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Thank you for the Anniversary wishes. I'm sorry I haven't been around and haven't been by to thank you all individually.


Libby loves Ceaser

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mom has problems herself so dont worry about your mom. no one is as lazy and ditzy as she is. so glad you liked the cake. i snuck some of mom's icing today when she had her plate on the floor. hehe. want some? yep mom is really happy that PHilip is in the finals. she really wanted it to be Joshua and him. we dont care for Jessica. mom says she is boring. she is like that ya know. being a head banger from way back. hehe. we hope your mom gets that package eventually. dont know why it takes so long to get things up there. ok, we are getting off here now and heading to the hut. all our love always, Rufus and momma Kay


5/20/2012 8:11:34 PM

HI Lulu and Sausage

Awww thank you for making our day so nice. I'm sure glad no one had to cook especially mommy. hehe. I sure did enjoy my paw massage and mommy and gma loved the facials. I'm glad Ashleigh had a nice birthday. Boy your mommy is so busy and to come here and help out too. We can't wait to see the pictures. Did your mommy have a nice Mother's Day too? I sure hope so but it sounds like she was really busy. We are going to be gone tomorrow to get the sqatters out. So keep your fingers crossed Punkin doesn't get in to anything while we are gone. I don't think she will but you can never tell about cats. hehe Ya'll have a nice evening and don't let mommy work too hard. Love and lots of sloppy kisses, Cessna

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5/20/2012 7:11:29 PM

howdy my sweet friends

Well this has been a busy few days. First what a surprise to see me in the big frame. Don’t know how that happened, but we are thankful for all our friends. Mom has been having a weird few days. First off on our big shopping day, mom checked her account and someone had hacked into and charged a ton of itunes. Boy was that upsetting. We had to spread our big shopping over a few days and that just made things worse for mom. However that meant I got to the library park 3 times, hehe. things are getting better with her account and we have faith it will be all fixed soon. mom had a great but busy birthday yesterday. She got her favorite cake from our favorite bakery. Full of icing of course. We do apologize for not being on here the past few days, but things have just been crazy. We will try to do better soon, but it will probably after this week. next week both of mom’s shows are ending so I know she will have a lot more time. unfortunately with her shows this week and trying to get things situated with her account and some other things, we will most definitely be offline till about Thursday. I plan to get her to use it that extra time for me, hehe. so sorry for this c/p. thanks for being our dear friends. Thanks for being you. dropping off a vote and some cheesy lasagna from last night and some of mom’s birthday cake for you tonight. Had to grab that cake while she wasn’t looking or she might have bitten me, hehe. All our love, hugs, prayers and magical yorkie kisses, Rufus and momma Kay


5/20/2012 6:28:03 PM

Hi Wiggle Bum..

I bet your bum has been rockin' and rollin'...movin' and groovin' all weekend! It's been a weekend filled with celebrations! I bet your Momma has made some super yummy treats..and you are gobbling them up. We wanted to wish your Momma a very Happy Mother's Day! We think she's amazing! We're gonna come over and give her a mud facial..Xena will help sit on her..and I will apply the mud! Zoosie will help dry it..I brought a clothes pin for her nose..cause the drying process is quite stinky..hehe. Oh, Zoosie left a WHOLE Dairy Queen cake with better run and get some! Have a wonderful day! XOXO..GIANT hugs and Lop-sided smooches..Tater Tot ;)' and Skinnie Minnie

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5/20/2012 3:01:00 PM

Hi Libby & Sawyer

Hope you all are well and having a great weekend. It seems like forever since we’ve been on here. Mom is finally home from Atlanta and boy did we miss her. Mom was talking to the neighbor yesterday and she commented that she could hear us celebrating mom’s arrival home Friday night. She wasn’t upset about the noise. She knew that was our way of showing mom how much we love her. On Friday, all mom could do was count the hours until they left for the airport. She was so ready to get home to us as soon as possible. But once Mom got to the airport, her luck seemed to turn bad. She was wearing sandals so that when she went through security all she had to do was slip them off & then slip them back on again. When she took her sandals off & walked through the scanner, she stepped on a piece of glass that embedded into her heel. She had to pull it out & then her heal was bleeding all over the place. Luckily she had a large bandaid in her purse so she slapped that on & went onto her terminal. She didn’t want to stop & fill out any forms as she didn’t want to take a chance on missing her flight home to us. When she made it to her gate, she bought some Curell hand sanitizer & cleaned up her heal as much as possible, then stuck another bandaid on it. They boarded her flight on time but then they got stuck sitting on the runway for 1 ½ hours due to some flights being re-routed due to weather up north. Mom was beginning to think that she wasn’t ever going to get home to us. While mom was in Atlanta she got a visit from Phoebe & her mom Valerie. They are both really sweet & mom loved meeting them. Phoebe shared lots of kisses with mom & sat on her lap most of the time. Mom said she was going into dog withdrawal so Phoebe & mom Valerie probably saved her life by giving her a dog fix :) Friday before mom left for Atlanta, I had my electrolytes checked again. That turned out to be good news as they are staying where they need to be. I also get to change my injection schedule from every 28 days to every 30 days. Those extra 2 days amount to 1 less shot per year. I know that’s not much but when you multiply the cost of that 1 shot times ten years, it amounts to $1,100 in savings. And every little bit helps when you have a dog as expensive as me. BBS. Regis & MisFits

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5/20/2012 10:06:00 AM


she was one of the 100 that actually got in, so we're proud of her:) We'd love to hear from you guys again. Lots & Lots of Love, The Cape Cod Crew & Mom.

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5/19/2012 11:18:19 PM

3403 for Libby from the Cape Cod Crew

Remember us? Its Jazz & Felix, Freedom & The Betta Gang. Its been quite a while since the last time we were on here. Maybe back in December was the last time we blogged. Its almost the end of school for mom, so she thought she'd get back on here for us. We sure missed it. We have been updated though with all the emails being sent to mommas phone. But nothing is like the blogging:) We've been awfully busy bees.. sorta. hehe. Many events had happened while we were away. Im not sure if we had mentioned it but in November a friend of moms had died. She was a neighbor of hers. We miss her dearly. The winter was very bitter, but we barley got snow! Jazz didnt like the snow. Felix thought it was the greatest thing in the world. It took us hours to coax him back inside! He enjoyed catching the snow in his mouth too! Moms cousin came home from Korea for Christmas. His flight was delayed, but he got here on Christmas Day:) We recently got news that he is gonna be a father soon which is very exciting for us. Tobeys 2nd Rainbow Bridge Day was the 22nd of December. Thank you for all of those sweet messages we got, we appreciate you guys remembered <3 Moms birthday was back in February, again, thank you all for stopping by & saying happy birthday! It means a lot to mom. She was in Fort Lauderdale, FL for her birthday, so we didnt see her! :( Jazz & Felix have all new(ish) pictures up! They're new to you guys, since they were tooken when we while we were away. Mom says we will all get new & better pictures coming soon. Also, Felix has a video of him getting the paper that should be up in the video section soon:) His 3rd birthday/1st Gotcha Day is June 27th, we cant believe its almost been a year with him already! Hes changed so much since we had adopted him. Hes such a handsome fella <3 Freedom seems to have started a bond with mom (finally). His birthday was in April, the 19th. He turned 4 years old (it was also his 1st Gotcha Day too!). Freedom is back sleeping in his outside hutch since the weather has been nice & warm. Mom still has his indoor cage up, just incase it rains or is to chilly for him! Freedom is like moms little puppy. He will jump up next to her on the couch (if Jazz & Felix dont nip at him first) & he will even follow her around. He is still skittish whens held, but hes getting better. As for the Bettas, mom still needs to update their page on FC. Tomorrow mom plans to clean the bowls, so she will take all pictures of them when the water is clean. Our beautiful green betta, Huxley died on March 30th. He jumped out of his bowl which shocked mom, since his bowl was the only one with a cover. She left a little space open so she could drop his food down in the water. He was one smart fish to figure that out. We miss him dearly. As for mom, shes been okay. She is dealing with her brain disorder. Shes cooping as best she can. Good news is she got into a techanical school. She went today for testing. Out of 300 applicants

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5/19/2012 11:17:45 PM

trying to get caught up

wow who could ask for any more than you guys gave mom(and me, hehe). what a wonderful bouquet, refreshing slobbers and yummy cake. wahoooo!! Thank you so much for the birthday wishes for mom and for making me dotd today. what a surprise. Mom has had a rough few days so this was a wonderful gift. Your friendship is truly the best present we could have asked for. Dropping off a thank you vote and some cheesy lasagna for you tonight. Love, hugs, prayers and magical yorkie kisses, Rufus and momma Kay


5/19/2012 7:28:14 PM

Hi Libby

It's me Maya! I had to go to the doctor this morning. Yesterday afternoon I was acting really agitated and hyper and wanting out constantly only to frantically eat grass!I made myself throw up once with it. Later I developed a bit of a cough and acted as if something was stuck in my throat. This was all after chewing on those stupid Hartz dental bone chews me and Chewie love the day before! They are plastic, what Mommy calls "Bumpy Bones" because they have bumps all over the middle of the bone.Mommy couldn't find anything when she stuck her finger down there to feel, but I continued to cough periodically thru the night so Mommy called the vet this morning and took me in. I am still eating and finally went poop once yesterday in the evening. The doctor checked me over and didn't think there was anything stuck in my throat. Well me and Chewie really give those bones what for and sometimes eat some of that stupid plastic and it always poops out. The doctor thinks I probably scratched up my throat with the plastic and it may be not only sore but inflamed. She gave me a shot and two different pills for throwing up and for inflamation and I have to take them all. I feel better cause I am resting like I normally do instead of frantically pacing the floor. Mommy and Daddy threw away the chew bones and said no more, EVER! It was scary. Even Chewie didn't pester me he just would come over and smell me and whine! He really does care about me! We had to wait at the doctors office because a doggie had come in just before me that had been hit by a car. It didn't make it. Mommy said that is why she wants me and Chewie to come when she calls us! It was so sad and scary, too.Iam resting now and Chewie is guarding me so nothing happens to me. He is a good big brother. He said he is too busy watching over me to make sure I am okay to blog tonight so I am doing the blogging while he watches over me. (smiles) Nothing too funny has happened since everybody has been concerned and taking care of me since yesterday afternoon. I should be okay before too long! Hope you have a nice weekend. We are just staying home so I can rest. Cairn Cuddles, Maya PuppyDog Kisses and Tail Wags, Chewie

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5/19/2012 6:17:16 PM

Hi Lulu

We came by to sing. Are you ready? Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday dear Ashleigh, Happy Birthday to you, rooooooooooooooooooo. Hope you can give Ashleigh a facial for us. We are leaving her a sealed (mommy said no sneaking a bit) DQ cake and a dozen yellow roses. No one in our family is going to share her birthday. hehe Love,prayers and golden hugs, Cessna PS I really do need some slobber kisses today. Mommy made me work outside all day. Could you please bring me some over after you give Ashleigh her facial.

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5/19/2012 6:09:01 PM

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