kindhearted as Mario, Luigi is portrayed as timid and sometimes cowardly, especially in the presence of ghosts or when faced with seemingly impossible tasks to accomplish. We must say our pawrents enjoyed playing these games as much as any kid! Dad can get through any world in record time. BOL!!! Wishing everyone a SUPER SUNDAY and thanks so much for all the votes this month. Woofs Riley Mario & Chipper Luigi

Come visit me, Riley Chipper Ruby ~~Find us on Facebook~~

10/23/2011 5:52:23 AM

Happy Birthday!!!

I hope you had the most amazing birthday today with all of your favourite things, meaning every type of your favourite treat! Did you get a special cake or some steak? I hope so! Here's a special birthday vote just for you and wishes for many many more birthdays. Each better and better!

Come visit me, Adored 4, Ember, Melian (In Loving Memory), Tiny (Forever in my heart)

10/23/2011 12:30:40 AM

Hi KayTee Bell...

Wishing you a very Happy Birthday, and keeping Mom and you all in our prayers and thoughts...Leaving you a birthday vote,and wishing you all a great week ahead....Shiloh Snuggles and prayers....Takoda and Mom Cindy

Come visit me, Angel Takoda - Rest in Peace - 12/15/02 - 5/11/14 - Thank you all for your beautiful blogs, cards, and well wishes. It means so much to us.. We will be off-Line as we are dealing with our loss. Thank you so much for you thoughts, prays and comments..

10/22/2011 6:40:50 PM

Happy Saturday everyone!! Since it's WORLD SERIES time, we thought our next duo should have something to do with baseball. So here is the most famous baseball dialog in the USA! Abbott & Costello's Who's on First? It was a vaudeville comedy routine. In 1956 a gold record of "Who's on First?" was placed in the Baseball Hall of Fame museum in Cooperstown, New York. A video (taken from The Naughty Nineties) now plays continuously on screens at the Hall. The names given in the routine for the players at each position are: First Base: Who Second Base: What Third Base: I Don't Know Left field: Why Center field: Because Pitcher: Tomorrow Catcher: Today Shortstop: I Don't Care At one point in the routine, Costello thinks that Naturally is the first baseman: Abbott: You throw the ball to first base. Costello: Then who gets it? Abbott: Naturally. Costello: Naturally. Abbott: Now you've got it. Costello: I throw the ball to Naturally. Abbott: You don't! You throw it to Who! Costello: Naturally. Abbott: Well, that's it—say it that way. Costello: That's what I said. Abbott: You did not. Costello: I said I throw the ball to Naturally. Abbott: You don't! You throw it to Who! Costello: Naturally. Abbott's explanations leave Costello hopelessly confused and infuriated, until the end of the routine when he finally appears to catch on. He never quite figures out that the first baseman's name literally is "Who". But after all this he announces, "I don't give a darn!" ("Oh, that's our shortstop.") BOL BOL!!! Hope younz guys got a good laugh today and thanks so much for the support this month. Woofs & Prayers R&C

Come visit me, Riley Chipper Ruby ~~Find us on Facebook~~

10/22/2011 4:34:43 AM


boy it does sound like you had a good birthday!! mom said to tell your mom she is sorry she keeps getting her emails every so often. they just have ones that are a lot a like and the auto fill can be tricky we guess, hehe. we have some running around to do tomorrow and i know i will love it. well i hope so, i heard the vet in there somewhere. then on wed we will be gone most of the day. (not sure which day the vet will be, just the basics though nails and anal glands). mom isnt sure if we will be on here on Wed cause we will have even more places to go than our normal big shopping day. but we will be back the next day for sure, so dont worry. wishing you a super night and a terrific tomorrow. love, hugs, prayers and magical yorkie kisses, Rufus and momma Kay


10/17/2011 7:36:26 PM

Happy Birthday, Kaytee Bell

Wishing you a wonderful Birthday! I hope you had a great weekend celebrating! Sending you a big ol' marrow bone..Enjoy! Have a great night. Giant hugs and a vote..Xena, Zeus, and Sam ;)

Come visit me, ♥ Angel XENA ♥ 3/28/05 - 8/12/14 OFFLINE, ♥ Angel ZEUS ♥ (11/6/04 - 9/9/13) ♥ Thank You All So Very Much For Honoring My Memory ♥, Angel Gentle Ben - ♥ Thank you all SOOOO much. You've made it a wonderful week for my family ♥, Samantha ♥ Thanks to all my Furiends for such a great surprise!! ♥

10/16/2011 7:24:01 PM

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