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Wow! What a pawsome surprise. We received the email that I had won DOTM. Thnx DC pals for all your votes for me to receive this honor. Happy September to you!


~Kane~Thnx Molly for vote 28,000

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Happy Birthday To You,

Happy Birthday To You, Happy Birthday Sweet Kane, Happy Birthday To Youuuu!!!!!! And Many More!!! Have a wonderful day & may all your birthday wishes come true. Hugs & a vote, Elvira, Destiny & Jolene

Come visit me, Elvira, Jolene & Angel Destiny

6/1/2012 6:19:14 AM

6/1/2012 5:14:20 AM

6/1/2012 4:59:28 AM

~*~*Happy Birthday~*~*

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6/1/2012 4:43:48 AM

Hi Kane,

Thanks for stopping by.

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6/1/2012 4:04:12 AM


WOW! Today is your happy birthday! I hope you have the best time today too! I'm leaving you a really big chicken dinner, mostly chicken. Have a good one buddy!! KANE

Come visit me, Kane † Virginia King †

6/1/2012 4:04:07 AM


. ------------- () --- ()--- () -- () --------------- || --- || --|| -- || --------------{*~*~*~*~*~*~*} ------- @@@@@@@@@@ ------- {~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~} ----@@@@@@@@@@@@@ --- {~*~*~*~HAPPY~*7th*~*~*} --- {~*~*~*~BIRTHDAY~*~*~*} --- {~*~*~*~**KANE**~*~*~*~*} @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ ------------------)-----------( -----------_____,-------------____ ----------/______________________ . .*.*.*.*.*.*.*.*.*.*. . Kane as we sing: Happy Birthday la la la Happy Birthday to You la la la Happy Birthday Kane la la la Happy Birthday to You ~.~.~.~.~ .*.*. Kane, Happy Birthday Basket of Pupcorn, Milk Bones, Veggie treats and Polar Bear Fluffy Paws Toy .*.*. Happy Birthday Las Vegas Gals Tiffany .*. Misha

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6/1/2012 12:24:56 AM

Hi! Kane

Hi! Here is a quick vote, thanks for stopping by :) Thank you Kane, for helping me reach it! Did you get to play today? Today I got to play outside. I got an upset stomach so mom is watching me, had to go out 6 times today :( Oh well, I had a fun day with mom though. Today was raining, until this evening where it is still a bit dark, but a bit of sun came out :) It should stay like this for another week, and hopefully change into some 80s and sunny weather :) How is your weather? Hope its in your liking!! Can I ask a favor? My horse brother Quincy is setting a goal to reach 9000 votes. Not by a certain date, he would just like to reach it. Would you be able to jump over to HC and just drop off a vote, even if they are silent. If you can, no pressure. It would mean so much! Please visit, Quincy #157076 on Horsechannel Please vote Skye(#216484) on June 1st for a DOTD winning date on June 2nd. A beautiful Assie with two sky blue eyes. A dear friend to me! All votes greatly appreciated!! SB

Come visit me, SashaBelle

5/31/2012 7:46:02 PM

Hi Kane

Well this is from both me(Chewie)and Maya! Today, Mommy and Daddy left us all alone and went to our skin cousin Jeremy's apartment for his son's birthday! They didn't take us because they live on the 3rd floor and there is no elevator, only steps. It was very hard for Mommy to do the steps and they thought it would be too hard to take us out to potty and all with 3 flights of stairs....BUMMER! Man when they came home did we go CRAZY!! We ran around like chickens with their heads cut off...have you ever seen a chicken running with it's head cut off? Me neither, but thats another story! We made all kinds of interesting sounds and noises as we ran from one to the other and back again! I know they were interesting because we had their attention 100% and they were both laughing and talking back to us! Daddy is amazed and Mommy said, everybody was right, I have found my brain and am remembering what I have learned in school! I have not run off, I have been stopping and coming back when called, and pretty much doing whatever they tell me to! Maya has slipped up a couple of times, but not much so they are proud of us and surprised! I am just settling down and I know this campaign starts tomorrow and I am not gonna aggravate my right hand man or in this case right hand Mommy! See, I know not to bite the hand that feeds me....besides I love Mommy AND Daddy, anyway. I am not only cute, clever and witty....I am SMART, too! Now if I just had money, I'd be the perfect package!!...BOL! Oh well, 4 out of 5 ain't bad! Me and Maya gotta rest up for the month ahead that starts tomorrow so I better go! Be sure and check in tomorrow for the first of my movie recommendations! Have a good night! PuppyDog Kisses, Tail Wags and Cairn Cuddles, Chewie and Maya

Come visit me, ~ Angel Anakin ~, ~ Chewie loves Khia ~, ~ Jackson ~, ~ Maya Loves Toby ~

5/31/2012 7:37:04 PM

Hi Kane

Thank you for the Anniversary wishes. I am having a wonderful day. Mom says that the best thing she ever did was get on DC. We have made so many wonderful friends. We celebrated by going for a walk again tonight. Plus tomorrow is her last day at work for a week. She will be on vacation. wahoo!!!! I am really glad. I will be having lots of Mom time. Have a great Friday. Leaving you a vote. Love you, Shotgun

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5/31/2012 6:48:11 PM

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