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His first home didn't work out so he came back to his breeder, she was looking for a forever home who could give him a lot of one on one. I walked in and he jumped up on me, she said he never did that before to anyone so she knew we were the right mix.

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Sure you can join! What do you eat? Mookey

Come visit me, ♦♥Moose♥♦

9/14/2011 9:23:54 AM

Hi Peyton :-)

Hugs and votes for you and your pack :-) I'll be sure to vist Brees on the 15th and leave her a DOTD vote! ♥ Bella (the Boxer)

Come visit me, Bella in the sunshine ¤

9/13/2011 8:26:51 PM

Good Afternoon!

Have a terrific Tuesday! Remember bark by you tube and watch the video Mr. Pish for President! He's running on the Birthday Pawty ticket and he promises more fire hydrants & Birthday cake! Dogs rule! Love ya!!

Come visit me, Alabama Gang barking..Vote Gracie Nichole 189283 for DOTM!, Guardian Angels/This month honoring Angel Tiger Knight

9/13/2011 10:33:39 AM


on winning BIF again! Wow, you sure are the athlete! Adn I'm glad that Brees had fun with the puppy run. Thanks for stopping by. Guess what! On Thursday I won a surprise dotd. That was soo cool to see myself in the spotlight. I'm used to feeling like I "should" be in the spotlight but it's not every day that it happens. And then the day after Acorn 188686 won cotd too. So we got a double celebration. I celebrated by going black berry picking. First we walked all the way there (mama didn't walk she drove Pippin) and then while the humans picked berries I ran back and forth along the whole patch (it's big!) keeping an eye on things. I was so tired that I opted not to go with mama that evening for my usual spar with the big horses. Mama drove Eddie and they had a great time. Mama is still not riding but she might start again this week. As long as she doesn't fall off again! Thank you so much for your kind words for mama. Painkillers are one of the greatest inventions and she's getting back to being more normal. Yesterday afternoon we went on a nice bike ride and I waded in the river. It felt great to stretch my legs and then wade in the cool water. How was your weekend? I know that yesterday was a special day for us to remember the sad events of 9/11/01. Leaving you a vote! And I love it when you stop by Tiny's page with a vote. P.S. Check out our newest video on DC. It's called Flip Your Lid for Dinner Time.

Come visit me, Adored 4, Ember, Melian (In Loving Memory), Tiny (Forever in my heart)

9/12/2011 11:51:41 PM

Hi Peyton :-)

Barking by with hugs and a vote :-) ♥ Bella (the Boxer)

Come visit me, Bella in the sunshine ¤

9/12/2011 9:18:19 PM

How are you doing? I hope you enjoyed a nice long weekend. I haven't been on DC much lately. I've been busy keeping the squirrels in order, playing with Kermit, the usual stuff. And what has mama been doing? Well, she's been hitting her head! Perhaps she was trying to knock some sense into it. Doesn't seem to have worked though. Anyway, in July she went head over heels from her bike and somersaulted onto her head. That concussion affected her for a couple of weeks. And then last month she did the same thing from horseback! She was jumping Prince and he landed and turned into a bucking bronco. She wasn't prepared and off she went. She was knocked out for about half an hour and is slowly getting back to normal from that brain injury. Congratulations on being chosen for next year's Dog Fancy calendar! You have some great photos! So, what have you been up to? I hope nothing as exciting as around here. Do you remember Acorn? She's the baby squirrel we rescued last year. Well, yesterday was her 1st anniversary of us finding her. We're so happy she made it through the first year and that I haven't eaten her yet. If you want to visit her (she loves dogs) check out her page on the SAC 188686. I hope you're all doing okay. It's great to be back on DC though I won't be blogging quite as often as I would like. Mama is behind on so much and her brain still isn't quite up to par. (When was it? hehe) So, here's a vote and enjoy the rest of your week.

Come visit me, Adored 4, Ember, Melian (In Loving Memory), Tiny (Forever in my heart)

9/7/2011 3:19:49 AM

9/4/2011 12:13:46 PM

9/3/2011 3:02:18 PM

Good Evening!

Hope everyone has a great weekend & sweet Dogie dreams tonight! Leaving votes,hugs & kisses! Love ya!

Come visit me, Alabama Gang barking..Vote Gracie Nichole 189283 for DOTM!, Guardian Angels/This month honoring Angel Tiger Knight

9/2/2011 7:36:53 PM

9/2/2011 6:40:21 PM

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