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My Mom couldn't resist my sweet little face and my one polka-dot ear :)

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Hi my name is Compass and my sister is Belle you can respond back to one of us dont care what one! Belles a Jack Russell and compass is a mixed breed. I'm 12 Belle is 7. I would like to be your friend one day! Dc is soo much fun! Belle is running for DOTD on Sept.15 for win on 16! Well BBS(Bark.Back.Soon) to one of us! Belle, Compass!

Come visit me, Belle1,000votes please! VOT ROXIE DOTM OCT138773, Compass300 votes Please! VOTE ROXIE DOTM OCT138773

8/20/2009 2:05:20 PM


We're the Alabama Gang #43042 and we're running for DOTM in August Please put on your country/western duds and come to the Shindig on our page everyday. Don't forget your rope to lasso our bone!This October will be 2 years we've been members on DC. We're members of the Dog lovers club, Chinese Crested club,SNB, MBC, Terrier club,Peace team,WWF, BV swim team, choir,Sports club,Doggy club,Global doggy club. Poochie is the A team anything chaser, Lady the A team Football Queen and a AARD member, Ruff is the A team Gentle Giant and Bubba is the A team Lazy Boy. Ruff won 1st place in the Working class last year on DC.Prissy our newest member has only been with us 2 months but has already made plenty of friends on DC. We want to run in August because both Lady and Ruff have birthdays in August. Lady 8/9 and Ruff 8/15. Also it was last August that we helped Angel Spot and Bugger start the Guardian Angel Club later TT3 agreed to have Angel Monday. We get on DC everyday and never fail to vote for DOTD and DOTM.We love DC and the DC family and would love to represent you as DOTM. We hate loud noises, fireworks and Ruff hates a camera while the rest of us are picture buffs except when we are together! Our hobbies include; Chasing Squirrels, rabbits etc. and digging.Our favorite song is Sweet Home Alabama. Please vote us DOTM in August Pawners! HEE HAW!Lets have us a hoe down! Alabama Gang #43042.

Come visit me, Alabama Gang/Vote khia,233660 for DOTM, Guardian Angels/This month honoring our latest angel/Angel Sadie!

8/20/2009 10:40:02 AM

Hey just browsing around DC today and I came by your page would you want to be friends? Just message one us back, whoever you choose to be friends with. Sadie Maye is a female 6 year old Golden Retriever, Duke is a male 2 year old Yorkshire Terrier, T.K. is a female 1 year old French Bulldog/English Bulldog mix and Bailey Girl is a female 3 year old Border Collie/Siberian Husky mix. Come visit one of us, Sadie Maye, Duke, T.K., and Bailey Girl

Come visit me, Bailey Girl, Duke, Sadie Maye, T.K.

8/8/2009 8:39:56 AM

Jack Russels

Hi I dont see you have a Jack Russell but if u want to learn about them more or just see what they look like take a paw at my channel. You can become part of it! By.... you can leave comments vote or even leave questoins if u have some that have been unanswered. If u have more informatoin about them tell me and i well add it on my channel. All u have to do is visit my channel take a look over it and decide if u like it. You can tell me what to fix or add. I post pics and new information daily. So dont be shy paw by!(i'll even add ur name to my page so poeple know that ur a member)

Come visit me, Belle1,000votes please! VOT ROXIE DOTM OCT138773, Compass300 votes Please! VOTE ROXIE DOTM OCT138773

8/6/2009 4:40:45 PM

<*|*|*> VOTE GUNNY BOY FRIDAY <*|*|*> Hi! My name is GUNNER ~ And I am going 4 DOTD on Friday, August 7, 2009 ~ please paw me a vote and help me get a new shiny badge on my page. I am a very handsome German Shepherd Fella from San Diego, CA. My people call me Gunny, Gunster, Gun Gun, and Grunter. I am one awesome frisbee player. I can catch one if you toss it and balls too! I am a sportie kind of guy. Come on by and give me a vote and let's play frisbee! Thanks, Gunny. 126542.

Come visit me, *Angel Bullet*Please Blog on Gunner's page,Thanks*, *Gunner* Might not be on often*, *Kody* Blog on Gunner's Page Thanks*, *Magnum* blog on Gunners pg Thanks*

8/6/2009 12:58:26 PM

Hey can you do my doggie friend the hugest favor ever? She is entered in a contest and needs as much help as she can get! All you have to do is go here ==> & leave her a vote! It will take just a few seconds of your time & would mean so much to her! Thanks in advance! (:

Come visit me, Abu~~~sry forgot my password

8/4/2009 12:44:45 PM

Hi Bella Rose!

Hi there, my name is Delilah! I love making new friends, so I came by to ask if you would like to be friends? Bark at me soon...can't wait to hear from you! V4U! ~Delilah

Come visit me, Delilah ♥'s Leevi 4ever (:

8/4/2009 8:26:48 AM

**~** Vote LILA 94902 DOTD 8/23 **~**

Hi there, my name is Lila! I'm a sweet Anatolian Shepherd/Great Pyrenees mix girl from Douglasville, Georgia. I'm a year old and my birthday is on March 29, 2008. I love starting playfights with my sister Luna and guarding my home and everyone who lives there :o) My nicknames are Little Girl (because of size difference between me and my sister Luna) and Lah... given to me by Axle when my nickname section was empty :o) I love Pupcorn, and if you've got a treat for me or I see a purpose in it, I'll sit and lie down for you! I came off of Craigslist from an ad for Anatolian Shepherd/Great Pyrenees mix puppies that mom found at the beginning of June. She went to take Luna and I home on June 4, 2008, and we've really enjoyed it there! I'm going for my DOTD badge on August 23rd, 2009, and I would love it if you would drop by to give me a vote on that day so I could get my badge on the 24th. This would mean a lot to mom and I and we would love to come on and see my face in the frame on 8/24/09 :o) Every vote is greatly appreciated... thanks so much! Love, Lila

Come visit me, Lila *Loves Tango*, Littleman ~ Single ♥, Luna *Engaged to Shotgun*, Shorty *Engaged to Sadie Mae*, Tinky *Loves Rudy*

8/4/2009 5:28:18 AM

Hi Bella Rose!

Hi Bella Rose! Mocha here! Welcome to Dog Channel! I gave you a vote. I will stop by everyday and give you a vote. It'd be cool if you did too, you see im trying to be dog of the day so my owner can get points toward our favorite magazine subscription DogFancy. Your Pal, Mocha!!!!!

Come visit me, Mocha :)

8/1/2009 3:30:58 PM

Vote For Angel

Type in the name Angel and you will see her Four years old a bichon frise and touching story. PLEASE VOTE FOR HER SHE IS THE BEST NO ONE HAS EVER CARED FOR HER AS MUCH AS I DO.

Come visit me, Angel, Diamond

7/30/2009 7:59:35 AM

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