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Thanks every one that has voted for me. My mommy calls me foxy lady because she says I am a beautiful color. I hope I can find someone for you some day.

Come visit me, A.L.I. (In Loving Memory), Heather (In Loving Memory), Josie, L.E.A., Mariah, Misha (In Loving Memory)

7/6/2007 7:17:51 PM

The Search and Rescue Family!

Wow! You guys....I am overjoyed that you guys are doing what you are. GSD's are one of the great breeds for that job. Here's a vote for you. (Love you motto! So true. That's what I do to get someone to throw my ball.) *Trigger*

Come visit me, Angel Lacy(RIP- 6.12.09) and 'Ol Trigger Boy :), Nellie Boo- Thank-you Everyone for the prayers!

7/5/2007 12:29:38 PM

Happy 4th of July !!!!

You are so adorable!! Hello!! We stopped by to Welcome you to Dogchannel!! And say how cute you are!! We hope that you like it here as well as we do. We love your picture. Please stop and see us sometime!! Our momma made us a MYSPACE check it out !! http://profile.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=user.viewprofile&friendid=200756674 http://www.hoobly.com/0/0/415692.html I thought that I would share my other profiles with everyone.... http://www.mydogspace.com/me/piffamy http://www.doggyspaces.com/piffamy/

Come visit me, Baby, Buddy & Tinkerbell, Buddy AKC MALTESE, Tinkerbell

7/4/2007 6:52:36 AM

Hey L.E.A.

You sure are gorgeous! Looks like you are just waiting for someone to kick or throw that ball for you. Here's a vote for you, Paws up to search and rescue dogs!!!!

Come visit me, COLBY (In Loving Memory), JAKE, LINUS, RENO, TUCKER

7/4/2007 5:05:55 AM


Welcome to Club Dog. I'm happy to meet a pretty dog like you. It's awsome that you have a pool. I have a stupid kiddie pool. Oh, well. Could you put your birthdate by your motto? Thanks. I left you a vote, hope you'll come vote for me. -Riley

Come visit me, Riley

7/4/2007 4:28:14 AM

7/3/2007 9:50:05 PM

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