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Hi Sammy

Have a great night!!! Ma'ingan

Come visit me, Avalanche, Juneau RIP July 2, 2014, Ma'ingan, Tequila

5/8/2012 12:06:46 PM

Hi Sammy :-)

Guess what?! Some of the Daylilies have buds on them now!!! As soon as they bloom Mom will take some pics and send them to your Mom. This is soooo exciting! We're gonna have South Dakota flowers!!! :-) Hugs and a vote ♥ Bella Boo :-)

Come visit me, Bella #178688 DC MEMBER SINCE May 20, 2010

5/8/2012 11:03:11 AM

oh my gosh!

ive done it now! A few minutes ago, we were on a walk, and i saw another dog. Mommy blocked me but i ran and knocked her over! there was blood going down her leg and still a half mile to go. Luckily, she knows exactly how to handle stuff like this...

Come visit me, Chloe

5/7/2012 5:29:20 PM

Thanks for all the birthday wishes! I got a new squeeky toy from my aunty, a can of fish (luv! Yum!) and some YOGURT!! Who knew that yogurt could be so tasty? No wonder humans eat it so much, it's like Ice cream only not icy!! Anyway, I loved playing with my new squeeky toy, which was a plush Scotty Dog, and I even got to tear a hole in it's ear to break him in. :P lol. It rained for the first half of my birthday, which was kinda a bummer, but then it cleared up and was nice and sunny for the evening time. Mommy got to watch the Kentucky Derby (which just to happens to be on my Birthday! Lucky Me! :D ), she was betting on Gemoligist but I'll have Another ended up winning. They said they named the horse after the owner who always wanted another cookie, but I think the horse was just always wanting cookies! And I think 'I'll Have Another' Cookie myself! :P lol. Mommy sold the sheep today, she was exhausted from trying to put them up in the shed every evening and trying to fix the fence so they wouldn't come out. So she sold them. Which I didn't seem to care to much, because afterwards I just layed beside my doghouse and chilled. I always loved watching the sheep, but mommy said that they weren't herdable for her or for me, so teaching me to herd them would be impossible. And beings I always really wanted to herd them and they would always run in differant directions and never go were I wanted them too, mommy said that it would be less stressful to just sell them then to always have to try and herd them up every evening! I will miss them, but maybe next time mommy can get me something a little bit more herdable? :P There was a momma cat named Claidia that used to come around and breed with mommys tom cats, she was around for years and years, producing atleast 8 litters of kittens (mommy tried to catch her in cages for years but could never catch her because she was to wild.), but she had a litter about a year ago and I decided to keep Wolfy from that litter. Well mommys two tom cats dissapeared last year (you may have heard about that, they still haven't came back, and mommy thinks that something or someone got to them and they're dead now.. But anyway.). There was another kitten that came from the same litter that was the same coloring as it's mother. Now mysteriosly, the momma cat Claidia, dissapeared around the same time as mommys to tom cats, which mommy says is very weird.. But anyway, Wolfy and the kitten that looked like the mommy cat, who we called Claidissa, bred and now Claidissa has a litter of kittens. :( Mommy says it's nice to see kittens around because their so cute, but it's not good to have a brother and sister cat breeding. So after Claidissa finishes nursing this litter, mommys going to try and catch her and give her away to hopefully stop the long cycle of kittens!! I like cats though so I don't mind. :P Lewis on the other hand only likes our cat/s and will bark and all the strays. Tolk to you later and lea

Come visit me, Pete

5/7/2012 8:11:18 AM

5/6/2012 11:51:56 PM

We had a storm too. Our city was smack dab in the middle of it. The power even went out! Chloe is the same way to me, and Bella, Hershey, and Copper too of course! Mommy went to ride today! Bella and Chloe taught me how to care for sick (Chloe) and injured (bella) animals. Hershey was nursed back to health after being starved half to death. He 's finally filling out with muscle after 5 months. Copper is pretty much the only one who hasn't been through something! I don't know how these animals found their way to me, they must be special, because all of them survived.

Come visit me, Chloe

5/6/2012 7:08:26 PM

that's sad!

that's pretty much the same way that Butterball, the barn cat, went. Nobody knew she had a cancerous tumor in her lungs until they took her to a vet. At least she was completely free of pain. She just died suddenly, about a month or 2 ago. A sad day for the whole barn. Now a new cat stays at the barn. He's from the shelter.

Come visit me, Chloe

5/5/2012 10:33:36 AM

Hi Sammy

We're sure you'll take good care of your cousin...sorry for the loss.. Ma'ingan

Come visit me, Avalanche, Juneau RIP July 2, 2014, Ma'ingan, Tequila

5/5/2012 5:49:25 AM

Hi Sammy

Have a great night!!! Ma'ingan

Come visit me, Avalanche, Juneau RIP July 2, 2014, Ma'ingan, Tequila

5/4/2012 3:53:00 PM

5/4/2012 10:08:29 AM

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