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My hearing has gone kaput. I just watch the other two and that way I know if treats are coming my way. At night especially in the dark I walk right next to mom with my nose touching her leg. She bought me steps so I can get up and down from the bed but I don't use them.I just stand up and whine at her (she's my personal elevator).Life is good :)


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he was dodging traffic on a very busy highway.Told my hubby to look for him and see if he saw him laying injured or anything - as I was on my way to work.So he drove the side streets etc. and saw no sign of him so we thought okay he made it.Then a week later when I was at work my hubby called me and said "you know that dog,well he is here in the back yard smelling your flowers.Guess he felt this place was right for him.No one claimed him.He was skin and bones,covered in grease and his teeth were all brown.He just seemed to think he belonged with us.We don't know his real age so we celebrate his birthday the day he arrived.Sept.11th.2002

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Hi Dodger!

Hehe, you should try chasing squirrels more. It's lots of fun! Yeah, us Yorkies are good dogs... most of the time! But since we're critter chasers, we get into a lot of trouble if there's a smaller animal like a bird, rodent or rabbit. Wow... we might get SNOW this week! WOW! I sure hope we do. Do you like the snow? Well, as you might know (or as you could tell!) I love snow. So, today I'm not doing anything more than yesterday. I want to go outside and play, though it might be too cold. Oh yeah, about my video, I meant to get it posted yesterday, but mommy ran out of time. We *thought* it was on the computer, but when we looked, it wasn't! So I'll see if there's time today. Are you up to anything today? Well, I think that's it for me! Have a great Wednesday! *Yorkie hugs* Muffin Belle♥ (Lets have the snowman symbol today, for the snow, of course!) ☃ ☁ ☃ ☁ ☃ ☁ ☃ ☁ ☃ ☁ ☃ ☁ ☃ ☁ ☃ ☁ ☃ ☁ ☃ ☁ ☃ PLEASE VOTE ME DOTM IN JANUARY 2010! ☃ ☁ ☃ ☁ ☃ ☁ ☃ ☁ ☃ ☁ ☃ ☁ ☃ ☁ ☃ ☁ ☃ ☁ ☃ ☁ ☃ Please vote Maggie and Angel Pete DOTM November ☃ ☁ ☃ ☁ ☃ ☁ ☃ ☁ ☃ ☁ ☃ ☁ ☃ ☁ ☃ ☁ ☃ ☁ ☃ ☁ ☃ Please vote Scooby 145757 DOTD December 29! ☃ ☁ ☃ ☁ ☃ ☁ ☃ ☁ ☃ ☁ ☃ ☁ ☃ ☁ ☃ ☁ ☃ ☁ ☃ ☁ ☃

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11/4/2009 4:45:57 PM

Hi Dodger!

Hi there, my name is Muffin. I was wondering if you'd like to be friends?? BBS! *Yorkie hugs* Muffin

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11/2/2009 10:34:40 PM

Hello everybody sorry bout this copy and paste but I have alot of dogs to thank :) better get started. Thank you for voting for me it was a let down not to win but there is always another day and this time with TT3's help :) Im not sure when to run nothing else is really a special day except moms birthday in april but hey next year I will probably run for dotm nov. We will see what happens :) well today I am 4 years old so mom is just lettin me do what ever and she will take me out to play for an extra amount of time and she is gonna make me a doggie cupcake :) hehe. Well have a great day and thanks again for voting for me :) Zoey Lynn Dakota P.S. Gotta new nick name, Ninja Dog. haha

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11/2/2009 4:48:11 PM

~>~@VOTE HAGRID, MON 11/2, 117035 @~<~

Hi! My name is Hagrid, I'm a Rottweiler from Dedham, MA. On Monday, November 2nd, I'm Running for DOTD, page #117035. I was born on December 15th, 4 years old. I have completed training and I'm proud of myself for learning at 1 year old achieving hard tricks!! My favorite treat chicken, my dinner is yummy, a variety is the best!!! Mommy is kind; mommy lets me sleep in her bed. Mommy plays with me and occasionally gives me chicken. My day consists of running, playing, eating, chasing cars, sleeping and climbing on my mommy (bol) !! Monday, November 2nd press me a Rotti dotd vote, page #117035 woof, bark, woof Luv Ya DC !!! Hagrid Happy Birthday: Misha 30650

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11/1/2009 11:56:20 PM

Evening Dodger

Happy 1st day of Nov. Dodger how was your woof woof day ?? Until next year another howl-o-ween -have a great Monday- MIA

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11/1/2009 11:55:43 PM

Vote Angel Toby #31868,11/1,DOTD

Vote Angel Toby #31868,11/1,DOTD It was the feather pillow my Mommy gave me, beside her bed, now it is a cloud just as soft where I can look down whenever I want to see my family.Hi I'm Angel Toby from LA but now my residence is Rainbow Bridge.My favorite trick was "Git the ball" I would go after it and bring it back and wait rather impatiently for you to throw it again and then I'd get my favorite treat Milkbones!Mommy spoiled me, and took me on walks, we garden together, and sometimes I would sneak a lick from her empty ice cream bowl. HE HE! I still do!My Mommy misses me so much and I know it would make her happy to see me as DOTD! So please make my Mommy smile by voting for me Angel Toby #318688 for DOTD 11/1,the month of my birthday!

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10/31/2009 5:05:00 PM

Happy Howl'oween

Why do ghouls and demons hang out together? Because demons are a ghoul's best friend! Trick or Treat!!

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10/30/2009 5:34:56 PM


Oh Halloween was one of my favorites...I thought all those people came to the door to see me. I would wear either my witch's hat and cape or my pumpkin outfit and help Mama pass out candy. Abby, Tess, and Beau?...not so much. They need to take some of those not barking lessons with you and Ginger. Tess and Beau only bark when the doorbell actually rings, but Abby will sit in the living room window and bark at people she sees on the street. And bless her, she has just never learned to like fireworks. Sending lots of love and angel kisses along with Rusty and Cotton. Love, Angel Maggie

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10/30/2009 9:46:08 AM


It is so good to hear from you, but we are sorry about all the illness in your family and your Mom's injuries. Sure hope everyone is feeling better soon. Mama is still going to the dentist twice a week, but is hoping to be finished by the end of the year. In the midst of all her dental visits she developed PVD in her left eye and had to throw in several ophthalmologist's visits too. And just in case she wasn't running around enough already, I've been back to my cardiologist and regular vet and one of our kitties had to go for her yearly. For a devout homebody she has sure been on the road a lot lately. We had a few days of nice fall weather, but have been back in the high 80s with 95-98% humidity this week. It feels like summer out there. Ginger sounds a lot like us. She finally got a home and Mom and she doesn't want to let her out of her sight. Beau and I will nearly knock Mama down when she comes through the door and Tess runs around singing to her which agitates Beau and me even more so we start barking. It sure gets noisy around her sometimes. And of course we all follow her to the bathroom. Mama says she isn't sure she would know what to do if she didn't have 3 dogs and 1-3 cats in there with her. Oh I would love to have some ducks. I have felt so well after my surgery in June that I have been helping Tess chase lizards so I know I would enjoy them too. Sometimes we have egrets come in our yard and I give them a good run. Of course silly Tess tries to chase hummingbirds too. At least she never manages to catch them. Unfortunately she does catch the occasional wasp. Silly girl. Take care my friends. Please let us know how you are doing whenever you can. Love, Abby

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10/30/2009 9:37:36 AM

Thanks for coming by! So many new doggies I am meeting already! I can't wait for my run, I hope I can win! Today it has been raining and Rooti and Raz have been in the garage. You might have noticed the avatar on my page. You can stop by page 64206 to vote for it in the Haloween contest. It is submited as Rooti's but it is still the same avatar. Are you having a good day? Throwing you some roast beef! Yum! So good. Love♥... Angel Pete Vote for avatar on pg 64206 Thanks to yall!

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10/29/2009 2:22:50 PM

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