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Saint Bernard | MALE | 7 YEARS OLD | Waynesboro, PA

CLUB DOG MEMBER SINCE: January 2, 2009


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Had a Rottweiler Service dog for five years his name was Drago, I had to put him down on 11/5/08 because of Kidney failure. Because of my disability issues my girlfriend insist that I started looking for another dog to train to be my service dog. I wanted another Rotty but trying to find one was very hard at least a full breed. I was on line with Petfinder amd searching the local adds as well as going to the shelters in the surrounding area. I Had come across an add for a Saint Bernard but did not take action on it I wanted a Rotty! Then I became in cantact with a lady from Baltimore who had a 6yr old Rotty. My girlfriend and i talked about it and decided it would be hard to own another Rotty so soon after loosing Drago. We had decide against getting the Rotty and we decide to stop in at a local Pet store. They ended up having a Saint pup 4 months old, he was teething and he chewed on me from my neck down, he chewed the metal bench, the wall my girlfriend ,her purse, the salesman and anything else he could get his little teeth in! We decide against him and left the store. We then went to Franklin Feed center that also carries a large assortment of pet supplies. On their bulletin board was a for sale sign for a 4mth old Saint Bernard, I made the phone call went to see the puppy gave them cash and drove home with the cutest Saint Bernard puppy you will ever see

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