Ole Bullet and Sheba and Nubbin THANK YOU FRIENDS!

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Thank you dear friends for your visits yesterday to vote for us so we could have the honor of being the DOTD today! Thank you to all who are coming by today with visits and congratulations! We have a big table set up with bowls of all kinds of doggy treats: bacon flavored Beggin Strips, Meaty Bone biscuits, Mom's homemade baked chicken nuggets, baked beef bones, and all sorts of other goodies! Help yourself dear friends! ..... many happy woofs and tail wags from us!


Ole Bullet and Sheba and Nubbin THANK YOU FRIENDS!

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Ole Bullet: Dad had always wanted a registered Black Mouth Cur Dog like the one in the movie "Ole Yeller". He finally decided to buy one. He drove 200 miles to see Ole Bullet, and it was love at first sight. ..... Sheba, a German Shepherd Dog was being raised in a pen in the woods far from any house or humans. Could not leave her there, she went home with us that very day! ..... nubbin is a Rat Terrier and Beagle mix came from the MS Animal Rescue League in Jackson MS

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Hello Bullet

Nice to meet You, We are Both Running for DOTD in the Month of May !!! So exciting ~~ I am supporting You ~~ My Vote is For You Bullet ~~ May 14 ~~ I am running May 15th !!! We are special ~~ possible Win {{{ We'll Have a DOTD Badge }}} My Sisters Tiffany & Mia are also supporting You will leave their Votes for You !! Come of Visit see my Photos .. Puppy Friend Audrina

Come visit me, *Audrina Star* VOTE for ANGEL SPIKE #21721 *** DOTM February ***Congratulations King Angel Spike, January DOTM***, *Gracie* VOTE for ANGEL SPIKE #21721 *** DOTM February ***Congratulations King Angel Spike, January DOTM***

5/1/2008 6:24:58 PM


Thanks sooo much for voting for me for dotd! It means a ton!THANK YOU Bunches! Tell your kitty friend that I said thanks bunches too! hehe. Have sweet dreams, Love, Wsihbone!=D

Come visit me, Wishbone

12/6/2007 5:24:56 PM

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