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Heather (In Loving Memory)

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Lacy and I have decided to do a new thing on DC. We will blog dogs "news" (Not exactly, but sorta) each blog will contain a thing called "Lacy's Advice", news on other dogs, tips on Dog Care, and many other things. Also, Please support Lacy in Winning Dog Of the Week, and we would ALSO like your ID Number. If you don't know what it is, look up in the URL Box and at the very end it says a number...your ID number. Here is a loving vote....from Trigger

Come visit me, Angel Lacy(RIP- 6.12.09) and 'Ol Trigger Boy :), Nellie Boo- Thank-you Everyone for the prayers!

8/2/2007 5:03:21 PM

Hello Heather

My name is Goldie, I have just recently past away {About a month ago} and My family misses me very much. And I know that your family misses you teribly because you seemed like such a nice dog. I know a bunch of close friends up in heaven so if you ever need help getting around up there, just call me, and I'll be glad to help a friend in need. *Woofers* from Goldie.

Come visit me, *boogy*, ~Goldie~ ( In memory of ), Baby, Conner, Hunter, Izah, lucky, scooter, Tader

8/1/2007 8:25:38 PM


Sorry for your lose. It is so hard losing a best friend ecspecially one that is so special. Sir Pups Mommy

Come visit me, Sir Puppup, Sweet Baby Gunner

7/22/2007 7:19:34 AM


What happened? I am so sorry for your loss. Here's a vote. ((Trigger's "owner"))

Come visit me, Angel Lacy(RIP- 6.12.09) and 'Ol Trigger Boy :), Nellie Boo- Thank-you Everyone for the prayers!

7/17/2007 2:29:43 PM


Thank you for the comment! WOW! You are a big dog! You are very beautiful to! well I got to go Heather (perty name!) You get my vote!

Come visit me, Charlie

7/10/2007 3:45:31 PM


Thank you for voting for me. Mia

Come visit me, Buddy, Mia Marie

7/8/2007 10:37:57 PM


Thanks for voting for me. I am my daddy's best friend and now retired from Search, but I still can find.

Come visit me, A.L.I. (In Loving Memory), Heather (In Loving Memory), Josie, L.E.A., Mariah, Misha (In Loving Memory)

7/6/2007 7:19:31 PM


I guess I was wrong. I thought Ali was the oldest. You are. Are you still strong and healthy? My family used to have a dog (he was a mix, but he was mostly a Golden Retriever) that lived for 12 years. They said that he was a great dog; just like you! Here's a vote! ^Trigger^

Come visit me, Angel Lacy(RIP- 6.12.09) and 'Ol Trigger Boy :), Nellie Boo- Thank-you Everyone for the prayers!

7/5/2007 12:41:02 PM

Happy 4th of July !!!!

You are so adorable!! Hello!! We stopped by to Welcome you to Dogchannel!! And say how cute you are!! We hope that you like it here as well as we do. We love your picture. Please stop and see us sometime!! Our momma made us a MYSPACE check it out !! http://profile.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=user.viewprofile&friendid=200756674 http://www.hoobly.com/0/0/415692.html I thought that I would share my other profiles with everyone.... http://www.mydogspace.com/me/piffamy http://www.doggyspaces.com/piffamy/

Come visit me, Baby, Buddy & Tinkerbell, Buddy AKC MALTESE, Tinkerbell

7/4/2007 6:51:14 AM

7/4/2007 6:04:51 AM

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