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Mom and I have not been doing well. Her R.A. Medication has not been working for over 3 months, and prior to that for only 2 wks. A month for 3 months. I still am hanging in there with Congestive Heart Failure, Blindness, Deafness, and an open sore we have been doctoring. I will be 16 on July 16th. Thank you all for your prayers and concern. Love Pongo



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I owned his mother and father, and they had 1 puppy, which was Pongo. Pongo. PLEASE KEEP THE DOG ANGELS IN YOUR HEARTS AND PRAYERS! Please heal our sick friends and watch over our New Angels, comfort their families, & give them strength!

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♥ Cousin Pongo ♥

Glad you are back on-line, Aunty Vicky now has wellness. Oral Surgeon should be altered what happened cause Aunty shouldn't responsible for monetary consequences. ongo, when our sissy Tay became blind, she did so well, the Vet said amazing how we imprint. Your senses will become stronger in smell too. I would lay close to Taylonnie and guide her, my sweetest baby. Love, Cousin Tiffany ♥

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5/1/2012 9:45:35 PM

sending all our hugs to your mommy throe in some licks and kisses too! have a fun day **BLUE**

Come visit me, **BLUE** & Texas Pit Crew

5/1/2012 7:46:17 PM

Hi Pongo and family, How is your Mommy feeling? We pray that she is feeling much better. It sounds very painful to have a dislocated jaw. Sending some love and cheer to brighten your day from Snickers and Max. Here is our vote for you Pongo!

Come visit me, ., Snickers & Max *Remembering Angel Goldie*

5/1/2012 7:05:53 PM


Glad you are back and you a doing some better. That must have been so painful. Have a great week.

Come visit me, *Terra*, Angel Precious *

5/1/2012 12:09:21 PM

pawin u a vote!

Beautiful orange roses! Its so awesome in an against animal cruelty way.

Come visit me, Chloe

4/29/2012 1:20:37 PM

hey pongo im sorry that i havent been on moms been sooooo busy and finally got some free time even though its during school hehe well moms sooo excited to see her boyfriend this weekend for there 2 months together :) have a wonderful day! your pal, mazey

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4/25/2012 7:12:39 AM

4/23/2012 5:09:57 PM

Hi Pongo

I am having a pretty nice Sunday. Mom and I went for a walk this morning. It is cold out, but at least it has stopped raining. I had so much fun. The rest of the day we just relaxed on the couch. Pawfect! Do you believe that it's suppose to snow tomorrow. 2-4 inches of snow. bol! Thank you for your prayers. I'm feeling good, but my eye, as Mom says, looks horrid. Last night it looked really bad and now today it's not quite as bad, but doesn't look as good as Fri. So the verdict is still out as to wither or not I will need to go back and see my Dr. Mom says she will leave it up to Dad in the morning. bol! chicken! Have a great Monday. Leaving you a vote. Kisses, Shotgun

Come visit me, ♥Angel Shotgun♥ Please vote Grant #264816 for July DOTM!, ♥Angel Squint♥ sending love to my friends

4/22/2012 3:43:23 PM


Thanks for the help with DOTD Pongo! Chip

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4/21/2012 5:04:35 PM

Hi Pongo and family, I got my sutures out. The vet is really pleased with the way the incisions look. I do have one spot that is a little bit red and bleeding but the vet isn't concerned. I am free of the collar and I feel much better without it! That was a long fourteen days We hope that you have a great Thursday! Love, Snickers and Max P.S. Yesterday Mommy took Alex and Emma to ice cream. It took longer than she expected so it was past our dinnertime when she got back. She walks in to find the big bag of puppy food in the middle of the living room carpet. Snickers (with her lampshade on) somehow opened the closet door and dragged it out and of course ate some!! Poor Max was in the crate watching the whole thing! Bad enough that he couldn't get to it but it was his bag of food. Snickers left her bag in the closet!! I guess the puppy food tastes better! BOL

Come visit me, ., Snickers & Max *Remembering Angel Goldie*

4/19/2012 3:50:41 PM

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