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Poodle, Miniature | MALE | 9 YEARS OLD | Troutville, VA

CLUB DOG MEMBER SINCE: December 28, 2008


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How We Met?

I had another family once when I was real little but something happened and I found myself near this house where this real nice man that I now call Poppy picked me up and he hollered for someone that was inside the house then the door opened and this woman come out to see what was goin on. The lady took me from Poppy and took me inside the house she was very excited to see me she gave me a bath cause I was really dirty then she took me to this place where they ran this thing over my back the lady said they were looking for a "Microchip" but they didn't find one. Then the lady said that she would try to find my family for me by putting peices of paper up for people to call her about me hopefully my other family would be looking for me but no one called her after many days the lady looked at me and said that she would love to be my mommy and that she loved me and wanted to take care of me that was fine with me cause I love her too. My mommy has a friend that had a bad time with a poodle once and wasn't sure about me but he soon fell in love with me too and now he is my daddy. They both said that I am going to stay with them till I go to a place they called the bridge I am not sure what that is but I hope it is a long ways away and so do my mommy and daddy.

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