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My old dog had 11 puppies and we kept Bud, the oldest and sweetest.

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Left you a vote :) Thank you so much everyone for the Birthday Wishes for Spike at Rainbow Bridge, it meant alot to me, I still miss my girl sooo much, Spike and I had been through alot together in our 13 years. I would also like to thank the well wishers for Faith, she is doing much better today, and she slept right though the night last night (as opposed to the night before when I was up with her every 2 hours). The vet said she has coccidia, plus regular puppy worms, but they were not ruling out Parvo at the time either... but with how well she is doing today, I'm really hoping Parvo can be ruled out.

Come visit me, ~ Sweet Angel *Faith* ~ Nov. 7 2012 ~, In Loving Memory of *Spike* April 10 2011, Maverick

4/29/2011 6:21:13 AM

4/28/2011 6:52:53 PM

hi bud

thankyou for comming by. i left you a vote and hope to be friends:) ♥Safari

Come visit me, † Angel Safari ~R.I.P~ *single*, Onyx *single* ~on vacation till ?????, Polo ♥ I Love My Angel Jesse ♥

4/27/2011 2:33:48 PM

Hello Bud !

Bud you are a handsome black lab. Black is my favorite color. I just added a new profile picture of me you will have to see. I am not sure I like my search training vest but my handler insists I wear it so I get used to it. It is nice meeting many labs and hope you have fun always. Enzo

Come visit me, Enzo

4/20/2011 2:16:53 PM

Dutches barks "hi" to you to and not bad in the looks department either!

Come visit me, Dutches

4/19/2011 3:19:37 PM


Hi everyone! My name is Snickers (178461) and I'm running for April DOTM. My Mommy found me on petfinder.com and adopted me at the age of 3. I'm a mixed breed girl pup from Burlington, NJ. I have two human siblings who love me so much. I also have three kitty siblings that I'm slowly but surely becoming friends with. I love my forever home and I'm so happy that I was adopted by my family! I've made so many wonderful furiends here on dog channel and I'm looking forward to making many new ones too. I've decided to do something different with my theme to make it interesting. I will be doing four different themes (dog tips, dog breeds, poems/quotes about dogs, and spring cleaning tips!) During my dog breeds week I will try my best to specialize my tips at least once during that week to correspond to your specific breed. If you're a mixed breed pup like me, let me know what breed(s) you think that you are and I'll give you information about that one. I'm so excited for my April DOTM run and I hope that you will support me with a daily click of my vote bone! Thank you so much. Love, Snickers

Come visit me, ., Snickers & Max *Remembering Angel Goldie*

4/16/2011 10:54:29 PM

Hey Bud!

You are one handsome boy! seems like you been living such a wonderful life :D Keep your tail waggin big guy! And a vote for you as well <3

Come visit me, Chisum, Winter

4/13/2011 8:33:57 AM


Thanks Bud for leaving me a vote! I left you and Bo a vote! Your Neighbor, Riddick

Come visit me, Riddick, Riddick and ~In Loving Memory~Blade, Sir Jazz~In Loving Memory~

4/10/2011 3:45:05 PM

Hi Bo

<3 Tinkerbell

Come visit me, Tinkerbell

4/9/2011 12:55:00 PM


He is so cute and my dog will never be a hunting dog Lou is scared of swimming

Come visit me, Emma Lou

4/9/2011 8:15:17 AM

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